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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [as]
  ä ö ü ß
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [as]
thus {adv} [consequently, as a result]
according {adj} {adv} {pres-p} [archaic as adv]
once {conj} [as soon as]
bold {adj} [dated] [so confident as to be impudent or presumptuous]
dreist [Person, Verhalten, Blick etc.]
-wise {suffix} [coll.] [as regards]
-mäßig [ugs.]
too {adv} [as well, also]
alone {adj} {adv} [as adjective, pred. only]
thick {adj} [as in 2 metres thick, also: dense, extreme]
stark [dick, dicht, extrem]
thus {adv} [literary or formal] [as a result or consequence of this, therefore]
daher [aus diesem Grund, deshalb]
plain {adv} [simply, as such]
through {prep} [as a result of]
wegen <wg.> [+Gen., ugs. auch +Dat.]
aufgrund von [+Dat.]
archaic {adj} [no longer in general use, but still found in some contemporary texts (e.g. the Bible) and generally understood; a stronger term than »dated«, but not as strong as »obsolete«]
when {conj} [as soon as]
bis [österr.] [sobald]
while {conj} [as long as]
even {adv} [used as intensive to indicate something unexpected]
ostensible {adj} [outwardly appearing as such]
ostensibly {adv} [outwardly appearing as such]
legally {adv} [as laid down by the law]
featuring {prep} [having as a feature]
already {adv} [coll.] [used as an intensifier to express exasperation or impatience]
somewhen {adv} [some time] [rare, perceived as archaic or non-standard unless used as a stylistic device, esp. in combination with "somewhere" etc.]
hence {adv} [as a consequence; for this reason]
mithin [geh.] [folglich; deshalb]
smiled {adj} {past-p} [rarely used as an adjective]
gelächelt [als Adjektiv selten]
generally {adv} [as a rule]
reserved [used as placeholder for deleted section of contract]
showed {past-p} [rare for shown as a past-p]
feral {adj} [as of an animal]
incidental {adj} [as a consequence]
anfallend [als Folge]
designated {adj} {past-p} [for an office or a function, as a leader, etc.]
ausersehen [geh.] [für ein Amt, als Leiter etc.]
over {adv} [at some distance, as in a direction indicated]
bonding {adj} [giving sth. as a bond, pawn]
sb. opined [expressed as one's opinion]
jd. meinte
diet {adj} [as printed on the label of a food product or beverage]
light [Aufschrift auf einer Lebensmittelverpackung]
sacking {adj} {pres-p} [coll.] [dismissing, as from a job]
since {conj} [as, because]
nachdem [regional] [da, weil]
sth. chugged [as of motor, train, boat, etc.]
etw. tuckerte
anyway {adv} [to intensify a question, as in: "What did you want, anyway?"]
denn [als Verstärkung in Fragen, wie z. B.: "Was wolltest du denn?"]
recoverable {adj} [used in conjunction with current assets such as inventories or receivables]
sound [Br.] [coll.] [good, e.g. "Sound as a pound!"]
sauber [ugs.]
centripetal {adj} [passing inward (as from a sense organ to the brain or spinal cord)]
afferent [zentripetal; sensibles od. sensorisches Neuron]
monitory {adj} [rare] [giving / serving as a warning]
packaged {past-p} [separate items as a single unit]
konfektioniert [in gewissen Mengen abgepackt]comm.ind.
thankfully {adv} [used as a sentence adverb to express pleasure or relief at a fortunate outcome]
ya {pron} [Am.] [spv. for "you" / "your" as pronounced informally]
[phonetische Schreibweise für "you" / "your" in informell gesprochenem amerik. Englisch]
personal {adj} [existing as a person]
tipsy {adj} [tipping, unsteady, as if from intoxication]
schwankend [Person]
Frack! [Am.] [vulg.] [sl.] [used as euphemism for "fuck"]
Verdammt! [ugs.]
Quite. [as an answer]
Genau. [als Antwort]
-wise [coll.] [as regards]
in puncto
[as long as a finger joint] {adj}
gliedlang [veraltet]
[capable of being shipped as a parcel] {adj}
[German as spoken in Germany, not including South Germany] {adj}
piefkinesisch [österr.] [ugs.] [pej.]ling.
[German nursery rhyme to mark knives, forks, scissors and fire as dangerous items]
Messer, Gabel, Schere, Licht sind für kleine Kinder nicht!proverb
[German pun, may be literally translated as: When flies fly behind flies, flies are flying after flies (to follow them).]
Wenn hinter Fliegen Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen nach.proverb
adduced {adj} [as an example]
angeführt [als Beispiel]
caracinous {adj} [black as a crow] [day etc.]
rabenschwarz [Tag etc.]
checked {adj} [as in checked pattern]
buntgewürfelt [Farbmuster]
complimentary {adv} [as a favour]
als Gefälligkeit
criminal {adj} [as in a criminal act]
kriminal [veraltet] [strafrechtlich]law
damascened {adj} {past-p} [ornamented (as iron or steel) with inlaid work of precious metals]
immediately {conj} [esp. Br.] [as soon as]
sofort nachdem
instantly {conj} [as soon as]
sofort als
Lab {noun} {adj} [short for: Labour Party] [esp. as noun modifier]
[kurz für: Labour-Partei]pol.
like {conj} [coll.] [as if]
als ob
Maori {adj} [often written as Māori in NZ]
merle {adj} [a pattern in a dog's coat, though is commonly incorrectly referred to as a colour]
merlefarben [Fellfarbe, bes. bei Collies]zool.
Mesoamerican {adj} [refers to pre-Columbian Central America, esp. as a culture area]
modeled {past-p} [Am.] [e.g. worked as a model]
Mongoloid {adj} [dated] [frequently perceived as pej.]
mongoloid [veraltend] [oft als pej. empfunden]
orderly {adj} {adv} [correct, properly] [rarely used as an adverb]
Pleasure. [as an answer to: thank you]
Aber bitte.
prae- {prefix} [Br.] [used especially in words regarded as Latin]
pre- {prefix} [used especially in words regarded as Latin]
precedential {adj} [serving as precedent]
als Präzedenzfall dienend
sb. brings [something as a gift]
jd. beschert
sif {conj} [short for "as if"] [sl.]
als ob (das so wäre)
statues [treated as sg.]
Ochs am Berg [Kinderspiel; auch: Ochs am Berg, schau um]games
sth. reads [is to be interpreted as]
etw. soll heißen
stilted {adj} [as if on stilts]
stelzbeinig [veraltet] [noch fig.: steif, geziert]
strawlike {adj} [e.g. as dry as straw]
strohern [(trocken) wie Stroh]
superficially {adv} [as to the outward appearance only]
oberflächlich betrachtet
superinduced {adj} {past-p} [introduced as an additional feature, factor]
eingeführt [zusätzlich]
temperamentally {adv} [as regards disposition]
thankfully {adv} [used as a sentence adverb to express relief]
Gott sei Dank
thin {adv} [in a thin manner, so as to produce something thin]
dünn [auf dünne Weise, in dünner Weise]
trickingly {adv} [so as to cheat or deceive]
tricksend [ugs.]
un- {prefix} [before an adj./adv.; usually as one unhyphenated word]
nicht- [vor einem Adj./Adv.; oft als ein Wort ohne Bindestrich]
ustulate {adj} [blackened as if burned or scorched] [colour]
geschwärzt [wie verbrannt] [Farbe]
Whoa! [as a command to draft animals; stop]
Oha! [Kommando an Zugtiere; anhalten, stehen bleiben]agr.
to represent sb./sth. [a company, client etc.] [also as proxy]
jdn./etw. vertreten [Interessen, Land etc.] [auch als Stellvertreter]
to figure [represent as a figure]
to accept sth. [come to recognize as valid]
etw. einsehen
to signify sth. [stand as a symbol, sign]
bezeichnen [durch ein Zeichen kenntlich machen]
to box sth. [fig.] [to enclose as if in a box]
etw. einengen
to patronize sb./sth. [act as a patron]
jdn./etw. unterstützen
to plead [as a pretext]
vorschieben [vorschützen]
to forget [consider as over and done with]
abhaken [fig.]
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