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[the art of playing the cithara] Kitharodik {f}
[the average woman in the street] Lieschen Müller {n}
[The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose. Or, literally transl.: Whoever has (the) choice has (the) torment.] Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual.
["The Calling of a King" Tarock; trick-taking game of the European Tarot card game family] Königrufen / Königsrufen {n}
[the coincidence of two objects or persons having the same name]Namensgleichheit {f}
[the collective of supporters and sympathizers to a politcal movement]Szene {f}
[the court's right to reduce or abate (the fines or punitive measures)] richterliches Mäßigungsrecht {n}
[the custom of auctioning off young women at a May festival] Mailehen {n}
[The days are getting longer again, spring is nearing.] Es geht nauswärts. [fränk.] [pfälz.] [regional]
[The distance between similar image points on two different photographs properly set up for stereoscopic viewing] Blickpunktentfernung {f}
["The Dots Party"; nickname for the FDP, officially named "F.D.P." 1968-2001]die Pünktchenpartei {f} [pej.] [Bezeichnung für die FDP, 1968-2001 offiziell "F.D.P."]
[the essence of what it means to be human]Humanes {n}
[the feeling of shame on someone else's behalf; the feeling of shame for someone else who has done sth. embarrassing] Fremdschämen {n} [ugs.]
[the German or Austrian emperor as supreme commander of their empire's forces, esp. in WW I] oberster Kriegsherr {m}
[the government] nationalized[die Regierung] verstaatlichte
[the government] nationalizes [die Regierung] verstaatlicht
[the Junior Woodchucks' leader] [Disney] Herr Generalfeldmeister
[the keeping and breeding of reptiles in terraria]Terraristik {f}
[the keeping of an old horse or service dog] Gnadenbrot {n} [von Pferd, Diensthund]
[the last three days of Fasching in Germany] die drei tollen Tage {pl}
[the lending of money at exorbitant interest rates] Zinswucher {m}
[the letter ß in German] Eszett {n} [scharfes s]
[the letter ß in German] scharfes s {n} [Eszett]
[the matter] by itself [die Sache] an sich
[the members of the patrol force of the ADAC, Germany; equivalent to the AA and RAC in the UK or the AAA in the USA.]die Gelben Engel {pl}
[the narrow strip of land between two furrows in a field]Bifang {m} [regional] [Raum zwischen zwei Ackerfurchen]
[the New Year's Child who brings gifts in Switzerland] Neujahrskind {n} [schweiz.] [entsprach Christkind]
[the notes that end a trill] Nachschlag {m}
[the official German pharmaceutical catalog, "Red List"] Rote Liste ® {f} [Arzneimittelverzeichnis für Deutschland]
[the only maid-of-all-work in a household]Alleinmädchen {n} [veraltet]
[the other way round / around] anders herum [FALSCH für: andersherum]
[the perceptually-based ability to experience and manipulate one's world] Merkwelt {f}
[the period of Christmas Day and Boxing Day] [Br.]Weihnachtstage {pl}
[the present-day Germany; after the government moved back to Berlin] Berliner Republik {f}
[the quality or characteristic skills of a beguiler or deceiver] Blendertum {n}
[the recipient of a cease and desist order] Abgemahnter {m}
[the replacement lesson in school; when you get a substitute teacher]Supplierung {f} [österr.]
[the saints Barbara Margaret and Catherine] Drei heilige Madeln {pl} [österr.] [südd.]
[the saints Barbara Margaret and Catherine] Drei heilige Madl {pl} [österr.] [südd.]
[the saints Barbara Margaret and Catherine] Drei heilige Madln {pl} [österr.] [südd.]
[the school community] Schulpartner {pl} [österr.]
[the seat rows in front of the stage] Cercle {m} [österr.]
[the splitting of combined income equally across members of a unit (couple, family, etc.) for purposes of income tax calculation] Splitting {n}
[the state/condition of] being in loveVerliebtheit {f}
[the street side eaved and without gables]traufständig
[the totality of all DIN standards] Deutsches Normenwerk {n} [die Gesamtheit der DIN-Normen]
[the twelve nights after Christmas]Raunächte {pl} [österr.] [südd.]
[the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus] Schächer {pl}
[the valuation of economic units for property for purposes of taxation]steuerliche Einheitsbewertung {f}
[the way sb. feels / is]jds. Ergehen {n}
[the way something or somebody is standing] Standart {f} [Art, wie etwas oder jemand steht]
[the Wolf, esp. in fables and fairy tales]Meister Graubein {m} [Wolf, bes. in der Fabel und im Märchen]
[the] Athanasian Creed [das] Athanasianische Glaubensbekenntnis
[the] household Haushaltsangelegenheiten {pl}
[the] householdHauswesen {n}
[the] incorrectness[das] Verkehrte {n}
[the] most noted [der/die/das] bekannteste
[the] mysteriousness[das] Geheimnisvolle {n}
[the] Night of Broken Glass [die] Kristallnacht {f}
[the] novel [the new] [das] Neue {n} [das Neuartige]
[the] real[das] Echte {n}
[the] secrecy [das] Geheimnisvolle {n}
[the] unfamiliar [das] Neue {n}
[the] wrongness[das] Verkehrte {n}
(the) above Obiges {n} [Grundform: obig]
(the) above-mentioned (das) Obenerwähnte {n} [ein voriger Textpassus in Urkunden]
(the) afterworld (das) Jenseits {n}
(the) aitch der Buchstabe h [auch: der Buchstabe H]
(the) Algarve (die) Algarve {f}
(the) alien (das) Fremde {n}
(The) Basic Problems of Phenomenology Grundprobleme der Phänomenologie [E. Husserl]
(The) Battle of Hamburger Hill [1969] (Die) Schlacht {f} am Hamburger Hill
(the) beautiful Schönes {n}
(the) Berlin Ensemble [Bertolt Brecht's theatre company] (das) Berliner Ensemble
(the) beyondJenseits {n}
(the) big money [coll.]das große Geld {n} [ugs.]
(the) big screenKinoleinwand {f}
(the) Bill [Br.] [sl.] Polizei {f}
(the) Black Death [European pandemic (plague) in 14th c.] der schwarze Tod {m} [europäische Pandemie (Pest) im 14. Jh.]
(the) Black Death [European pandemic (plague) in 14th c.]der Schwarze Tod {m} [europäische Pandemie (Pest) im 14. Jh.]
(the) blame game {sg} [coll.]gegenseitige Schuldzuweisungen {pl}
(the) boys [Am.] [coll.] [euphemism for testicles] Hoden {pl}
(the) brick [Agrochola circellaris] [moth]Ulmen-Herbsteule {f} [Nachtfalterspezies]
(the) brick [Agrochola circellaris] [moth] Rötlichgelbe Herbsteule {f} [Nachtfalterspezies]
(the) brick [Agrochola circellaris] [moth] Pappelhain-Herbsteule {f} [Nachtfalterspezies]
(The) Broken Wings [novel: Khalil Gibran]Gebrochene Flügel
(the) Burren(der) Burren {m}
(the) campion [Hadena rivularis, syn.: Sideridis rivularis] [moth]Violettbraune Kapseleule {f} [Nachtfalterspezies]
(the) campion [Hadena rivularis, syn.: Sideridis rivularis] [moth] Bacheule {f} [Nachtfalterspezies] [selten]
(the) city of his birth seine Geburtsstadt {f}
(the) Clock Tower [coll. or dated for: Elizabeth Tower] Big Ben {m} [Elizabeth Tower seit 2012 (Glockenturm)]
(the) common cutworm [Agrotis segetum, syn.: Noctua segetum, Scotia segetum]Erdraupe {f} [Raupe der Saateule]
(the) common cutworm [Agrotis segetum, syn.: Noctua segetum, Scotia segetum] Raupe {f} der Saateule
(the) concept of the hereafter Idee {f} des Jenseits
(the) conformist [Lithophane furcifera, syn.: Phalaena furcifera, Graptholitha furcifera, Xylina furcifera]Braungraue Holzeule {f} [Nachtfalterspezies]
(the) conformist [Lithophane furcifera, syn.: Phalaena furcifera, Graptholitha furcifera, Xylina furcifera] Dunkelgraue Erlen-Rindeneule {f} [Nachtfalterspezies]
(the) conformist [Lithophane furcifera, syn.: Phalaena furcifera, Graptholitha furcifera, Xylina furcifera]Erlenauen-Holzeule {f} [Nachtfalterspezies] [selten]
(The) consumption of alcohol is forbidden. Der Genuss von Alkohol ist verboten.
(the) day-to-day life (der) Alltag {m}
(the) Dead SeaTotes Meer {n}
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