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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [he/she/it]
  ä ö ü ß
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [he/she/it]
hopefully {adv} [sentence adverb: it is to be hoped that ...]
they {pron} [non-gender-specific] [after an indefinite singular antecedent in place of he or she]
[geschlechtsneutral, statt: er oder sie]
lest {conj} [formal] [example: I was frightened lest he should fall.]
[it] snows
[es] schneit
regardless {adv} [placed at the end: He did it regardless.]
trotzdem [Er tat es trotzdem / doch / dennoch.]
[it] hailed
[es] hageltemeteo.
[it] snowed
[es] schneitemeteo.
[it] rains
[es] regnet
[it] hails
[es] hageltmeteo.
[a slacker when it comes to education] {adj}
[it] rained
[es] regnete
'twill [archaic, poet.] [it will]
es wird
[He who writes, remains.]
Wer schreibt, der bleibt.proverb
[If it helps establish the truth ...]
Wenn's der Wahrheitsfindung dient ... [Fritz Teufel]quote
[it] sleeted
[es] graupeltemeteo.
[it] sleets
[es] graupeltmeteo.
[of a tree; so big that a man cannot put his arms around it with the fingertips just touching each other] {adj}
übergriffig [veraltet] [Baumstamm, den ein Mann nicht umklaftern kann]for.
[said in German when sb. has played an April Fools' joke and wants to disclose it]
April, April!
[The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose. Or, literally transl.: Whoever has (the) choice has (the) torment.]
Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual.proverb
[There's nothing warming the crown jewels, yet he thinks he's ready for Vegas.]
(Noch) keine Haare am Sack, aber im Puff vordrängeln. [vulg.]idiom
Eureka [USA] [California state motto: I have found it.]
[Motto des US-Staates Kalifornien: Heureka. / Ich habe (es) gefunden.]pol.
Fuggedaboutit! [Am.] [sl.] [forget about it]
Keine Chance!idiom
Fuhgeddaboudit! [Am.] [sl.] [Forget about it!]
Keine Chance! [ugs.]
he'd [he had]
er hatte
he'd [he would]
er würde
he's [he has]
er hat
he's [he is]
er ist
hoo {pron} [Br.] [Lancashire, West Yorkshire dialect] [she]
Insha'Allah [If it is God's will.]
Inschallah [Wenn Allah will.]relig.
Inshallah [If it is God's will.]
Inschallah [Wenn Allah will.]relig.
it'd [it had]
es hatte
it'd [it would]
es würde
it's [it has]
es hat
it's [it is]
es ist
It's ... [It costs ...]
Es kostet ...
she'd [she had]
sie hatte
she'd [she would]
sie würde
she's [she has]
sie hat
she's [she is]
sie ist
Stoogatz! [Italian-American sl.] [also: stoo gatz, stugatz, stugots, stugotz, etc.] [Forget it!]
Scheiß drauf! [vulg.]
wherever {conj} [e.g. wherever he went]
wohin ... auch [z. B. wohin er auch ging]
to remove sth. [by taking it down]
etw. abbauen
to reserve sth. [a seat by placing sth. on it]
etw. belegen [(einen Sitzplatz) reservieren]
to vein sth. [e.g. to make it look like marble]
etw. masern
to brick sth. [technical jargon] [render an electronic device permanently unusable (turn it into a "brick")]
etw. bricken [Technik-Jargon] [ein elektronisches Gerät dauerhaft unbenutzbar machen]
[to show the same play each night for a limited period or as long as it is successful]
en-suite spielentheatre
[to study sth. just because it will provide / guarantee a well-paid job]
ein Brotstudium betreiben [ugs.]
to deconstruct sth. [reduce sth. to its constituent parts in order to reinterpret it]
etw. (zur Neuinterpretation) auf seine (wesentlichen) Bestandteile zurückführen
to dress sth. [prepare meat, chicken, fish, etc. so it can be eaten]
etw. herrichtengastr.
to gall sb. [fig.] [impersonal: it galls me/you/him/her/etc.]
jdn. maßlos ärgern [unpersönlich: es ärgert mich/dich/ihn/sie/usw. maßlos]
to hustle [Am.] [step it up a notch]
einen Zahn zulegen [ugs.]
to lack sth. [e.g. money is lacking, he lacks money]
an etw. [Dat.] hapern [unpersönlich gebildet (z. B. es hapert am Geld, bei ihm hapert es am Geld)]
to leach sth. [let it percolate]
etw. durchsickern lassen
to leave sth. [not use it]
etw. liegen lassen [nicht benutzen]
to plug sth. [coll.] [a product, event, etc., in order to promote it]
für etw. die Werbetrommel rühren [Idiom]
to sort sth. [Br.] [coll.] [deal with something by repairing or organizing it]
etw. in Ordnung bringen
to spot sb. sth. [Am.] [coll.] [to lend sb. sth. (money, esp. a small amount of it)]
jdm. etw. leihen [Geld, bes. eine kleinere Summe]
DIY [do-it-yourself]
Heimwerken {n}
scroll [roll of parchment, paper, etc., with writing on it]
Schriftrolle {f}hist.ling.
[person too cowardly to say what he thinks]
Duckmäuser {m}
schlimmbesserung [making sth. worse by trying to make it better]
Verschlimmbesserung {f} [ugs.]neol.
teardown [Am.] [coll.] [house bought for the express purpose of demolishing it and building a more expensive one on the same plot]
Abrisshaus {n} [Haus, das nur gekauft wird, um es abzureißen und durch einen teureren Neubau zu ersetzen]constr.RealEst.urban
[the essence of what it means to be human]
Humanes {n}philos.
[novel concerned with the author's critical analysis of the age in which s/he lives]
Zeitroman {m}lit.
title [enforceable legal claim and the instrument on which it is based]
Titel {m} [vollstreckbarer Rechtsanspruch sowie dessen Grundlage]law
[cohabitation of widow with a man so that she keeps pension rights]
Onkelehe {f}
[improvised water boiler; leading electric current directly through water by means of two electrodes and thus heating it; cf. stinger]
Ufo {n} [NVA-Jargon: improvisierter Wasserkocher]hist.
[state of ripeness of fruit when it is fit to eat]
Genussreife {f}
[territory of the fiefdom of a lord, in which he exercised his full feudal rights]
Herrschaft {f} [Territorium]hist.
Herrlichkeit {f} [Territorium]hist.
bachata [music genre from the Dominican Republic, also the dance that accompanies it]
Bachata {f} [aus der Dominikanischen Republik stammende Musikrichtung; auch Tanz]dancemus.
caduceus [winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it]
Hermesstab {m} [geflügelter Stab mit zwei gewundenen Schlangen; auch Symbol für Medizin in den USA] [Unicode: U+2624 (9764)]med.print
perfin [stamp that has had initials or a name perforated across it to discourage theft]
Firmenlochung {f} [auch: Perfin]philat.
pragmaticism [C.S. Peirce's later term for his pragmatism, to differentiate it from others]
Pragmatizismus {m}philos.spec.
Pygmalion [sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved]
Pygmalion {m} [Bildhauer, der sich in eine von ihm geschnitzte Statue verliebte]myth.
tussock [small area of grass that is thicker or longer than the grass growing around it]
Bülte {f} [nordd.] [grasbewachsene Bodenerhebung in Moor oder Bruch]bot.ecol.
wash [Am.] [Can.] [coll.] [as in "it's a wash"]
Nachteil {m} [für beide Seiten, alle Beteiligten]
..., innit? [Br.] [coll.] [isn't it]
..., nicht wahr?
..., nicht?
..., oder? [ugs.]
..., gell? [südd.] [österr.] [ugs.]
at which {rel} {pron} [..., at which he laughed / said, etc.]
Come now! [Don't worry about it.]
Macht nichts!idiom
compared with {adv} [that, it, him, them]
daneben [verglichen mit]
Crescit eundo. [USA] [New Mexico state motto: It grows as it goes.]
[Motto des US-Staates New Mexico: Es wächst, während es vorangeht.]pol.
Dash it! [euph.] [Damn it!]
Verdammt! [salopp pej.]
Dodgast it! [Am.] [sl.] [Goddamn it!]
Verdammt! [salopp pej.]
Esto perpetua. [USA] [Idaho state motto: Mayest thou endure forever. / It is perpetuated. / It is forever.]
[Motto des US-Staates Idaho: Es sei für immer. / Du seiest für immer.]pol.proverb
Get it? [coll.] [Have you got it?]
Kapiert? [ugs.]
highly romantic {adj} [refers to the quality of a work of art, not necessarily to the period it was produced in]
hospital-wide {adj} [e.g. IT solution]
It's spotting. [esp. Br.] [coll.] [it's raining slightly]
Es tröpfelt.idiommeteo.
next to {prep} [with comparisons, e.g. "It's the second largest city in Illinois next to Chicago."]
nach [zur Angabe einer Reihenfolge oder Rangfolge]
No kidding! [Couldn't have said it better myself.]
Wem sagst du das! [bestätigend]
No worries! [esp. Aus.] [Don't worry about it.]
Keine Ursache! [als Erwiderung auf eine Entschuldigung]
non liquet [it is not clear]
non liquet [es ist nicht klar]law
Wanna Bet? [Am.] [reality game show; it was based on the German entertainment show "Wetten, dass ..?"]
Wetten, dass ..? [Spielshow]gamesRadioTV
with ... understood [e.g.: He is seething, with 'rage' understood.]
gemeint ist ... [z. B.: Er kocht, gemeint ist "vor Wut".]
You're alright. [coll.] [esp. Br.] [Don't worry about it.]
Macht nichts. [ugs.]idiom
to connive at sth. [abetting wrong doing by ignoring it]
etw. Vorschub leisten [Verbrechen]
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