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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [Austria]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [Austria]
national {adj} [dimensioned for or valid in all Austria or Germany]
Josephinian {adj} [pertaining to the era of Joseph II. in Austria]
[acronym for Germany (D), Austria (A), Switzerland (CH) and South Tyrol (S)]
DACHS [Kunstwort für Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz und Südtirol]
[Acronym used to represent the dominant states of the German speaking area: Germany (D) Austria (A) Switzerland (CH)]
DACH [Kunstwort für Deutschland Österreich und die Schweiz]
D-A-CH [Kunstwort für Deutschland Österreich und die Schweiz]
[type of meat loaf found in Austria and parts of Germany and Switzerland]
Leberkäse {m}gastr.
state [in Germany or Austria]
Bundesland {n}pol.
Land {n} [Bundesland]pol.
Methodenstreit [methodological debate in economics in Germany and Austria, 1880-1900]
Methodenstreit {m} [Carl Menger, Gustav von Schmoller]econ.hist.spec.
[public ombudsman in Austria]
Volksanwalt {m}
[non SHI-accredited doctor of your choice, whose bill gets fully or in part paid by your health insurance in Austria]
Wahlarzt {m} [österr.]
[worst mark / grade in Austria]
Fünfer {m} [nicht genügend]educ.
the Compromise [1867 between Greater Austria and Greater Hungary]
Ausgleich {m} [1867 zwischen Österreich und Ungarn]hist.
[a quarter of a litre of wine, usual order in Austria]
Vierterl {n} [österr.] [auch: Viertel]oenol.
[a type of regional train in Germany (abbrev. RE), Luxembourg (also abbrev. RE) and Austria (abbrev. REX)]
Regionalexpress® {m} <RE®>rail
[an eighth of a litre of wine, usual order in Austria] [Br.]
Achterl {n} [österr.] [auch: Achtel]gastr.oenol.
[Austria after the collapse of the Habsburg empire]
Restösterreich {n}hist.
[clause in the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye prohibiting the unification of Austria and Germany]
Anschlussverbot {n}hist.
[consumer advocacy group in Austria]
Verein {m} für Konsumenteninformation <VKI> [österr.]
[Croatian minority in Austria]
Burgenlandkroaten {pl}
[decentralising of administrative tasks in Austria from the federal level to state levels]
Verländerung {f} [österr.]lawpol.
[elected representative of all pupils / students in Austria]
Bundesschulsprecher {m} [österr.]educ.
[era after the March Revolution of 1848 / 1849 in Germany and Austria]
Nachmärz {m}hist.
[ersatz rum, traditionally produced in Austria]
Inländer-Rum {m}gastr.
[honorary or professional title for actors in Austria]
Kammerschauspieler {m} <Ksch.>theatre
[honorary title for a distinguished instrumentalist in Austria and Germany]
Kammermusiker {m}mus.
[honorary title for a teacher in Austria]
Studienrat {m} <StR> [österr.] [nur Ehrentitel]
[honorary title for female singers in Germany and Austria]
Kammersängerin {f} <Ks.>mus.
[honorary title in Austria]
Professor {m} [österr.] [Ehrentitel]
[inofficial title and address for a grammar school teacher in Austria]
Professor {m} [österr. auch für: Gymnasiallehrer]educ.
[institutionalized co-operation between the representations of employers and labour in Austria]
Sozialpartnerschaft {f} [österr.]pol.
[law on university organisation in Austria]
Universitäts-Organisationsgesetz {n} <UOG>acad.
[line of thermal springs in Lower Austria, wine and spa region]
Thermenlinie {f}geogr.oenol.TrVocab.
[Lutheran hymn book for Germany, Alsace-Lorraine, and Austria since 1993/1996]
Evangelisches Gesangbuch {n} <EG>mus.relig.
[member of the Government in one of the States of Austria]
Landesrat {m} [Österreich]pol.
[Nazi name for Austria]
Ostmark {f}hist.
[nickname for Austria]
Alpenrepublik {f}
[official dictionary of the German language in Austria]
Österreichisches Wörterbuch {n} <ÖWB> [amtlich]ling.
[official name of Jewish religious communities in Austria]
Israelitische Kultusgemeinde {f} <IKG> [österr.]relig.
[one week school holidays in February in Austria]
Semesterferien {pl} [österr.] [einwöchige Schulhalbjahresferien im Februar]educ.
[one-week school holidays in February in Austria]
Energieferien {pl} [österr.] [veraltet]educ.
[paramilitary organization of the Social Democratic Party in Austria, 1923 - 1934]
Republikanischer Schutzbund {m}hist.
[police department in charge of registered societies in Austria]
Vereinspolizei {f}
[prepared manuscript for the presiding officer of parliament in Austria]
Croquis {n} [österr.]pol.
[protestant charitable organisation in Germany or Austria]
Diakonisches Werk {n} [Organisation]relig.
[protestant church built according to the rules of the Patent of Tolerance of 1781 in Austria]
Toleranzkirche {f}archi.relig.
[pseudo-traditional male clothing from Southern Austria]
Salonsteirer {m}cloth.
[school for continuing non-credit education of adults, predominantly in Nordic countries, Germany and Austria]
Volkshochschule {f}educ.
[seat of a state parliament in Austria]
Landhaus {n} [österr.]archi.pol.
[Slang for British soldier in Germany and Austria during and after WW II]
Tommy {m} [veraltet]
[slang for British soldiers in and after WW II in Germany and Austria]
Tommies {pl} [ugs.]hist.
[socialist youth organisation in Austria and Switzerland]
Rote Falken {pl}pol.
[state parliament in Austria]
Landtag {m} [österr.]pol.
[state-owned woods in Austria]
(Österreichische) Bundesforste {pl}for.
[statement / commentary of the Procurator General's Office in Austria]
Croquis {n} [österr.]law
[traditional Easter bread in Eastern and Southern Austria and Slovenia]
Osterpinze {f} [österr.]gastr.
[vocational schools with higher education entrance qualification, Austria]
Berufsbildende Höhere Schulen {pl} <BHS> [österr.]educ.
Austriacism [word, idiom used in Austria]
Austriazismus {m}ling.
Austropop [pop, rock and folk rock music from Austria, often with lyrics in Austrian vernacular]
Austropop {m}mus.
Cisleithania [Austrian part of Austria-Hungary, 1867-1918]
Cisleithanien {n} [österreichische Reichshälfte von Österreich-Ungarn, 1867-1918]hist.
Zisleithanien {n} [Rsv.] [österreichische Reichshälfte von Österreich-Ungarn einschließlich einiger Gebiete Mährens und Schlesiens, 1867-1918]hist.
Großwalsertal ["Great Walser Valley"] [Vorarlberg, Austria]
Großwalsertal {n}geogr.
Gänsekragen [one of the summits of the Stubai Alps, Tyrol/Austria]
Gänsekragen {m}geogr.
Ill [in capital letters: ILL] [river in Vorarlberg (Austria)]
Ill {f} [in Großbuchstaben: ILL] [Fluss in Vorarlberg]geogr.
Industrieviertel [industrial quarter] [Lower Austria]
Industrieviertel {n} [Niederösterreich]geogr.
Kleinwalsertal ["Little Walser Valley"] [Vorarlberg, Austria]
Kleinwalsertal {n}geogr.
Lüftlmalerei [kind of trompe l'oeil on houses in Bavaria, Austria, etc.]
Lüftlmalerei {f} [auch: Lüftelmalerei]
Mostviertel [cider quarter] [Lower Austria]
Mostviertel {n} [Niederösterreich]geogr.
Osterhorngruppe [mountain area near Salzburg, Austria]
Osterhorngruppe {f}geogr.
Schneealpe [mountain in Styria region of Austria]
Schneealpe {f}geogr.
schuhplattler [often also: Schuhplattler] [folk dance, esp. Bavaria, Austria]
Schuhplattler {m} [Volkstanz, bes. Oberbayern, Ostösterreich, Südtirol]dance
scrip [treated as sg.] [occupation money after WW II in Germany and Austria]
Dollarscrips {pl} [Spezialgeld für die amerik. Besatzungstruppe nach 1945]hist.
Telecom [short] [German Telecom, Telekom Austria]
Telekom {f} [kurz] [Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Austria]telecom.
the Streif [famous downhill racecourse at Kitzbühel ski area in Austria]
die Streif {f}geogr.sports
Waldviertel [forest quarter] [Lower Austria]
Waldviertel {n} [Niederösterreich]geogr.
Weinviertel [wine quarter] [Lower Austria]
Weinviertel {n} [Niederösterreich]geogr.oenol.
Wildalpen [mountain region in Styria, Austria]
Wildalpen {pl}geogr.
Ö2 [radio service for Austria and South Tyrol, Italy, aired by the ORF]
Österreich 2 {m} <Ö2>RadioTV
Österreich Regional {m} <ÖR> [veraltet] [Österreich 2]RadioTV
imperial-royal {adj} [Emperor of Austria and King of Bohemia, 1867-1918]
kaiserlich-königlich <k.k.> [Kaiser von Österreich und König von Böhmen, 1867-1918]hist.
imperial-royal {adj} [Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, prior to 1867]
kaiserlich-königlich <k.k.> [Kaiser von Österreich und König von Ungarn, vor 1867]hist.
acculturation classes [Austria]
Wertekurse {pl} [Unterrichtsstunden]educ.
county hospital [Am.] [in Austria and former GDR]
Bezirkskrankenhaus {n} [österr.] [auch frühere DDR] [veraltet Deutschland]med.
criminal code [Austria]
österreichisches Strafgesetzbuch {n} <öStGB>law
DACH countries [Germany (D), Austria (A), Switzerland (CH)]
DACH-Länder {pl}
district commission [in Austria]
Bezirkshauptmannschaft {f} [österr.] <BH>admin.
Dual Monarchy [Austria-Hungary 1867-1918]
Doppelmonarchie {f} [Österreich-Ungarn 1867-1918]hist.
federal police [in Germany and Austria]
Bundespolizei {f} <BPOL>
First Republic [Austria]
Erste Republik {f}hist.
forensic commitment [in Austria]
Maßnahmenvollzug {m} [österr.] [entspricht deutschem Maßregelvollzug]lawmed.
general election [Austria]
Nationalratswahl {f}pol.
Hochschwab region [Austria]
Hochschwabgebiet {n} [Österreich]geogr.
Home Guard [paramilitary group in Austria in the 1920s and 30s]
Heimwehr {f} [Österreich]
job centre [Br.] [Austria]
Arbeitsmarktservice {n} <AMS> [österr.]admin.
judicial district [Austria]
Sprengel {m} [österr.]law
July Revolt [Austria 1927]
Justizpalastbrand {m} [auch: Julirevolte]hist.
labour court [Br.] [dealing also with suits concerning social matters] [Austria]
Arbeits- und Sozialgericht {n} [Österreich]law
Land government [Austria, Germany]
Landesregierung {f}pol.
legislative election [Austria]
Nationalratswahl {f}pol.
Liberal Party [of Austria]
Liberales Forum {n} <LIF>pol.
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