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Wörterbuch Englisch Deutsch: to the

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ADJ   Orange [related to the House of Orange] | - | -
NOUN1   - | people/peoples [the people who belong to a particular country, race, or area; countable; always with plural verb]
NOUN2   rust | - [the result of the verb to rust]
NOUN3   recourse to the endorser | -
NOUN4   recourse to the capital market | -
NOUN5   the closeness to reality | -
NOUN6   survival [the state or fact of continuing to live or exist] | -
NOUN7   the World Federation of Right to Die Societies | -
NOUN8   (the) Treaty on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany | -
NOUN9   devotion to the saints | -
NOUN10   the Canal to Beverlo | -
NOUN11   skill [the ability to do something well; expertise] | -
NOUN12   the Monument to the Battle of the Nations | -
VERB1  to bake in the sun | baked in the sun | baked in the sun ... 
VERB2  to bask in the sun | basked in the sun | basked in the sun ... 
VERB3  to cost [estimate the price of] | costed | costed ... 
VERB4  to take a ride on the Ferris wheel | took a ride on the Ferris wheel | taken a ride on the Ferris wheel ... 
VERB5  to take the bait | took the bait | taken the bait ... 
VERB6  to take the blame | took the blame | taken the blame ... 
VERB7  to take the bus | took the bus | taken the bus ... 
VERB8  to set the table | set the table | set the table ... 
VERB9  to leave the door open | left the door open | left the door open ... 
VERB10  to cut the lawn | cut the lawn | cut the lawn ... 
VERB11  to fall off the bike | fell off the bike | fallen off the bike ... 
VERB12  to leave the engine running | left the engine running | left the engine running ... 
VERB13  to know the place | knew the place | known the place ... 
VERB14  to know the answer | knew the answer | known the answer ... 
VERB15  to bite the dust | bit the dust | bitten the dust ... 
VERB16  to hit the bottle | hit the bottle | hit the bottle ... 
VERB17  to swim the crawl | swam the crawl | swum the crawl ... 
VERB18  to take the lead | took the lead | taken the lead ... 
VERB19  to win the bid | won the bid | won the bid ... 
VERB20  to win the day | won the day | won the day ... 
VERB21  to win the jackpot | won the jackpot | won the jackpot ... 
VERB22  to win the palm | won the palm | won the palm ... 
VERB23  to win the toss | won the toss | won the toss ... 
VERB24  to lose the day | lost the day | lost the day ... 
VERB25  to lose the scent | lost the scent | lost the scent ... 
VERB26  to make the bed | made the bed | made the bed ... 
VERB27  to stand to the rules | stood to the rules | stood to the rules ... 
VERB28  to stand the pace | stood the pace | stood the pace ... 
VERB29  to keep the pace | kept the pace | kept the pace ... 
VERB30  to keep the accounts | kept the accounts | kept the accounts ... 
VERB31  to keep the goods | kept the goods | kept the goods ... 
VERB32  to keep the minutes | kept the minutes | kept the minutes ... 
VERB33  to keep the Sabbath | kept the Sabbath | kept the Sabbath ... 
VERB34  to tell the truth | told the truth | told the truth ... 
VERB35  to take the lift | took the lift | taken the lift ... 
VERB36  to leave the radio on | left the radio on | left the radio on ... 
VERB37  to draw the curtain | drew the curtain | drawn the curtain ... 
VERB38  to break the wind | broke the wind | broken the wind ... 
VERB39  to keep the door closed | kept the door closed | kept the door closed ... 
VERB40  to take the chair | took the chair | taken the chair ... 
VERB41  to meet the deadline | met the deadline | met the deadline ... 
VERB42  to do the dishes | did the dishes | done the dishes ... 
VERB43  to do the housework | did the housework | done the housework ... 
VERB44  to do the cooking | did the cooking | done the cooking ... 
VERB45  to take the minutes | took the minutes | taken the minutes ... 
VERB46  to keep to the point | kept to the point | kept to the point ... 
VERB47  to break the record | broke the record | broken the record ... 
VERB48  to award the mandate | awarded the mandate | awarded the mandate ... 
to the {prep}zum [Präp. + Art.: zu dem]
to the {prep}zur [Präp. + Art.: zu der]
to the {prep} [prep+art]aufs [Abk.: auf das]
Suchbegriffe enthalten
to the bone {adv}bis auf den Knochen
to the bottomhinunter
to the bottom {adv}nach unten
to the carrier {adv}an den Frachtführer
to the contrary {adj} {adv}gegenteilig
math. to the contraryumgekehrt [im Widerspruchsbeweis]
to the contraryim Gegenteil
to the contrarydas Gegenteil bedeutend
to the contraryim entgegengesetzten Sinne
to the contrary {adj} [postpos.]anderslautend
to the contrary {adj} [postpos.]anders lautend [alt]
to the core {adv}zutiefst
to the core {adv}bis ins Mark
to the core {adv}durch und durch
to the core {adv} [to the depths of one's being]bis ins Herz [fig.]
to the day {adv}auf den Tag genau
to the death {adv}bis zum Tode
to the east {adv}östlich
to the east {adj} {adv}nach Osten
to the end {adv}bis zum Ende
to the extent {adv}soweit
to the extent {adv}in dem Ausmaß
math. to the fourth {adj} [postpos.]hoch vier [nachgestellt]
to the front {adv}voraus
to the goodim Plus [ugs.]
to the hilt {adv} {adj} [idiom]bis an die Grenzen des Möglichen
to the last {adv} [until death]bis zuletzt [bis zum Tod]
to the left {adv}auf der linken Seite
to the left {adv} [movement, look etc.]nach links
to the letter {adv}buchstabengetreu
to the life {adj}lebensecht
to the max {adv} [sl.]in höchstem Maße
to the minute {adv}auf die Minute [pünktlich]
to the momentpünktlich
to the Netherlands {adv}in die Niederlande
to the north {adj} {adv}nach Norden
to the northeast {adj} {adv}nach Nordosten
to the northwest {adj} {adv}nach Nordwesten
to the pointtreffend
to the pointzur Sache
idiom to the pointauf den Punkt
to the present {adv}bis heute
to the right {adv}nach rechts
to the south {adj} {adv}nach Süden
geogr. to the south {adv}nach Süden (hin)
to the southeast {adj} {adv}nach Südosten
to the southwest {adj} {adv}nach Südwesten
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