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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [and]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [and]
decisive {adj} [able to decide something quickly and with confidence]
domestic {adj} [work, violence, duties, etc.; also: person (fond of family life and running a home)]
häuslich [Arbeit, Gewalt, Pflichten etc.; auch: Person]
us {pron} [direct and indirect object]
obsolete {adj} <obs.> [No longer in use, and no longer likely to be understood. Obsolete is a stronger term than archaic, and a much stronger term than dated.]
after {prep} [later in time than; next to and following in order or importance]
nach [+Dat.] <n.> [zeitlich; zur Angabe einer Reihenfolge oder Rangfolge]
reliable {adj} [proven, tried and tested]
you {pron} [singular and plural subject and direct object] [formal]
Sie [formelle Anrede]
you {pron} [singular and plural indirect object]
Ihnen [formelle Anrede]
austere {adj} [joyless and strict]
ernst [asketisch, streng]
massive {adj} [large and heavy, bulky]
wuchtig [schwer und massig, massiv]
childish {adj} [pej.] [silly and immature]
kindisch [pej.]
the [sg. female and plural]
damp {adj} [slightly wet and cold, e.g. November day]
feuchtkalt [Novembertag etc.]
swanky {adj} [coll.] [pretentiously stylish, luxurious and expensive]
protzig [ugs.]
angeberisch [ugs.] [protzig]
großkotzig [ugs.] [protzig]
fair {adj} [weather: fine and dry]
relaxed {adj} [easy and informal in manner]
gelassen [entspannt, lässig, locker]
placid {adj} [calm and peaceful (scene, waters etc.)]
friedlich [von Frieden erfüllt, ruhig, beschaulich]
chilly {adj} [unpleasantly cold; also fig.: distant and cool]
frostig [unangenehm kalt; auch fig.: abweisend, unfreundlich]
flimsy {adj} [thin and light]
hauchdünn [Stoff, Kleid etc.]
you {pron} [plural direct and indirect object] [informal]
queer {adj} [in place of LGBT or gay] [more politically correct and inclusive]
queer [für alle LGBT-Formen] [fachsprachlich oder Szenejargon]pol.sociol.
your {pron} [formal sg. and pl.] [your house, dog, support, etc.]
Ihr [Possessivpron.]
ragged {adj} [imperfect and faulty, e.g. piece of work]
stümperhaft [pej.] [z. B. Arbeit]
seamless {adj} [fig.] [perfect and having no flaws or errors]
archaic {adj} [no longer in general use, but still found in some contemporary texts (e.g. the Bible) and generally understood; a stronger term than »dated«, but not as strong as »obsolete«]
tranquil {adj} [calm and peaceful]
friedlich [ruhig und beschaulich (Leben, Anblick etc.)]
the [acc., sg. and pl.]
me {pron} [coll.] [I, e.g. John and me went to the cinema]
multifarious {adj} [many and various]
doting {adj} [extremely and uncritically fond of someone]
vernarrt [bes. Eltern oder Großeltern in Bezug auf ihre Kinder bzw. Enkel]
filmy {adj} [thin and light]
funky {adj} [coll.] [modern and stylish in an unconventional or striking way]
irre [ugs.] [salopp] [vom Üblichen abweichend, ausgefallen]
this [determiner (adjective) and masculine direct object (pronoun)]
artless {adj} [natural and simple]
schlicht [ungekünstelt, natürlich]
tiresome {adj} [(boring and) annoying]
leidig [attr.]
sb. commuted [travelled between home and work]
jd. pendelte
stuffy {adj} [hot and airless]
schwül [Raum]
stout {adj} [brave and resolute]
entschlossen [Handeln; Person]
EMEA [Europe, the Middle East and Africa]
EMEA [Europa, Naher Osten und Afrika]econ.
commuted {past-p} [travelled between home and work]
cordial {adj} [warm and sincere]
aufrichtig [herzlich]
cordially {adv} [warmly and sincerely]
aufrichtig [herzlich]
commodious {adj} [formal] [spacious, large and roomy]
geräumig [Räumlichkeiten, Gebäude]
commonly {adv} [rare] [jointly] [esp. mil. and admin. usage]
zusammen [gemeinsam]
domesticated {adj} [hum.] [of a man: fond of home life and housework]
häuslich [Mann]
oozing {adj} {pres-p} [seeping out, esp. blood and oil]
piecemeal {adj} [in fits and starts]
Aye! [Scot., N. Engl., archaic, and said when voting]
terse {adj} [brief and pithy]
lapidar [geh.]
lightsome {adj} [literary] [happy and carefree]
wohlgemut [geh.] [veraltend]
dinky {adj} [Br.] [coll.] [small and neat]
raw {adj} [cold and damp]
intrenched {adj} {past-p} [with ditch and parapet]
befestigt [mit Gräben und Mauern]
sb. commutes [travels between home and work]
jd. pendelt
snug {adj} [warm and cosy (room)]
mollig [behaglich warm (Raum)]
livid {adj} [black-and-blue]
indigenous {adj} [e.g. inhabitants, flora and fauna]
secluded {adj} [comfortably sheltered and private]
lauschig [abgeschieden und intim]
babyish {adj} [pej.] [silly and immature, childish]
kindisch [pej.]
nervous {adj} [wine that has goodly amounts of alcohol and acidity in balance]
ragged {adj} [wild and neglected, e.g. garden]
verwildert [z. B. Garten]
vernachlässigt [z. B. Garten]
[one and only] {adj}
einzigste [FALSCH für: einzige]
incoherent {adj} [of language and thoughts]
abgerissen [Sätze, Gedanken etc.]
mindless {adj} [stupid and meaningless]
hohl [ugs.]
remastered {adj} {past-p} [esp. with regard to CD and DVD releases]
überarbeitet [bes. Audio- und Videoaufnahmen]mus.RadioTV
droll {adj} [cute and funny]
sb. shore [archaic, except Aus. and NZ]
jd. schor
sharp {adj} [coll.] [smart and stylish]
stilvoll [schick, edel, flott]cloth.
stripped {adj} {past-p} [insulated wires and cables]
aye {adv} [Scot., N.Engl. and N. Ireland dialect: always]
so {conj} [and for this reason; therefore]
mithin {adv} [geh.] [somit, folglich]
faddish {adj} [Br.] [coll.] [influenced by fads and fashion trends]
trendig [ugs.]
challenging {adj} [difficult, but interesting and enjoyable]
reizvoll [schwierig, aber verlockend, lohnend]
dégagé {adj} [casual and relaxed]
detached {adj} [aloof and objective (e.g. observer)]
leidenschaftslos [distanziert und objektiv (z. B. Beobachter)]
hardscrabble {adj} [Am.] [coll.] [poor and struggling]
gemütlich {adj} [pleasant and cheerful]
Norse {adj} [relating to ancient and medieval Scandinavia]
[acronym for Germany (D), Austria (A), Switzerland (CH) and South Tyrol (S)]
DACHS [Kunstwort für Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz und Südtirol]
[clever and cunning at the same time] {adj}
ausgepicht [ugs.] [(in einem bestimmten Bereich) sehr erfahren und zugleich durchtrieben, raffiniert]
[cooked until soft and thickened but not set, esp. custard] {adj} {past-p}
zur Rose abgezogen [Arbeitstechnik bei Eigelbmasse]gastr.
[Don't drink and drive.]
Wer fährt, trinkt nicht! Wer trinkt, fährt nicht!
[German nursery rhyme to mark knives, forks, scissors and fire as dangerous items]
Messer, Gabel, Schere, Licht sind für kleine Kinder nicht!proverb
[having or feeling the quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality] {adj}
[Southern German filler, used to intensify the sense of an expression, and to express surprise. Unusual in written language]
fei [südd.] [regional]
[sth. is built up around sth. else in a way that obstructs the view of and access to the second object]
etw. ist von etw.Dat. verbaut
[the street side eaved and without gables] {adj}
abrasively {adv} [in a harsh and rough manner]
scharf [in einer schroffen und unfreundlichen Art]
ADD [SPARS code: analog tape recorder used during initial recording, digital tape recorder used during mixing / editing and for mastering]
analoge Aufnahme, digitale Abmischung, digitales Mastering <ADD> [SPARS-Code]
Alki [also: Al-ki] [USA] [Washington state motto (Chinook Jargon): By and by / Some day]
[Motto des US-Staates Washington; Chinook-Jargon: Irgendwann]pol.
BAME {adj} [Br.] [black, Asian and minority ethnic]
[einer schwarzen, asiatischen oder anderen ethnischen Minderheit angehörend]sociol.
bantam {adj} [used for diminutive persons and animals with a spirited temperament]
klein und aufbrausend
klein und temperamentvoll
Bernardine {adj} [pertaining to St. Bernard and Cisterianism]
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