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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [Germany]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [Germany]

national {adj} [dimensioned for or valid in all Austria or Germany]
["Federal law overrides state law." - Article 31, Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany; similar to the rule "Federal law supersedes state law." in the U.S. Constitution]
Bundesrecht bricht Landesrecht. [Artikel 31, Grundgesetz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland]law
[acronym for Germany (D), Austria (A), Switzerland (CH) and South Tyrol (S)]
DACHS [Kunstwort für Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz und Südtirol]
[Acronym used to represent the dominant states of the German speaking area: Germany (D), Austria (A), Switzerland (CH)]
DACH [Kunstwort für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz]
D-A-CH [Kunstwort für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz]
[German as spoken in Germany, not including South Germany] {adj}
piefkonisch [österr.] [ugs.] [bundesdeutsch]
piefkinesisch [österr.] [ugs.] [pej.]ling.
Münsteran {adj} [rare] [of or from the city of Münster, Germany]
Uckermark {adj} [attr.] [of a region of the same name in northeast Germany]
[a hoax foreign word created in Germany in the first half of the 20th century]
[to live or survive in hiding or with a false identity] [esp. of Jews in Nazi-Germany]
als U-Boot leben / überleben
[to press one's thumbs / thumb (for sb.)] [literally] [hand gesture in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, etc., meaning to keep one's fingers crossed (for sb.)]
(jdm.) die / den Daumen halten [ugs.] [Redensart]
[type of meat loaf found in Austria and parts of Germany and Switzerland]
Leberkäse {m}gastr.
state [in Germany or Austria]
Bundesland {n}pol.
Land {n} [Bundesland]pol.
German [male person from Germany]
Deutscher {m}ethn.
German [female person from Germany]
Deutsche {f}ethn.
Abitur [secondary school leaving examination] [in Germany]
Abitur {n}educ.
mayor [of big cities in Germany]
Oberbürgermeister {m} <OB>
[ethnic German immigrant to Germany]
Aussiedler {m}
situs [e.g. property that has a situs in Germany]
Belegenheit {f}law
[federal child support for needy families in Germany]
Kinderzuschlag {m}admin.
Oktoberfest [annual festival in Munich, Germany]
Oktoberfest {n}
gastarbeiter [an immigrant worker, especially one who came to the former West Germany in the 1960s and 1970s]
Gastarbeiter {m}
Germans [inhabitants of Germany]
Bundesbürger {pl} [als Synonym für Deutsche]
[federal research ministry in Germany]
Bundesforschungsministerium {n}pol.acad.
[provincial high court and court of appeal in Germany]
Oberlandesgericht {n}law
[years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany at the end of the 19th century]
Gründerzeit {f}hist.
Methodenstreit [methodological debate in economics in Germany and Austria, 1880-1900]
Methodenstreit {m} [Carl Menger, Gustav von Schmoller]econ.hist.spec.
[competitive tennis matches in Germany]
Medenspiele {pl}sports
[senior school authority, Germany]
Oberschulamt {n}educ.
[first showing in Germany]
Deutschlandstart {m}film
[bell-shaped culinary apple, grown in Germany and Switzerland]
Glockenapfel {m} [Apfelsorte]gastr.
[period (1871-1873) when many industrial firms were founded in Germany]
Gründerzeit {f}hist.
[person legally considered a Jew in Nazi Germany]
Geltungsjude {m}
[person from Northern Germany, especially Hamburg]
Fischkopp {m} [ugs.]
(the) Römer [city hall of Frankfurt am Main, Germany]
(der) Römer {m} [Rathaus der Stadt Frankfurt am Main]archi.geogr.
['Jewish fine, penance', a penalty tax levied after the November 1938 Pogrom by the Nazi government on Jews in Germany and the occupied territories]
Judenbuße {f}hist.pol.
["Parade of the fools" (literal transl.) on Fasnacht in southern Germany]
Narrenumzug {m} [bes. in Süddeutschland]
["the Billy Goats": nickname of the football team of the 1. FC Köln / Cologne, Germany]
die Geißböcke {pl} [Spitzname für die Mannschaft des 1. FC Köln]sports
[a book about Germany]
Deutschlandbuch {n}lit.
[a kind of an impost on the reaper's wages at Nuremberg, Germany]
Schnitterpfennig {m}hist.
[a neo-Nazi party in Germany since 2012]
die Rechte {f} [auch: DIE RECHTE]pol.
[a non-native resident of Munich, Germany]
Wahlmünchener {m}
[a non-native resident of Munich, Germany] [female]
Wahlmünchenerin {f}
[a special form of unemployment insurance in Germany for employees of bankrupted companies]
Insolvenzgeld {n}jobslaw
[a special type of sledge in Hamburg-Blankenese, Germany]
Kreek {f} [Rodelschlitten; traditioneller Kastenschlitten in Hamburg-Blankenese]
[a traditional sledge with poles, usually made from metal; Northern Germany]
Peekschlitten {m} [Norddeutschland]
[a type of regional train in Germany (abbrev. RE), Luxembourg (also abbrev. RE) and Austria (abbrev. REX)]
Regionalexpress® {m} <RE®>rail
[a wealthy section of Dortmund, Germany]
Kreuzviertel {n}geogr.
[a West German who has been living in Eastern Germany for at least three years]
Wossi {m} [ugs.]
[abbreviation for so-called "Ernste Musik" (mostly classical music) in Germany]
E-Musik {f} [kurz für: sogenannte "Ernste Musik" im deutschsprachigen Raum]mus.
[abbreviation for so-called "Unterhaltungsmusik" in Germany]
U-Musik {f} [kurz für: sogenannte "Unterhaltungsmusik" in Deutschland]mus.
[ambulatory health care in Germany]
kassenärztliche Versorgung {f}
[an area of open and sparsely wooded countryside in Germany and Switzerland]
Gäulandschaft {f} [südd.] [schweiz.]agr.geogr.
[an official term in Germany for license to fish in specific locations there]
Gewässerschein {m} [Fischereierlaubnisschein]admin.fishlaw
[black licorice from the north of Germany, shaped like sheep droppings]
Schafskötel {pl} [nordd.] [Lakritzkugeln]gastr.
[board to oversee bituminous coal mining in Germany]
Braunkohleausschuss {m}miningpol.
[chocolate-covered candies, originally from the Halloren® chocolate factory in Halle, Germany]
Halloren-Kugeln {pl} [Gattungsname] [Original Halloren Kugeln®]gastr.
[citizenship law in Nazi Germany]
Reichsbürgergesetz {n}hist.
[clause in the Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye prohibiting the unification of Austria and Germany]
Anschlussverbot {n}hist.
[coastal sandy heathland in north Germany]
Geest {f}
[coll. , often pej., West German term for Germany's Soviet Occupation Zone, and then the GDR]
Zone {f} [ugs.] [bundesd.] [kurz für: Sowjetische Besatzungszone (SBZ), später auch pej. für: DDR]geogr.hist.pol.
[commission for standards in the former East Germany, 1955-1990]
Technische Normen, Gütevorschriften und Lieferbedingungen <TGL>hist.
[controversy over the Apostles' Creed in Germany, 1892/1893]
Apostolikumstreit {m}hist.relig.spec.
[cutting board used mainly for breakfast as a plate substitute in Germany]
Frühstücksbrettchen {n}
[derogatory term for the Social Democratic Party of Germany during and after WWI]
Kaisersozialisten {pl} [pej.]hist.
[Dutch metal of Chemische Fabrik v. Heyden, Radebeul, Germany]
Heyden-Gold {n} [Blattgold-Ersatz (Kompositionsgold) der Chem. Fabrik v. Heyden, Radebeul]hist.material
[era after the March Revolution of 1848 / 1849 in Germany and Austria]
Nachmärz {m}hist.
[essay, paper; written part of a state exam in Germany]
(wissenschaftliche) Hausarbeit {f}acad.
[federal association of interpreters and translators, Germany]
Bundesverband {m} der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (e. V.) <BdÜ>
[fee collection center of public-law broadcasting institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany]
Gebühreneinzugszentrale {f} der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland <GEZ>admin.RadioTV
[German as spoken in Germany, resp. formerly in Western Germany]
Bundesdeutsch {n} [bundesdeutsches Hochdeutsch]ling.
[German sociolect created by Turkish youth in Germany in the late 1980s]
Kanak Sprak {f} [ugs.] [ein Gemisch aus Türkisch, Deutsch und amerikanischem Straßenslang]ling.
[Germany during the time when Bonn was seat of government]
Bonner Republik {f}hist.pol.
[Germany, member of the Pirate Party]
Pirat {m} [ugs.] [Deutschland, Mitglied der Piratenpartei]pol.
[Germany's national accreditation body]
Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle {f} <DAkkS>
[heavy labour bonus: supplementary food ration for manual workers during WWII Germany, in work and concentration camps as well as later in the early GDR]
Schwerarbeiterzulage {f} [Zusätzliche Essensration]hist.
[herbal snuff powder from Schneeberg, Saxony (Germany)]
Schneeberger Schnupftabak {m} [Schnupfpulver, das nicht mehr hergestellt werden darf]drugshist.
[high school diploma common to S. Germany]
Quali {m} [ugs.] [Qualifizierender Hauptschulabschluss]educ.
[historic octagonal public urinal in Berlin, Germany]
Café Achteck {n} [historisches Pissoir in Berlin]
[honorary title for a distinguished instrumentalist in Austria and Germany]
Kammermusiker {m}mus.
[honorary title for a distinguished male ballet dancer in Germany]
Kammertänzer {m}dance
[honorary title for female singers in Germany and Austria]
Kammersängerin {f} <Ks.>mus.
[immigration act for skilled personnel in Germany]
Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz {n} [BRD]law
[in Germany, the amount of wealth a Hartz IV claimant is allowed to keep]
Schonvermögen {n}
[jeans jacket, worn by association football fans, esp. in Germany]
Kutte {f} [ugs.] [eine von Fußballfans getragene Fan-Kutte]cloth.sports
[Law for the Protection of Youth from Trash and Filth Writings, Germany, 1926 - 1935]
Schmutz- und Schundgesetz {n}
[legislation governing the rights of the child (Germany)]
Gesetz {n} zur Reform des Kindschaftsrechts <KindRG>law
Kindschaftsrechtsreformgesetz {n} <KindRG> [Kurztitel]lawpol.
[line formed by the River Main roughly dividing North and South Germany]
Mainlinie {f}ling.
[Lutheran hymn book for Germany, Alsace-Lorraine, and Austria since 1993/1996]
Evangelisches Gesangbuch {n} <EG>mus.relig.
[members of the the Communist Party of Germany (Opposition), 1928 - 1939/40]
Brandlerianer {pl} [KPD-O] [auch: KPD (O)]hist.pol.
[monthly disability benefits for the blind] [Germany]
Blindengeld {n}
[National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists] [Germany]
Kassenzahnärztliche Bundesvereinigung {f} <KZBV>
[new federal states of Germany, formerly "DDR"]
Neufünfland {n} [ugs.] [hum.] [veraltend]geogr.
[non-commercial event with folk musicians in Southern Germany and Austria]
Hoagascht {m} [südd.] [österr.]mus.
[Nuremberg, Germany]
Noris {f} [allegorischer Name für Nürnberg aus dem 17. Jh.]geogr.
[often pejorative nickname for exceedingly eager and convinced National Socialist young men] [Germany, after 1933]
Quex {m} [ugs.] [oft pej.]
[pejorative term for Eastern Germany]
Dunkeldeutschland {n} [pej.]
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