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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [are]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [are]

[we/they/you] may [are permitted]
[wir/sie/Sie] dürfen
[we/they/you] may [are permitted / can possibly]
[wir/sie/Sie] können
understandably {adv} [for reasons that are easy to understand or sympathise with]
[you] may [are permitted / can possibly]
[du] kannst
[ihr] könnt
[you] may [are permitted]
[du] darfst
[you] may [are permitted] [said to two or more people]
[ihr] dürft
understandably {adv} [for reasons that are easy to understand]
[Bavarian for "We are who we are."]
Mia san mia! / Mir san mir! [bayer.]
[German pun, may be literally translated as: When flies fly behind flies, flies are flying after flies (to follow them).]
Wenn hinter Fliegen Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen nach.proverb
[German quote from 1806 to the effect that peace and order are the citizen's first duty]
Ruhe ist die erste Bürgerpflicht. [Redewendung]quote
[The days are getting longer again, spring is nearing.]
Es geht nauswärts. [fränk.] [pfälz.] [regional]
[There are ... ]
Es giebt ... [Rechtschreibung vor 1901] [Es gibt]
[we/they/you] aren't [are not]
[wir/sie/Sie] sind nicht
[Where are you from?] [usually pronounced "Where're you from?"]
Wo kommste wech? [regional nordd.] [phonet. Dialektschreibung]
hers {pron} [e.g. the children are hers, his eyes met hers]
die ihren {pl} [z. B. die Kinder von der Frau]
theirs {pron} [e.g. the children are theirs]
die ihren {pl} [z. B. die Kinder von den Eltern]
Whatcha ... ? [coll.] [What do / are you ... ?]
Was ... [machst / tust / liest usw.] du? [umgangssprachliche Frageform]
to clench sth. [the fingers / hands are clenching sth.]
sich um etw.Akk. krampfen [Finger, Hände]
order [the way in which people or things are placed or arranged in relation to each other]
Reihenfolge {f}
gossip [involving details which are not confirmed as true]
Tratsch {m} [ugs.] [pej.]
pecan [Carya illinoiensis (spv. are Carya illinoensis, C. illinoinensis), syn.: Carya angustifolia, C. oliviformis]
Pekannuss {f}bot.T
dairy [shop where milk and milk products are sold]
Milchladen {m}comm.
[language in which lessons are conducted]
Unterrichtssprache {f}educ.ling.
junk {sg} [coll.] [old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value]
Klamotten {pl} [Kram, Plunder]
[list of dog breeds that are considered to be dangerous]
Rasseliste {f}law
seam [place where two things are joined]
Nahtstelle {f}
[person on whom hopes are pinned]
Hoffnungsträger {m}
barroom [Am.] [room where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter; bar]
Schankstube {f} [Schankraum, Schenke]gastr.
[ceremony in which teenagers are given adult social status, esp. in the former GDR]
Jugendweihe {f}hist.pol.
[newspaper designated by a stock exchange, in which issuers of stocks are obliged to publish official notifications]
Pflichtblatt {n} [Börse]stocks
[cafe where coffee and pastries are consumed standing up]
Stehcafé {n}
[cf. Almabtrieb; joint herds from multiple farmers are sorted in the Viehscheid, and each cow is returned to its owner]
Viehscheid {m} [Allgäu, Deutschland]agr.
[little gifts, ladies are given at a ball]
Damenspende {f}
[one who looks the other way rather than intervening when others are in trouble]
Wegseher {m}
[plans which are not in accordance with the Principles of Regional Planning]
raumordnungswidrige Planung {f}
[port authority that ensures health regulations are met onboard vessels]
Hafengesundheitsbehörde {f}med.naut.
[powerful media that are not trusted by the speaker]
Einheitsmedien {pl}
[reconstruction of a destroyed building when the original drawings are available]
Leitbau {m}
[room where court exhibits are kept]
Asservatenraum {m}law
Asservatenkammer {f}law
[Schafkopf / sheepshead variant in which only the jacks are trumps]
Wenz {m} [Spielvariante beim Schafkopf]games
[spring processions to the sound of cow bells and cracking whips when the cattle are driven up to the alpine pastures]
Grasausläuten {n} [österr. Brauchtum zur Zeit des Viehauftriebs / Weidebeginns]
[Sunday before Advent on which the dead are commemorated]
Totensonntag {m}
Ewigkeitssonntag {m}
[things that are appropriate, suitable, adequate, commensurate, apt, fair, etc.]
Angemessenheiten {pl} [selten]
coin [corner on a stringed instrument where corner blocks are glued]
Ecke {f} [Position für Eckklötze eines Streichinstruments]mus.
junk [coll.] [old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value]
Krusch {m} [ugs.] [regional]
Kruscht {m} [ugs.] [regional]
pinery [hothouse where pineapples are grown]
Ananashaus {n}hort.
radioelement [element whose all currently known isotopes are radioactive]
Radioelement {n} [Element, das nur radioaktive Isotope hat]
the small {pl} [those who are small]
die Kleinen {pl}
high grade {adj} <G4> [stage 4 acc. to TNM classification of malignant tumours] [most of these tumors are inoperable]
niedrig differenziert <G4> [Grading (Angabe, wie differenziert das Tumorgewebe ist) nach TNM-Klassifikation; Tumore meistens inoperabel]med.
in German {adv} [as in "In German there are four cases."]
im Deutschen [wie in „Im Deutschen gibt es vier Fälle.“]
No problem! [You are welcome.]
Keine Ursache!
So-so. [in response to an enquiry of "How are you?"]
Es geht so.
u r [sl.] [you are]
du bist
Whaddya doin'? [sl.] [What are you doing?]
Was treibst du so? [ugs.]
to cut sb. dead [idiom] [pretend you do not know someone in order to show you are angry]
jdn. wie Luft behandeln [ugs.] [Redewendung] [nicht beachten]
(animal) pit [enclosure in which animals are kept]
Tiergrube {f} [Hirschgraben, Bärenzwinger usw.]
current practice [the way things are done today]
derzeitige Praxis {f} [gegenwärtige Vorgehensweise]
easy pickings {pl} [sometimes treated as sg.] [profits or gains that are made effortlessly or dishonestly]
schnelles Geld {n} [ugs.]
investment securities [securities that are particularly suitable for long-term investment]
Wertpapiere {pl} des Anlagevermögens [Anlagewerte]acc.fin.
off night [night when you are not at your best]
erfolglose Nacht {f} [kein Erfolg beim Ausgehen in der Nacht]
open house [Am.] [when parents are invited to shadow pupils through the lessons in their classes]
Schnuppertag {m} [bei dem Eltern eingeladen sind, den Schülern einen Tag lang beim Unterricht in ihren Klassenzimmern zuzusehen]educ.
ordination class [year in which priests are ordained]
Weihejahrgang {m}relig.
Osman warning [Br.] [official warning issued to an individual by the police advising them that they are at serious risk of being killed]
[polizeiliche Warnung vor einem möglichen Mordanschlag]law
peripheral workers [part-time and other workers with flexible working arrangements who are on the payroll of a company]
Arbeitnehmer {pl} der Randbelegschaftecon.
promotional trip [during which passengers are served coffee and offered goods to buy]
Kaffeefahrt {f} [Verkaufsfahrt]
state law [body of all law affairs that are within the jurisdiction of the German / Austrian federal states]
Länderrecht {n} [Gesamtheit der von den einzelnen dt. / österr. Bundesländern zu regelnden Rechtsangelegenheiten]law
stick-slip [jerking motion when two objects are sliding over each other]
Ruckgleiten {n} [von gegeneinander bewegten Festkörpern]
wagon order [order in which wagons are connected]
Wagenreihung {f}rail
Are you comfortable? [Are you seated comfortably?]
Sitzen Sie bequem? [formelle Anrede]
Are you decent? [coll.] [Are you sufficiently clothed to see visitors?]
Hast du etwas an? [um Besuch zu empfangen]
Hast du was an? [ugs.] [um Besuch zu empfangen]
Don't push it! [You are trying my patience.]
Treib es nicht zu weit!
I call shenanigans! [coll.] [You are not playing by the rules!]
Du schummelst!idiom
Misery loves company. [People feeling sad want the people they are with to also feel sad.]
Elend sucht Elend. [selten]proverb
Montani semper liberi. [USA] [West Virginia state motto: Mountaineers are always free.]
(Die) Bergbewohner sind immer frei. [Motto des US-Staates West Virginia]pol.
Not too bad. [as a reply to the question "How are you?"]
Es geht (so). [als Antwort auf die Frage "Wie gehts?"]
What you doing? <wyd, WYD> [Internet slang] [What are you doing?]
Was machst du? <wmd, WMD>Internet
Where ya from? [sl.] [Where are you from?]
Wo kommstn her? [ugs.] [Wo kommst du denn her?]
You are excused. [are allowed to leave the room]
Sie können jetzt gehen. [den Raum verlassen]idiom
You are excused. [are allowed to leave the room] [said to one person]
Du kannst jetzt gehen. [den Raum verlassen]idiom
You are excused. [are allowed to leave the room] [said to two or more people]
Ihr könnt jetzt gehen. [den Raum verlassen]idiom
You are served. [esp. Am., Can.] [coll.] [You are served (formal) notice (to do sth.).]
[Sie haben eine gerichtliche, anwaltliche, amtliche usw. Aufforderung erhalten (etw. zu tun).]law
to be in attendance [idiom] [e.g. the police are in attendance]
vor Ort sein [Redewendung] [z. B. die Polizei ist vor Ort]
(Velcro®) buddy strap [fingers or toes are strapped together by hook and loop material]
Haken- und Flauschband {n} [als Finger- bzw. Zehenschiene]MedTech.
How are your ... (doing)? [e.g. How are your kids doing?]
Wie geht es deinen / Ihren ...? [z. B. Wie geht es deinen / Ihren Kindern?]idiom
My dogs are barking. [old: My feet are hurting.]
Meine Füße tun mir weh.
That's what I'm saying! [as response to a person who, while explaining why they are in agreement, mentioned facts that the original speaker had already alluded to or said]
We are the Roths. [less formal] [We are the Roth family.]
Wir sind die Roths. [weniger förmlich] [Wir sind (die) Familie Roth.]
to be in the know [idiom] [generally for things which are not widely known]
im Bild / Bilde sein [ugs.] [Redewendung]
to be in the zone [idiom] [to be very focused on what you are doing]
in einer Sache völlig aufgehen [Redewendung]
a fit retired couple [an older married couple who are (still) fit]
ein fittes Rentnerehepaar {n} [ugs.]
spinal pelvic stabilizer <SPS> orthotics [custom-made foot orthotics which are worn in shoes]
[orthopädische Schuheinlagen]MedTech.
text with ragged alignment [alignment of text where the lines of text are allowed to end naturally]
Text {m} mit frei auslaufenden Zeilenprint
Are we going, or are we staying?
Gehen wir oder bleiben wir?
Many are called, but few are chosen. [idiom of biblical origin]
Viele sind berufen, aber (nur) wenige sind auserwählt. [Aus der Bibel übernommene Redewendung, vgl. Mt 22,14 ]
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