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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [a style of sled runner popular in Bavaria that resembles curved horns]
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Wörterbuch Englisch Deutsch: [a style of sled runner popular in Bavaria that resembles curved horns]

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sports [a style of sled runner popular in Bavaria that resembles curved horns]Hörnerschlitten {m}
Teilweise Übereinstimmung
hist. drum [evening tea party of a kind that was popular in the late 18th and early 19th century]Abendgesellschaft {f} [bes. im späten 18. und frühen 19. Jahrhundert]
admin. hist. spec. maintenance [part of the salary of a civil servant in Bavaria]Standesgehalt {n}
admin. [director of an intermediate regional authority between the administration of a Bundesland and that of a Kreis]Regierungspräsident {m} [in Deutschland]
archi. RealEst. (housing) terrace {sg} [Br.] [row of houses built in one block in a uniform style]Reihenhäuser {pl}
furn. commode [low chest of drawers or chiffonier of a decorative type popular in the 18th century]Kommode {f} [bes. stark verzierte, niedrige Kommode des 18. Jahrhunderts]
transp. [vehicle with longitudinal runners that travels by sliding across a surface: sled, sledge, sleigh]Kufenfahrzeug {n}
mini-me [coll.] [person who resembles a smaller version of another person]Kleinausgabe {f} [ugs.] [Person, die wie eine Version in klein von jd. anders wirkt]
to spoon [of two persons; to lie close to each other, like spoons in a drawer; also: to have sex in that position]Löffelchen machen
dance mus. to swing [play music in the style of swing, with a flowing but vigorous rhythm]swingen [in der Art des Swing ein Musikstück spielen]
law travel birth tourism [also: birth-tourism] [travelling to another country so that the child becomes a lawful citizen of that country]Geburtstourismus {m} [Reise in ein anderes Land, damit das Kind die dortige Staatsangehörigkeit erhält]
bot. spec. myrmecophyte [plant that lives in a mutualistic association with a colony of ants]Myrmekophyte {f} [Pflanze, die mit Ameisen eine symbiotische Verbindung eingegangen ist]
econ. jobs full-time equivalent <FTE> [FTE of 1.0 means that the person's hours worked is equivalent to that of a full-time worker]Mitarbeiteräquivalent {n}
educ. [colloquial term for the notification sent by a school to parents informing them that their child is in danger of having to repeat a year]blauer Brief {m} [ugs.]
bot. Biota [a genus of evergreen shrubs or small trees having branchlets in vertical planes and that is often included in Thuja][Immergrüne Gehölze im Allgemeinen, einschl. Lebensbäume / Thujen]
cloth. tapa-sexo [a strip of tape or cloth that covers a (dancer's) genitalia; esp. used in samba school parades]Tapa Sexo {n}
RadioTV Unverified [to participate in sth. as a viewer or member of an audience e.g. a game show, in order to hazard a guess at the answer of a posed question]bei etw.Dat. mitraten
Unverified Gremsdorf [municipality in the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt, in Bavaria, Germany.]Gremsdorf
admin. pol. district government [of Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria, Middle Franconia, etc.]Regierung {f} [von Oberbayern, Niederbayern, Mittelfranken usw.]
[a type of sled built for transport on the mudflats]Wattschlitten {m}
paradox [a seemingly contradictory statement that might be true] [a self-contradictory statement that at first seems true]Paradoxon {n} [geh.] [Widerspruch in sich selbst]
engin. tech. piercing [production of a hole in a sheet of metal by the use of a punch and a die]Lochen {n} [Werkstück, Scherschneiden]
[a type of sled built for transport on the mudflats]Schlickschlitten {m} [Wattschlitten]
hist. relig. Unverified [assurance that a change in the religion of the ruler would not require his subjects to also convert]Religionsversicherung {f}
games Head or tail? [this side or that side; often used in plural in tossing a coin to decide a choice, etc.]Kopf oder Zahl?
there {adv} [in that respect; on that matter / issue]da [in dieser Hinsicht; in dieser Sache / Angelegenheit]
art dance ethn. poi [refers to both a style of performance art and the equipment used for engaging in poi performance]Poi {f}
mil. rocker [Am.] [curved stripe at the chevron of a noncommissioned officer]Bogen {m} [gebogener Streifen des Dienstgradabzeichens von Unteroffizieren]
quarter stick [large firecracker that falls within a certain range of dimensions]Tschechenböller {m} [ugs., i. d. R. auf sogenannten Asia-Märkten in osteuropäischen Ländern gekauft]
[typical representatives of an ethnic group in traditional costumes; popular motif on old postcards]Volkstypen {pl}
archi. constr. jetty [a part of a building that projects beyond the rest]Auskragung {f}
archi. constr. jetty [a part of a building that projects beyond the rest]Vorkragung {f} [Auskragung]
engin. first-angle projection [European style of positioning projections in engineering drawings]Projektionsmethode {f} 1 [Europäische Darstellung der Ansichten in einer technischen Zeichnung]
engin. third-angle projection [American style of positioning projections in engineering drawings]Projektionsmethode {f} 3 [Amerikanische Darstellung der Ansichten in einer technischen Zeichnung]
agr. hist. [chairman of a farmers cooperative or of a village who was in charge of the Flurzwang]Schulze {m} [Schultheiß]
to boast sth. [to possess a feature that is a source of pride]etw. (stolz) vorzuweisen haben
oenol. bush [obs.] [a bunch of ivy hung as a vintner's sign in front of a tavern]Buschen {m} [österr.] [südd.]
comp. ribbon [a panel that houses a fixed arrangement of command buttons and icons]Multifunktionsleiste {f} [Ribbon]
journ. lit. pen [style of a writer]Stil {m}
archi. art Lüftlmalerei [kind of trompe l'oeil on houses in Bavaria, Austria, etc.]Lüftlmalerei {f} [auch: Lüftelmalerei]
rarified {adj} {past-p} [spv. of rarefied] [elevated in style]anspruchsvoll [Stil]
mus. a ballata {adv} [Italian: in a dance or ballad style]tanzliedartig
mus. cipher [on the organ, a note that persists in sounding through some failure in the action]Hänger {m} [hängenbleibender Ton, bes. Orgel]
jobs border guard [hist.: in GDR; now: in Bavaria]Grenzpolizist {m}
games Gardez (la dame)! [used in chess to warn that an opponent's queen is in danger of immediate capture]Gardez! [Schach]
to game the system [to manipulate (a situation), typically in a way that is unfair]das System austricksen [ugs.] [oft pej.]
[sth. is built up around sth. else in a way that obstructs the view of and access to the second object]etw. ist von etw.Dat. verbaut
cloth. ladylike {adj} [fashion, style] [in a slightly pej. sense]madamig [ugs.] [Kleidung, Stil]
[a person in constant pursuit of fame, which plans to commit a crime as a means of achieving fame]Herostrat {m} [ein Verbrecher aus Geltungsbedürfnis]
archi. furn. period room [room furnished in a period style, e.g. Victorian]Stilzimmer {n}
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