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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [South]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [South]
theirselves {pron} [Chiefly Southern & South Midland U.S.]
theirselves {pron} [esp. Southern & South Midland U.S.]
selber [meist ugs.] [selbst]
[acronym for Germany (D), Austria (A), Switzerland (CH) and South Tyrol (S)]
DACHS [Kunstwort für Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz und Südtirol]
[German as spoken in Germany, not including South Germany] {adj}
piefkonisch [österr.] [ugs.] [bundesdeutsch]
piefkinesisch [österr.] [ugs.] [pej.]ling.
Capetonian {adj} [from Cape Town (South Africa)]
aus Kapstadt [nachgestellt]geogr.
township [in South Africa]
Township {f} [von Farbigen bewohnte städtische Siedlung]urban
spaetzle [type of South German pasta dish]
Spätzle {pl}gastr.
coke [Am.] [esp. South] [any soft drink]
Limonade {f} [Softdrink]
carpetbagger [pej.] [USA: term Southerners gave to Northerners who moved to the South during the Reconstruction era]
Carpetbagger {m} [pej.] [USA: Nordstaatler, der nach dem Sezessionskrieg in den unterlegenen Süden kam, Art "Glücksritter"]hist.
[a type of bacon associated with south Tyrolean cuisine]
Südtiroler Speck {m}gastr.
[Austrian region south-east of the Inn river]
Innviertel {n}geogr.
[esp. the South American gray fox and the hoary fox; genus Lycalopex]
Kampffuchs {m} [FALSCH für: Kampfuchs]zool.
[line formed by the River Main roughly dividing North and South Germany]
Mainlinie {f}ling.
[recruitment agreements between Germany and Turkey and other South European countries during the Wirtschaftswunder (in force from 1955 to 1973)]
Anwerbeabkommen {n}pol.
[South German and Austrian legendary creature, lit. Night Raven]
Nachtkrapp {m}myth.
Nachtkrabb {m}myth.
[storm in the northern Alps arriving from the south]
Föhnsturm {m}meteo.
[terrorists in Trentino-South Tyrol in 1961]
Bumser {pl} [österr.]hist.
chicleros [South Americans who collect chicle]
Chicleros {pl}
Gummizapfer {pl} [auch: Gummi-Zapfer] [Chicleros]
cria [South American camelid baby]
Cria {n} [Junges von südamerikanischen Kamelen]zool.
dothead [sl.] [pej.] [person from South Asia]
[wörtlich: Punktkopf, Schimpfwort gegen einen Südasiaten]
Edinburg [name of various places, e.g. in the U.S., South Africa]
Edinburg {n} [Name verschiedener Orte, z. B. in den USA, Südafrika]geogr.
Gauteng [South African province]
Gauteng {n} [südafrikanische Provinz]geogr.
Georgia <GA> [Peach State, Empire State of the South]
Georgia {n} [US-Bundesstaat]geogr.
Guaraní [South American people]
Guaraní {pl}ethn.
hanbok [traditional Korean dress, South Korea]
Hanbok {n} {m} [traditionelle Tracht, Südkorea]cloth.ethn.
hijra [South Asian intersexual]
Hijra {f} [auch {m}]
hijras [South Asian intersexuals]
Hijra {pl}
Hottentotten [name used from Europeans during the colonial time for some tribes in Namibia and South Africa]
Hottentotten {pl} [Bezeichnung der Europäer für einige Stämme in Namibia und Südafrika während der Kolonialzeit]ethn.hist.
Indian [Central or South American]
Indio {m}ethn.
Indian [female Central or South American native]
Indiofrau {f}ethn.
Indians [Central or South American]
Indios {pl}ethn.
jerepigo [South African dessert wine]
Jerepigo {m} [südafrikanischer Dessertwein]oenol.
karoo [also: Karoo] [semi-desert natural region of South Africa]
Karoo {f} [Halbwüste]geogr.
karroo [also: Karroo] [semi-desert natural region of South Africa]
Karroo {f} [Halbwüste]geogr.
KwaDukuza [official name since 2006] [also known as Stanger, South Africa]
Stanger {n} [früherer, aber ugs. noch üblicher Name für KwaDukuza, Südafrika]geogr.
libeccio [westerly or south-westerly Mediterranean wind]
Libeccio {m} [westlicher oder südwestlicher Wind im Mittelmeer]geogr.meteo.
prahu [canoe-like boats used in the South Pacific, esp. one with an outrigger and sails]
Prau {f} [malayisches Segelboot]naut.
prahus [canoe-like boats used in the South Pacific, esp. one with an outrigger and sails]
Praue {pl} [malayische Segelboote]naut.
praus [canoe-like boats used in the South Pacific, esp. one with an outrigger and sails]
Praue {pl} [malayische Segelboote]naut.
proa [canoe-like boats used in the South Pacific, esp. one with an outrigger and sails]
Prau {f} [malayisches Segelboot]naut.
proas [canoe-like boats used in the South Pacific, esp. one with an outrigger and sails]
Praue {pl} [malayische Segelboote]naut.
sandlappers [coll.] [sometimes pej.] [South Carolinians]
[Spitzname für Menschen aus South Carolina, USA]
southernism [expression characteristic of the U.S. South]
Südstaatenausdruck {m}ling.
stiffsickness [poisoning by Crotalaria burkeana] [South Africa]
Steifkrankheit {f} [Südafrika]VetMed.
Welkom [South Africa]
Welkom {n}geogr.
Zwiefacher [South German folk dance]
Zwiefacher {m} [südd.] [regional]dancemus.
Ö2 [radio service for Austria and South Tyrol, Italy, aired by the ORF]
Österreich 2 {m} <Ö2>RadioTV
Österreich Regional {m} <ÖR> [veraltet] [Österreich 2]RadioTV
South-Asian {adj} [also: South Asian]
to relook at sth. [re-examine sth.] [more frequent in South (East) Asian English than in Br. or Am.]
etw.Akk. (erneut) überprüfen
to relook at sth. [reconsider sth.] [more frequent in South (East) Asian English than in Br. or Am.]
(sichDat.) etw.Akk. noch einmal ansehen
Artesian State [nickname] [State of South Dakota]
[Spitzname für South Dakota, USA]geogr.
Barcoo disease [South Australia]
Wüstengeschwür {n}med.
Barcoo rot [South Australia]
Wüstengeschwür {n}med.
Blizzard State [nickname] [State of South Dakota]
[Spitzname für South Dakota, USA]geogr.
brittle bread [South Tyrolean hard crisp flatbread]
Schüttelbrot {n}gastr.
Chartered Company [coll.] [British South Africa Company]
Britische Südafrika-Gesellschaft {f}hist.
chicken run [S.Afr.] [coll.] [departure of white residents from South Africa]
[ugs. Begriff für die Auswanderung weißer Südafrikaner nach Ende der Apartheid]
chow chow [Am.] [particularly South]
Mixed Pickles {pl} [sauer eingelegtes Gemüse]gastr.
Clarens Formation [south-central Africa into KwaZulu-Natal]
Clarens-Formation {f}geol.
Coyote State [nickname] [State of South Dakota]
Kojoten-Staat {m} [Spitzname für South Dakota, USA]geogr.
Eastern Cape [South African province]
Ostkap {n} [südafrikanische Provinz]geogr.
Elliot Formation [South Africa into Lesotho]
Elliot-Formation {f}geogr.geol.
Free State [South African province]
Freistaat {m} [südafrikanische Provinz]geogr.
Graafwater Formation [South Africa: Cape Province]
Graafwater-Formation {f}geol.
jawbone wagon [also: jaw-bone wagon] [South African ox wagon, "kakebeenwa"]
[südafrikanischer Ochsenwagen]
lucerne grass [Medicago sativa] [South Asia]
Luzerne {f}bot.
Middle Germany [Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia seen as a cultural region in today's south-eastern Germany]
Mitteldeutschland {n} [z. B. mitteldeutsche Wirtschaftsverbände]geogr.
Molteno Formation [eastern South Africa]
Molteno-Formation {f}geol.hist.
Northern Cape [South African province]
Nordkap {n} [südafrikanische Provinz]geogr.
Pakhuis Formation [South Africa: Cape Province]
Pakhuis-Formation {f}geol.
Palmetto State [nickname] [State of South Carolina]
Palmenstaat {m} [Spitzname für South Carolina, USA]geogr.
Peninsula Formation [South Africa: Cape Province]
Peninsula-Formation {f}geol.
racist policies {pl} [policies intending to harm others that do not belong to the same race as oneself: Nazi Germany, South Africa, etc.]
Rassenpolitik {f}hist.pol.
relook (into sth.) [re-examination (of sth.)] [more frequent in South (East) Asian English than in Br. or Am.]
(erneute) Überprüfung {f} (von etw.Dat.)
reunification minister [South Korea]
Wiedervereinigungsminister {m} [Südkorea]admin.pol.
Sandlapper State [nickname] [State of South Carolina]
[Spitzname für South Carolina, USA]geogr.
Seaham Formation [New South Wales, Australia]
Seaham-Formation {f}geol.
Sunshine State [nickname for the State of Florida and one of the nicknames for South Dakota]
Sonnenscheinstaat {m} [auch: Sonnenschein-Staat] [Spitzname für Florida und South Dakota, USA]geogr.pol.
Upper Adige [South Tirol]
Südtirol {n}geogr.
Walvis Bay [Namibia: former exclave of South Africa]
Walfischbucht {f} [ehemalige Exklave von Südafrika]geogr.
Western Cape [South African province]
Westkap {n} [südafrikanische Provinz]geogr.
wild jasmine [Jasminum angulare] [South African jasmine]
Kap-Jasmin {m}bot.
African National Congress <ANC> [South Africa]
Afrikanischer Nationalkongress {m} <ANC> [Südafrika]pol.
crystal skin children [esp. South America]
Schmetterlingskinder {pl} [ugs.] [an Epidermolysis bullosa erkrankte Kinder]med.
Iodine Products State [archaic nickname] [State of South Carolina]
[veralteter Spitzname für South Carolina, USA]geogr.
Mount Rushmore State [official nickname] [State of South Dakota]
Mount-Rushmore-Staat {m} [Spitzname für South Dakota, USA]geogr.
piet-my-vrou [South African name for Cuculus solitarius]
Einsiedlerkuckuck {m}orn.
Republic of Korea [.kr] [South Korea]
Republik {f} Korea [Südkorea]geogr.pol.
Slim Buttes Formation [South Dakota]
Slim-Buttes-Formation {f}geol.
South Georgia pintail [Anas georgica georgica] [yellow-billed pintail (South Georgia)]
Südgeorgien-Spitzschwanzente {f}orn.
South Georgian pintail [Anas georgica georgica] [yellow-billed pintail (South Georgia)]
Südgeorgien-Spitzschwanzente {f}orn.
South Russian sheepdog [South Russian Ovcharka]
Südrussischer Owtscharka {m}zool.
Südrussischer Schäferhund {m}zool.
South Ukrainian Ovcharka [South Russian Ovcharka]
Südrussischer Owtscharka {m}zool.
south-eastern Australia [also: South Eastern / south eastern Australia]
Südostaustralien {n}geogr.
the Garden Province [coll.] [KwaZulu-Natal] [province of South Africa]
(die) Gartenprovinz {f} (Südafrikas) [ugs.] [KwaZulu-Natal]
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