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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [all]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [all]

any {pron} [all / every]
any {adj} [all / every]
jegliche [nachdrücklich für "jede"]
jedwede [nachdrücklich für "jede"]
jeglicher [nachdrücklich für "jeder"]
jegliches [nachdrücklich für "jedes"]
flat {adj} [attr.] [all-inclusive, blanket]
pauschal [komplett und unveränderlich]
alright {adj} {adv} [less formal than all right]
in Ordnung
for {prep} [+ all his/her/your, ... money etc.] [in spite of]
trotz [+ (all) seines/ihres/deines ... Geldes etc.]
obligatory {adj} [by all means]
plastered {adj} {past-p} [stuck all over]
national {adj} [dimensioned for or valid in all Austria or Germany]
effectively {adv} [for all practical purposes, in effect]
nationally {adv} [across all territories of a federation]
confused {adj} [not in possession of all one's mental faculties]
bregenklöterig [nordd.] [ugs.] [verwirrt]
[decorated with all medals, orders, decorations possible] {adj} {past-p}
ausdekoriert [österr.] [Jargon: mit allen Auszeichnungen dekoriert]
about {adv} [all around]
abroad {adv} [in all directions]
in alle Richtungen [überall, überallhin, weithin]
catholic {adj} [all-embracing]
ever {adv} [of all time] [postpos.]
ever [jugendsprachl. Anglizismus] [aller Zeiten] [nachgestellt]
Finito! [coll.] [It's all done!]
Gorey! [Irish] [coll.] [dated] [idiom] [Shouted after a person who leaves a door open; in an attack upon Gorey in 1798, insurgents carried off all the doors.]
Habt ihr zuhause Säcke vor den Türen? [ugs.] [Redewendung] [Frage an jdn., der eine Tür offen stehen lässt]
jack {adv} [Am.] [sl.] [vulg.] [short for: jack shit] [anything at all]
scheiß gar nichts [ugs.] [vulg.]
licked {adj} [done, all in]
am Ende [total fertig]
never {adv} [not at all]
überhaupt nicht
omniferous {adj} [archaic] [consisting of all things]
omnific {adj} [creating all things]
allschaffend [allschöpferisch]
sb. plasters [sticks all over]
jd. beklebt
unbounded {adj} [having all boundaries removed]
zip {pron} [Am.] [coll.] [nothing at all]
gar nix [ugs.]
to droop [lose all energy]
ermatten [geh.] [schlapp werden, matt werden]
to remove sth. [e.g. all restrictions]
etw.Akk. aufheben [beseitigen, z. B. alle Beschränkungen]
[to be habitually behind all the others in swimming races]
hinterherschwimmen [ugs.]sports
[to scream so loudly that it can be heard all down the street]
häuserweit schreien
to abandon sth. [e.g. all hope]
etw.Akk. fahren lassen [z. B. alle Hoffnung]
to agitate sth. [consider on all sides]
sichDat. über etw. (gründlich) Gedanken machen
to conjugate sth. [through all its grammatical forms]
etw.Akk. durchkonjugierenling.
to scramble [take off with all possible haste]
alarmmäßig starten [Pilot, Mannschaft]
legislation [sum of all legal norms]
Rechtsordnung {f} [Gesamtheit aller Rechtsnormen]law
repdigit [multidigit number with all digits identical]
Schnapszahl {f} [ugs.]
gavelkind [divided inheritance of land equally among all male heirs]
Realteilung {f} [veraltet]
panacea [solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases]
Panazee {f} [Allheilmittel] [oft pej.]pharm.
[all things obsolete]
Makulatur {f} [fig.]
[figurative place for all that is considered dirty and taboo]
Schmuddelecke {f}
pantheon [all the gods of a people or religion collectively]
Götterwelt {f} [Gesamtheit der Götter einer Religion]relig.
characters {pl} [all characters of a novel]
Personal {n} [Romanfiguren]lit.
fingers [all digits except the thumb]
Langfinger {pl} [fachspr. alle Finger außer dem Daumen]anat.
slavey [female domestic servant who does all kinds of menial work] [dated] [coll.] [Br.]
Dienstmädchen {n} [veraltend] [Mädchen für alles]
[all queens and all jacks in one hand (Schafkopf)]
Sie {m} [Solo-Sie beim Schafkopf]games
[all queens and all jacks in one hand]
Solo-Sie {n} [alle Ober und Unter in einer Hand]games
[annual publication containing detailed information on all German-speaking theatres]
(Deutsches) Bühnenjahrbuch {n}
[athletic triathlon (sprinting, jumping, throwing) for all school children]
Reichsjugendwettkämpfe {pl} [erstmals 1920; jetzt Bundesjugendspiele]hist.sports
[derogatory acronym for "Greatest Field Commander of all Time", a title initially publicized by Nazi propaganda to refer to Adolf Hitler during the early years of WWII]
GröFaZ {m} [ugs.] [auch: Gröfaz] [abfälliges Kürzel für "Größter Feldherr aller Zeiten", Nazi-Propaganda-Bezeichnung für Adolf Hitler aus den Anfangsjahren des 2. WK]mil.
[elected representative of all pupils / students in Austria]
Bundesschulsprecher {m} [österr.]educ.
[portion of word present in all inflected forms]
Flexionsstamm {m}ling.
[Schafkopf: the soloist must take all tricks]
Du {m} [ugs.] [bayer.] [Solo-Tout]games
[support of more than 50 % of all Bundestag members for the chancellor]
Kanzlermehrheit {f}pol.
[the only maid-of-all-work in a household]
Alleinmädchen {n} [veraltet]
[the totality of all DIN standards]
Deutsches Normenwerk {n} [die Gesamtheit der DIN-Normen]QM
allrounder [all-in-one device suitable for every purpose]
eierlegende Wollmilchsau {f} [ugs.] [hum.]
cash [coll.: for all kinds of money]
Diridari {m} {n} [ugs.] [bayer.: Geld]
Diredare {m} {n} [ugs.] [bayer.: Geld]
doormat [coll.] [pej.] [person who gets used or walked over all the time]
Opfer {n} [Jugendsprache] [pej.] [Person, die ständig ausgenutzt oder schikaniert wird]
membership [all members collectively]
Mitgliedergemeinschaft {f}
membership {sg} [all members collectively]
Mitglieder {pl} [Mitgliederschaft]
paw [of all furred predatory animals]
Branke {f} [jägerspr.] [seltener für: Brante]huntingzool.
Brante {f} [auch: Prante] [jägerspr.] [Pfote bei allem Haarraubwild]huntingzool.
Prussian [as Bavarian colloquial nickname for all northern German people]
Preiß {m} [bayer.] [ugs.] [Preuße]ethn.
radioelement [element whose all currently known isotopes are radioactive]
Radioelement {n} [Element, das nur radioaktive Isotope hat]
resistome [collection of all the antibiotic resistance genes]
Resistom {n} [Gesamtheit aller Antibiotika-Resistenzgene]MedTech.
subscribership [all subscribers collectively]
Abonnentenschaft {f}
Tartan™ [all-weather running track]
Tartan® {m}materialsports
womanhood {sg} [all women]
alle Frauen {pl} [insgesamt]
Yid [esp. Ashkenazi Jew] [used by anti-Semites as a slur against all Jews]
Jid {m} [bes. Ostjude] [von Antisemiten beleidigend gemeint für alle Juden]
yids [also: Yids] [esp. Ashkenazi Jews] [used by anti-Semites as a slur against all Jews]
Jidden {pl} [bes. Ostjuden] [von Antisemiten beleidigend gemeint für alle Juden]
all about {adv} [all around, everywhere]
allenthalben [geh., veraltend]
all about {adv} [all around]
all-American {adj} [also called all-America] [selected top athlete]
all-American [Spitzensportler]sports
all-day {adj} [attr.] [lasting all day, e.g. trip]
Ganztags- [z. B. Ausflug]
Ganztages- [z. B. Ausflug]
all-embracive {adj} [all-encompassing]
allumfassend [geh.]
all-in {adj} [esp. Br.] [all-inclusive]
pauschal [Summe, Preis etc.]comm.fin.
all-morning {adj} [attr.] [lasting all morning]
den ganzen Morgen dauernd
diddly-squat [esp. Am.] [sl.] [anything at all, nothing]
so gut wie nix [ugs.]
far from {adv} [not at all]
from everywhere {adv} [from all directions]
holus-bolus {adv} [coll.] [all at once, unmodified]
ganz und gar [im Ganzen und unverändert, so wie etw. ist]
Justitia omnibus. [USA] [District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) state motto: Justice for all.]
Gerechtigkeit für alle. [Motto des US-Staates District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)]pol.
not that {adv} [+ adj./adv.] [not all that]
nicht allzu [vor Adj./Adv.]
well-known {adj} [known all over town]
to be complementary [all together form a whole]
sich ergänzen
to clean sb. out [coll.] [take all of sb.'s money]
jdn. ausnehmen [ugs.] [z. B. beim Kartenspiel]idiom
to give up [all hope]
to polish sth. off [coll.] [eat all of sth.]
etw.Akk. verkasematuckeln [ugs.] [regional] [aufessen]
etw.Akk. auffuttern [ugs.]gastr.
etw.Akk. wegputzen [ugs.] [aufessen]gastr.
etw.Akk. verkonsumieren [ugs.] [Essen] [verzehren]gastr.
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