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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [Which]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: ["Which]

any {adj} {pron} [some, no matter which]
irgendeiner [m. sing.]
what {pron} [which]
any {pron} [some, no matter which]
irgendwelche [pl]
irgendeine [f. sing.]
whence {adv} [formal] [from which, which source, reason]
unkempt {adj} [hair which hasn't been combed]
somebody {pron} [no matter which]
anyone {pron} [no matter which]
someone {pron} [no matter which]
seeming {adj} [sth. which / that seems]
anybody {pron} [no matter which]
any {adj} [some, no matter which]
irgendeiner [f. sing. Gen. und Dat.]
whether {conj} [obs.] [which of two]
wederer [veraltet] [welcher von zweien auch immer]
["Which one would you like?" based on the "What is my profession?" quiz show question: "Which piggy-bank would you like?"]
Welches Schweinderl hätten S' denn gern? [Robert Lembke, «Was bin ich?»]quoteRadioTV
[late (deceased)] {adj} [attr.] [may in German be used colloquially hum. for things that do not exist any longer, besides the standard meaning for persons which is becoming old-fashioned]
seligen Angedenkens [nachgestellt] [ugs. hum.] [einstig, früher] [nicht Personen betreffend]
[of something which is sat upon, worn out from use] {adj} {past-p}
[that / which / who] {pron}
der wo [südd.] [ugs.] [der]
die wo [südd.] [ugs.] [die]
das wo [südd.] [ugs.] [das]
12M [bathroom products / toiletries; time in months by which a product should be used after opening]
12 M [Haltbarkeitsdatum; Wirksamkeit geöffneter kosmetischer Produkte; in diesem Beispiel: 12 Monate]cosmet.
conspicuous {adj} [which cannot be overlooked]
nicht zu übersehend [attr.]
nicht zu übersehen [nur prädikativ]
fakeable {adj} [that which can be faked or falsified]
whence {adv} [dated] [from where, which place]
von wo
where [in which]
in denen
whereby {adv} [by which]
mittels dessen
durch den / die / das
bei dem / der / denen
mittels derer / deren
mit dessen / deren Hilfe
whereby {adv} [in accordance with which]
nach dem
to pacotize [process, which mixes and purees deep frozen food stuff directly in its frozen state]
pacossieren [Tiefgefrorenes ohne Auftauen mit dem Pacojet® pürieren]gastr.
[to condemn somebody by excluding them from a community to which they belong]
jdn. in Acht und Bann tun [verdammen] [fig.] [geh.]
to break sb. [win a tennis game in which the opponent is serving]
jdm. das Aufschlagspiel abnehmen [Tennis]sports
order [the way in which people or things are placed or arranged in relation to each other]
Reihenfolge {f}
gossip [involving details which are not confirmed as true]
Tratsch {m} [ugs.] [pej.]
pattern [from which sth. is copied]
Vorlage {f} [Muster]
[principle of allocation by which variable costs must be traced to cost centres and costing units where such costs originated]
Kostenverursachungsprinzip {n}acc.
finish [point at which race ends]
Ziel {n} [Ende einer Wettkampfstrecke]sports
threshold [fig.; amount above or below which the state interferes with taxation, welfare payments, etc.]
Schwellenbetrag {m}admin.fin.
[goal which leaves the scoring side only one down] [football]
Anschlusstreffer {m}sports
agent [person or means by which something is done]
Handlungsträger {m}ling.lit.philos.
stake [to which sb. is tied to be burned]
Brandpfahl {m}
[language in which lessons are conducted]
Unterrichtssprache {f}educ.ling.
title [enforceable legal claim and the instrument on which it is based]
Titel {m} [vollstreckbarer Rechtsanspruch sowie dessen Grundlage]law
[contemptuous term for a subject which can be easily passed by waffling]
Laberfach {n} [ugs.] [pej.]educ.
[book on which the film was based]
Buchvorlage {f}filmlit.
forename [by which a person is generally known]
Rufname {m}
lamp [which gives very little light]
Funzel {f} [ugs.]
pasture [on which livestock has to be tended]
Hutweide {f} [veraltet]agr.
bakehouse [dated] [room in which bread is made]
Backstube {f}
the leans {sg} [a type of vestibular illusion in flight which causes spatial disorientation]
[Schräglage-Illusion; Lagedesorientierung während des Schlechtwetterflugs: man befindet sich in waagerechtem Geradeausflug, wähnt sich aber in Schräglage; in der Flugmedizin auch Leans genannt]aviat.
[plane which flew food etc. into Berlin during the 1948 airlift]
Rosinenbomber {m} [hum.]hist.
franchise [amount of liability below which an insurer disclaims liability, but above which they assume total liability]
Mindestgrenze {f}insur.
nursery [place or natural habitat which breeds or supports animals]
Kinderstube {f} [Aufwuchsort von Arten im juvenilen Stadium]ecol.zool.
[ceremony in which teenagers are given adult social status, esp. in the former GDR]
Jugendweihe {f}hist.pol.
[newspaper designated by a stock exchange, in which issuers of stocks are obliged to publish official notifications]
Pflichtblatt {n} [Börse]stocks
bat [slab on which pottery is fired]
Brennplatte {f} [Töpferei]
[center of a wheel, from which the spokes radiate]
Nabe {f} [z. B. Fahrrad]
[novel concerned with the author's critical analysis of the age in which s/he lives]
Zeitroman {m}lit.
[punishment in German universities and schools in which students were detained in 'Karzer' (on-site prison cells)]
Karzerstrafe {f}
fall [distance which sth. falls]
Fallhöhe {f}
[ type of German beer which is typically not clarified or pasteurised]
Kellerbier {n}brewFoodInd.gastr.
[a brawl in which a one-liter beer mug is used as a weapon]
Maßkrugschlägerei {f}
[a liter of beer which is consumed while standing in an aisle as opposed to at a table, e.g. at Oktoberfest]
Stehmaß {f}gastr.
[a person in constant pursuit of fame, which plans to commit a crime as a means of achieving fame]
Herostrat {m} [ein Verbrecher aus Geltungsbedürfnis]
[a plant which doesn't need much attention]
eine dankbare Pflanze {f} [fig.] [Topfpflanze, anspruchslos in der Pflege]bot.hort.
[a Sunday on which the Swiss vote on referenda]
Abstimmungssonntag {m} [ugs.] [Schweiz]pol.
[administrative measures which discourage or prevent people from applying for social benefits]
vertreibende Hilfe {f}admin.sociol.spec.
[button on a ticket machine which allows free short-term parking]
Brötchentaste {f} [Parkscheinautomat]
[day in German schools on which pupils go rambling]
Wandertag {m}
[day on which an office is open for public consultation]
Amtstag {m} [österr.]admin.pol.
[defence based on a misinterpretation of facts which, had they been true, would have been exculpatory]
Erlaubnistatbestandsirrtum {m}law
[electoral system in which a vote is cast for a candidate rather than a party]
Persönlichkeitswahl {f}lawpol.
[fencing area in which students duel]
Paukboden {m} [einer schlagenden Verbindung]
[frazione; a parish, village which belongs to a bigger commune in Italy]
Fraktion {f} [italienische Ortschaft, die zu einer größeren Gemeinde gehört]
[keyboard instrument strung with gut strings, the tone of which is produced by a steadily revolving well rosined cylinder]
Bogenklavier {n}mus.
Bogenflügel {m}mus.
Streichklavier {n}mus.
Geigenwerk {n} [Streichklavier]mus.
Geigenklavizimbel {n} [veraltet]mus.
[land which has been exempted from recoupment charges for public infrastructure]
erschließungsbeitragsfreies Land {n}
[land which is only to be developed to a low level]
geringfügig bebautes Grundstück {n}
[limits which satisfy animal welfare regulations]
tierschutzkonforme Grenzwerte {pl}pharm.
[members of the civil assistance force which is an alternative to military service in Switzerland]
Zivilschützer {pl} [schweiz.]jobs
[period of time which an employer is not allowed to dismiss an employee]
Behaltefrist {f} [österr.]jobs
[plans which are not in accordance with the Principles of Regional Planning]
raumordnungswidrige Planung {f}
[rotating time period during which a resident of e.g. an apartment is responsible for cleaning shared areas in and around the building such as sidewalks, driveways, hallways, etc.]
Kehrwoche {f} [südd.] [bes. schwäb.]
[Schafkopf / sheepshead variant in which only the jacks are trumps]
Wenz {m} [Spielvariante beim Schafkopf]games
[secluded area in which the Russian occupants lived and worked in the former GDR]
Russenstädtchen {n} [ugs.] [in der ehemal. DDR]hist.
[shortening in which the middle of the word is omitted]
Klammerwort {n} [Kirschblüte für Kirschbaumblüte]ling.
[Sunday before Advent on which the dead are commemorated]
Totensonntag {m}
Ewigkeitssonntag {m}
[tenement building in which Jews had to move from 1939 onwards]
Judenhaus {n} [Nazi-Begriff]hist.
[territory of the fiefdom of a lord, in which he exercised his full feudal rights]
Herrschaft {f} [Territorium]hist.
Herrlichkeit {f} [Territorium]hist.
[the predecessor of the Central Register of Foreign Nationals which was established in 1938 by the Nazi government]
Ausländerzentralkartei {f}
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