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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [are]
  ä ö ü ß
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [are]
[we/they/you] may [are permitted / can possibly]
[wir/sie/Sie] können
[we/they/you] may [are permitted]
[wir/sie/Sie] dürfen
understandably {adv} [for reasons that are easy to understand or sympathise with]
[you] may [are permitted / can possibly]
[du] kannst
[ihr] könnt
[you] may [are permitted]
[du] darfst
[you] may [are permitted] [said to two or more people]
[ihr] dürft
understandably {adv} [for reasons that are easy to understand]
[Bavarian for "We are who we are."]
Mia san mia! / Mir san mir! [bayer.]
[German pun, may be literally translated as: When flies fly behind flies, flies are flying after flies (to follow them).]
Wenn hinter Fliegen Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen nach.proverb
[The days are getting longer again, spring is nearing.]
Es geht nauswärts. [fränk.] [pfälz.] [regional]
[There are ... ]
Es giebt ... [Rechtschreibung vor 1901] [Es gibt]
[we/they/you] aren't [are not]
[wir/sie/Sie] sind nicht
[Where are you from?] [usually pronounced "Where're you from?"]
Wo kommste wech? [regional nordd.] [phonet. Dialektschreibung]
hers {pron} [e.g. the children are hers, his eyes met hers]
die ihren {pl} [z. B. die Kinder von der Frau]
theirs {pron} [e.g. the children are theirs]
die ihren {pl} [z. B. die Kinder von den Eltern]
Whatcha ... ? [coll.] [What do / are you ... ?]
Was ... [machst / tust / liest usw.] du? [umgangssprachliche Frageform]idiom
to clench sth. [the fingers / hands are clenching sth.]
sich um etw.Akk. krampfen [Finger, Hände]
order [the way in which people or things are placed or arranged in relation to each other]
Reihenfolge {f}
gossip [involving details which are not confirmed as true]
Tratsch {m} [ugs.] [pej.]
pecan [Carya illinoiensis (spv. are Carya illinoensis, C. illinoinensis), syn.: Carya angustifolia, C. oliviformis]
Pekannuss {f}bot.
dairy [shop where milk and milk products are sold]
Milchladen {m}comm.
[language in which lessons are conducted]
Unterrichtssprache {f}educ.ling.
junk {sg} [coll.] [old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value]
Klamotten {pl} [Kram, Plunder]
[list of dog breeds that are considered to be dangerous]
Rasseliste {f}law
[person on whom hopes are pinned]
Hoffnungsträger {m}
seam [place where two things are joined]
Nahtstelle {f}
[ceremony in which teenagers are given adult social status, esp. in the former GDR]
Jugendweihe {f}hist.pol.
[newspaper designated by a stock exchange, in which issuers of stocks are obliged to publish official notifications]
Pflichtblatt {n} [Börse]stocks
[cafe where coffee and pastries are consumed standing up]
Stehcafé {n}
[cf. Almabtrieb; joint herds from multiple farmers are sorted in the Viehscheid, and each cow is returned to its owner]
Viehscheid {m} [Allgäu, Deutschland]agr.
[little gifts, ladies are given at a ball]
Damenspende {f}
[one who looks the other way rather than intervening when others are in trouble]
Wegseher {m}
[plans which are not in accordance with the Principles of Regional Planning]
raumordnungswidrige Planung {f}
[reconstruction of a destroyed building when the original drawings are available]
Leitbau {m}
[room where court exhibits are kept]
Asservatenraum {m}law
Asservatenkammer {f}law
[Schafkopf / sheepshead variant in which only the jacks are trumps]
Wenz {m} [Spielvariante beim Schafkopf]games
[spring processions to the sound of cow bells and cracking whips when the cattle are driven up to the alpine pastures]
Grasausläuten {n} [österr. Brauchtum zur Zeit des Viehauftriebs / Weidebeginns]
[Sunday before Advent on which the dead are commemorated]
Totensonntag {m}
Ewigkeitssonntag {m}
[things that are appropriate, suitable, adequate, commensurate, apt, fair, etc.]
Angemessenheiten {pl} [selten]
coin [corner on a stringed instrument where corner blocks are glued]
Ecke {f} [Position für Eckklötze eines Streichinstruments]mus.
junk [coll.] [old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value]
Krusch {m} [ugs.] [regional]
Kruscht {m} [ugs.] [regional]
pinery [hothouse where pineapples are grown]
Ananashaus {n}hort.
radioelement [element whose all currently known isotopes are radioactive]
Radioelement {n} [Element, das nur radioaktive Isotope hat]
the small {pl} [those who are small]
die Kleinen {pl}
high grade {adj} <G4> [stage 4 acc. to TNM classification of malignant tumours] [most of these tumors are inoperable]
niedrig differenziert <G4> [Grading (Angabe, wie differenziert das Tumorgewebe ist) nach TNM-Klassifikation; Tumore meistens inoperabel]med.
in German {adv} [as in "In German there are four cases."]
im Deutschen [wie in „Im Deutschen gibt es vier Fälle.“]
No problem! [You are welcome.]
Keine Ursache!
So-so. [in response to an enquiry of "How are you?"]
Es geht so.
u r [sl.] [you are]
du bist
Whaddya doin'? [sl.] [What are you doing?]
Was treibst du so? [ugs.]
(animal) pit [enclosure in which animals are kept]
Tiergrube {f} [Hirschgraben, Bärenzwinger usw.]
baggy pants {pl} [trousers which are too big]
schlotternde Hose {f}cloth.
current practice [the way things are done today]
derzeitige Praxis {f} [gegenwärtige Vorgehensweise]
easy pickings {pl} [sometimes treated as sg.] [profits or gains that are made effortlessly or dishonestly]
schnelles Geld {n} [ugs.]
investment securities [securities that are particularly suitable for long-term investment]
Wertpapiere {pl} des Anlagevermögens [Anlagewerte]acc.fin.
Lactarius scrobiculatus [a basidiomycete fungus, belonging to the genus Lactarius, whose members are called "milk caps"]
Grubiger Milchling {m}mycol.
ordination class [year in which priests are ordained]
Weihejahrgang {m}relig.
pecan (tree) [Carya illinoiensis (spv. are Carya illinoensis, C. illinoinensis), syn.: Carya angustifolia, C. oliviformis]
Pecan {m}bot.
pecan nut [Carya illinoiensis (spv. are Carya illinoensis, C. illinoinensis), syn.: Carya angustifolia, C. oliviformis]
Pekannuss {f}
peripheral workers [part-time and other workers with flexible working arrangements who are on the payroll of a company]
Arbeitnehmer {pl} der Randbelegschaftecon.
promotional trip [during which passengers are served coffee and offered goods to buy]
Kaffeefahrt {f} [Verkaufsfahrt]
state law [body of all law affairs that are within the jurisdiction of the German / Austrian federal states]
Länderrecht {n} [Gesamtheit der von den einzelnen dt. / österr. Bundesländern zu regelnden Rechtsangelegenheiten]law
Are you comfortable? [Are you seated comfortably?]
Sitzen Sie bequem? [formelle Anrede]
Are you decent? [coll.] [Are you sufficiently clothed to see visitors?]
Hast du etwas an? [um Besuch zu empfangen]
Hast du was an? [ugs.] [um Besuch zu empfangen]
I call shenanigans! [coll.] [You are not playing by the rules!]
Du schummelst!idiom
Misery loves company. [People feeling sad want the people they are with to also feel sad.]
Elend sucht Elend. [selten]proverb
Montani semper liberi. [USA] [West Virginia state motto: Mountaineers are always free.]
(Die) Bergbewohner sind immer frei. [Motto des US-Staates West Virginia]pol.
Not too bad. [as a reply to the question "How are you?"]
Es geht (so). [als Antwort auf die Frage "Wie gehts?"]
What you doing? <wyd, WYD> [Internet slang] [What are you doing?]
Was machst du? <wmd, WMD>Internet
Where ya from? [sl.] [Where are you from?]
Wo kommstn her? [ugs.] [Wo kommst du denn her?]
You are excused. [are allowed to leave the room]
Sie können jetzt gehen. [den Raum verlassen]idiom
You are excused. [are allowed to leave the room] [said to one person]
Du kannst jetzt gehen. [den Raum verlassen]idiom
You are excused. [are allowed to leave the room] [said to two or more people]
Ihr könnt jetzt gehen. [den Raum verlassen]idiom
You are served. [esp. Am., Can.] [coll.] [You are served (formal) notice (to do sth.).]
[Sie haben eine gerichtliche, anwaltliche, amtliche usw. Aufforderung erhalten (etw. zu tun).]law
to be in attendance [e.g. the police are in attendance]
vor Ort sein [z. B. die Polizei ist vor Ort]
(Velcro®) buddy strap [fingers or toes are strapped together by hook and loop material]
Haken- und Flauschband {n} [als Finger- bzw. Zehenschiene]MedTech.
How are your ... (doing)? [e.g. How are your kids doing?]
Wie geht es deinen / Ihren ...? [z. B. Wie geht es deinen / Ihren Kindern?]idiom
My dogs are barking. [old: My feet are hurting.]
Meine Füße tun mir weh.
That's what I'm saying! [as response to a person who, while explaining why they are in agreement, mentioned facts that the original speaker had already alluded to or said]
to be in the know [idiom] [generally for things which are not widely known]
im Bild / Bilde sein [ugs.] [Idiom]
a fit retired couple [an older married couple who are (still) fit]
ein fittes Rentnerehepaar {n} [ugs.]
spinal pelvic stabilizer <SPS> orthotics [custom-made foot orthotics which are worn in shoes]
[orthopädische Schuheinlagen]MedTech.
text with ragged alignment [alignment of text where the lines of text are allowed to end naturally]
Text {m} mit frei auslaufenden Zeilenprint
Are we going, or are we staying?
Gehen wir oder bleiben wir?
Men marry because they are tired; women because they are curious. Both are disappointed. [Oscar Wilde]
Männer heiraten aus Überdruß, Frauen aus Neugier. Beide werden enttäuscht.lit.psych.quote
Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, ... [Galatians 5:19; KJV]
Offenbar sind aber die Werke des Fleisches, als da sind: Ehebruch, Hurerei, Unreinigkeit, Unzucht, ... [Galater 5,19; Luther 1912]bibl.
People who are overweight are more likely to suffer from diabetes.
Leute mit Übergewicht leiden häufiger an
The current revision reflects these changes. [These changes are reflected / included in the current version.]
Diese Änderungen sind in der aktuellen Version nachgezogen. [z. B. bei technischen Dokumentationen]
There are ..., are there not?
Es gibt ..., nicht wahr?
There are more things in Heaven and Earth [...] // Than are dream't of in your Philosophy. [William Shakespeare]
Es gibt mehr Ding' im Himmel und auf Erden, // als Eure Schulweisheit sich träumt [...]. [Übers. A. W. Schlegel]quote
They are worth less than the paper they are written on.
Sie sind das Papier nicht wert, auf dem sie geschrieben sind.idiom
Those who act while others are still talking are a great step ahead in life. [quotation: J. F. Kennedy]
Einen Vorsprung im Leben hat, wer da anpackt, wo die anderen erst einmal reden. [Zitat: J. F. Kennedy]
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. [Oscar Wilde: Lady Windermere's Fan (Lord Darlington, Act III)]
Wir liegen alle in der Gosse, aber einige von uns betrachten die Sterne.lit.quotetheatre
We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep. [Shakespeare, The Tempest]
Wir sind solcher Zeug, woraus Träume gemacht werden, und unser kleines Leben endet sich in einen Schlaf. [Wieland]quote
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