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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [another]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [another]
introduced {past-p} [one person to another]
borrowed {adj} {past-p} [introduced from another source]
moved {past-p} [e.g. from one house to another]
converted {adj} {past-p} [to another religion]
assignable {adj} [to another party]
first {adv} [before another person]
vorauf [selten] [voran, voraus (nur wenn es steil aufwärts geht)]
to defect [to another party, organization etc.]
wechseln [zu anderer Partei, Organisation etc.]
to zap [coll.] [from one TV channel to another]
zappen [ugs.] [von einem TV-Kanal zum anderen]RadioTV
to alienate sth. [transfer ownership of (property rights) to another person or group]
etw.Akk. veräußern [etwas, worauf jemand einen Anspruch hat, an jemand anderen abtreten]law
to tattle [esp. Am.] [report another's wrongdoing, esp. at school]
petzen [ugs.] [pej.]
to hopscotch [fig.] [to jump irregularly from one location to another]
herumhopsen [ugs.]
to translate sth. [move from one position to another]
etw. umsetzen
to transfer [from one account to another]
umbuchen [Geld zwischen Konten]fin.
to transfer sth. [to another place]
etw.Akk. verlegen [an anderen Ort]
to shtup [sl.] [copulate with a woman or another man] [from Yidd.] [chiefly Am.]
ficken [vulg.]
to nest [to place one part inside another]
schachteln [ineinander fügen]
to schtup [sl.] [copulate with a woman or another man] [from Yidd.] [chiefly Am.]
ficken [vulg.]
to move sb. [transfer (a patient) to another ward, etc.]
jdn. umlegen [(einen Patienten) auf eine andere Station etc. verlegen]
to channel sb. [coll.] [to invoke the style of another person]
jds. Geist heraufbeschwören [dessen Stil u. ä.]
to circumscribe sth. [to construct one regular geometrical figure around another so as to touch as many points as possible]
etw.Akk. umbeschreibenmath.
to deregister [inform authorities of a move to another place]
sich abmeldenadmin.
to inscribe sth. [to draw a regular figure within another so as to touch in as many places as possible]
etw.Akk. einbeschreiben [einen Kreis bzw. Vieleck so in ein Vieleck bzw. Kreis zeichnen, dass die Ecken den Kreis berühren]math.
to interfere [go against another idea, concept]
sichDat. / einander widersprechen [im Widerspruch stehen]
to retire [to another place]
sich zurückziehen [an einen anderen Ort]
foil [sth. that serves as a contrast to another]
Gegenstück {n} [Gegenteil]
alien [being from another world]
Außerirdischer {m}
foil [character that serves as a contrast to another]
Kontrastfigur {f}
counterpart [person with equivalent rank in another department, country etc.]
Amtskollege {m} [in anderer Behörde, anderem Land]
passage [from one phase to another]
Übergang {m}
incorporation [Am.] [of a town, village, etc. into another]
Eingemeindung {f}admin.geogr.urban
authority {sg} [power assigned to another, rights delegated]
Befugnisse {pl}law
alien [female] [being from another world]
Außerirdische {f}
aliens [beings from another world]
Außerirdische {pl}
[building erected on land owned by another person]
Superädifikat {n} [österr.]lawRealEst.
passing [of another vehicle etc.]
Vorbeifahren {n} [an einem anderen Fahrzeug etc.]
percussion [striking of one solid object against another]
Stoß {m} [eines Gegenstands auf einen anderen]
annexation [Am.] [absorption of a political unit by another unit, e.g. of a county by a city]
Eingemeindung {f} [bes. von umliegendem Gebiet]geogr.pol.urban
departure [moving to another place for good]
Wegzug {m}
mediatization [annexation of a principality by another state]
Mediatisierung {f}hist.
outburgher [citizen of town living in the countryside or another town]
Ausbürger {m}hist.pol.
poodle [Br.] [fig.] [person or organization who is overly willing to obey another]
Schoßhund {m} [fig.]
predecease [death preceding that of another person]
[Tod, der dem einer anderen Person vorausgeht]
skyway [highway segment that is built over another highway]
Hochstraße {f}traffic
virement [administrative transfer of funds from one part of a budget to another]
Virement {n} [zeitliche und / oder sachliche Übertragung eines Etatpostens]admin.fin.
Drop it! [coll.] [Don't say another word!]
Lass stecken! [ugs.]
independent from sth. {adj} [e.g. another country]
von etw.Dat. unabhängig [z. B. einem anderen Land]pol.
per pro {prep} [on behalf of another]
per Prokuralaw
You see? [e.g. pointing out something correct or correctly working to another person]
Siehst du wohl!idiom
to bring sb. on [football etc.] [to exchange sb. for another player]
jdn. einwechselnsports
to budge over [Am.] [coll.] [make room for another person by moving]
aufrücken [um für eine weitere Person Platz zu machen]
to coalloy sth. with sth. [one metal with another] [also co-alloy]
etw.Akk. etw.Dat. beischmelzenmaterial
to cut sth. (with sth.) [e.g. heroin with another substance]
etw.Akk. (mit etw.Dat.) strecken [z. B. Heroin mit anderem Stoff]drugs
to give sth. away [give sth. to another to keep]
etw.Akk. weggeben
to hand sth. down [transmit from one to another, esp. to bequeath to posterity]
etw. weitergeben [Wissen, Traditionen, Erbe an Nachgeborene]
to lure sb. away [from another employer]
jdn. abwerben
to puff away [smoke one cigarette after another]
eine Zigi nach der anderen paffen [ugs.]
to put sb. on [football] [to exchange sb. for another player]
jdn. einwechselnsports
to refer sb. to sb. [a patient to another doctor]
jdn. an jdn. überweisen [Patient]
to send sb. on [football] [to exchange sb. for another player]
jdn. einwechselnsports
to ship sth. out [to send away, esp. to another country]
etw. versenden [bes. ins Ausland]
to skip to sth. [of readers: go to another chapter, part, etc. of a text]
zu etw. springen [beim Lesen: zu einem anderen Teil des Textes]lit.
to spring for sth. [Am.] [coll.] [to pay another's expenses]
etw. spendierenidiom
birth tourism [also: birth-tourism] [travelling to another country so that the child becomes a lawful citizen of that country]
Geburtstourismus {m} [Reise in ein anderes Land, damit das Kind die dortige Staatsangehörigkeit erhält]lawtravel
cat's-paw [a person used by another]
Werkzeug {n} [fig.] [Person]
counter-surety [guarantee for surety of another guarantor]
Rückbürgschaft {f}law
grace note [after another note]
Nachschlag {m} [verzierender Ton]mus.
independent town [not part of another local government entity]
kreisfreie Stadt {f}pol.
mini-me [coll.] [person who resembles a smaller version of another person]
Kleinausgabe {f} [ugs.] [Person, die wie eine Version in klein von jd. anders wirkt]
one-upmanship [coll.] [practice of gaining an advantage or feeling of superiority over another person]
Ausstechen {n} [Übertreffen]
pole horse [harnessed with another horse to pull something]
Stangenpferd {n}equest.
religious conversion [from one religion to another]
Religionsveränderung {f}hist.lawrelig.
relocation cruise [movement from one operational area to another]
Verlegungsfahrt {f}mil.naut.
smash-up [with another vehicle] [coll.]
Karambolage {f}
stable companion [especially a racehorse from the same establishment as another] [stablemate]
Stallgefährte {m}equest.
hand-me-down {adj} [attr.] [clothes: outgrown and handed on to another to wear]
aufgetragen [z. B. Kleidung älterer Geschwister]cloth.
On the contrary, ... [from another point of view]
Andererseits ...
to ascend ahead of [another person]
voraufgehen [selten] [vorausgehen]
to be behind it [e.g. a filing card behind another one, a picture postcard behind the mirror]
dahinterstecken [ugs.] [sich hinter etw. befinden; z. B. eine Karteikarte hinter einer anderen, eine Ansichtskarte hinter dem Spiegel]
to be metonymic with sth. [to be another name for sth.]
eine andere Bezeichnung für etw. sein
to lighten a ship. [by casting cargo / balast overboard or transferring it to another ship]
aus einem Schiff etw. ausschiffen [Fracht oder Balast entladen]naut.
to put sth. behind it [e.g. a filing card behind another one, a picture postcard behind the mirror]
etw.Akk. dahinterstecken [ugs.] [hinter etw. platzieren; z. B. eine Karteikarte hinter eine andere, eine Ansichtskarte hinter den Spiegel]
first-degree murder [Am.] [premeditated or committed in furtherance of another crime]
[vorsätzlicher Mord oder zur Förderung eines anderen Verbrechens begangener Mord]law
repeating a year [staying in the same grade for another year]
Klassenwiederholung {f}educ.
to exempt sb. from sth. [esp. from the law of another country]
jdn. von etw.Dat. eximieren [Rechtssprache]law
another and yet another
noch einer und noch einer
Another day, another dollar.
Die Arbeit für heute ist geschafft, wieder was verdient.proverb
to be on all fours with sth. [one case or lawsuit is in all points similar to another]
praktisch identisch mit etw.Dat. sein [Rechtsfälle]law
to seize jurisdiction over a case [pending in another court]
einen Fall an sich ziehenlaw
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