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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [but]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [but]

yet {adv} [but]
local {adj} [but somewhere else]
divine {adj} [services, objects, etc., but not people]
archaic {adj} [no longer in general use, but still found in some contemporary texts (e.g. the Bible) and generally understood; a stronger term than »dated«, but not as strong as »obsolete«]
challenging {adj} [difficult, but interesting and enjoyable]
reizvoll [schwierig, aber verlockend, lohnend]
[non-religious but having broadly Christian values] {adj}
[... for many be called, but few chosen.]
... Viele sind berufen, aber wenige sind auserwählt. [hum.] [Redewendung] [nach dem Gleichnis von den Arbeitern im Weinberg]bibl.
[cooked until soft and thickened but not set, esp. custard] {adj} {past-p}
zur Rose abgezogen [Arbeitstechnik bei Eigelbmasse]gastr.
competent {adj} [of a good standard but not very good]
ganz passabel
dextrosinistral {adj} [naturally left-handed but trained to use the right hand in writing]
linkshändig, jedoch mit der rechten Hand schreibend
waffly {adj} [Br.] [coll.] [lengthy but vague]
schwafelig [ugs.] [langatmig, wenig konkret]
youns {pron} [Am.] [sl.] [chiefly Appalachia, but also sometimes used in other rural areas]
to wear sth. [an item of clothing (but not a hat)]
etw. anhaben [ugs.] [(ein Kleidungsstück) tragen]cloth.
to don sth. [an item of clothing (but not a hat)]
etw. anziehencloth.
to don sth. [an item of clothing (but not shoes or a hat)]
etw. anlegen [geh.] [Kleidung]cloth.
to sport sth. [wear a piece of clothing (but not a hat)]
etw. anhaben [ein auffälliges Kleidungsstück]
to swing [play music in the style of swing, with a flowing but vigorous rhythm]
swingen [in der Art des Swing ein Musikstück spielen]dancemus.
myth [fig.] [untrue, but widely believed]
Märchen {n} [fig.] [Irrglaube]
bimbo [sl.] [pej.] [attractive but stupid young woman with loose morals]
Flittchen {n} [ugs.] [pej.] [jung und attraktiv, aber dumm]
studs [similar to bolts but without the head]
Bolzen {pl}tech.
faggot [Am.] [coll.] [often pej., but also used within the gay community as a positive term of self-reference] [male homosexual]
Schwuler {m} [ugs.] [zuweilen noch pej., jedoch heute meist wertfrei und auch als Eigenbezeichnung]
bight [bay; but also loop of a rope]
Bucht {f} [geograph.; aber auch Schleife eines Taus]
implication [inferable but not stated]
Andeutung {f}
the UK [technically not Great Britain, but often so used]
Großbritannien {n} [oft fälschlicherweise so übersetzt]geogr.
[rent including maintenance but excluding heating]
Bruttokaltmiete {f}RealEst.
micron <µ> [obs., but the term is still in use]
Mikron {n} <µ> [veraltet] [Mikrometer]unit
iatromechanics [{pl} but usually singular in construction]
Iatromechanik {f}
iatrophysics [{pl} but usually singular in construction]
Iatrophysik {f}med.phys.
bimbo [sl.] [attractive but empty-headed young woman]
Betthäschen {n}
busyness [lively but often meaningless activity]
Geschäftigkeit {f}
franchise [amount of liability below which an insurer disclaims liability, but above which they assume total liability]
Mindestgrenze {f}insur.
tooth [in a saw, comb, etc., but not a dental tooth]
Zacke {f} [Säge, Kamm usw.]
[novel based on real events but using changed names]
Schlüsselroman {m}lit.
common [gender, combining m and f, but not n, in Dutch and Scandavian languages]
Utrum {n}ling.
[a forester to whom the care of the wood is committed but not of the game]
Holzförster {m}
[a score of a work for voice(s) and instruments, but containing only the vocal line(s)]
Chorpartitur {f}mus.
[a type of sausage similar to American hot dogs in flavor but thicker]
Stumpen {m} [schweiz., bes. St. Gallen] [schweizer Brühwurst (Cervelat), ähnlich der Bockwurst]
[a vine that has not been grafted, but grows on its own roots]
Direktträger {m} [auch: Selbstträger]oenol.
[bonds drawn for redemption but not yet presented]
Restanten {pl} [ausgeloste od. gekündigte, aber nicht eingelöste Wertpapiere]stocks
[derogatory term for an insignificant but aggressive person]
Wadenbeißer {m} [ugs.] [fig.] [pej.]
[high-budget film, but of low artistic value]
Schinken {m} [ugs.] [pej.] [auch hum.] [aufwendiger Film von geringem künstlerischem Wert]film
[musician who sightreads fluently but without taste or style] [hum.]
Notenfresser {m} [hum.]mus.
[obligation to possess (but not to carry) a government-issued identity card]
Ausweispflicht {f}law
[palace-sized revivalist town house, lived in by its owners but let in part]
Zinspalais {n} [Österreich]archi.hist.urban
[private research institute attached to, but not officially part of, a public university]
An-Institut {n}educ.
[The one piece of food left that everybody wants but doesn't dare to eat]
Anstandsstück {n} [hum.]
addend [formerly often: any of the summands, but not the first one (the "augend")]
zweiter / dritter / ... Summand {m} [früher oft: Addend]math.
Addend {m} [heute selten] [zweiter / dritter / ... Summand]math.
apocalyptic [not generally recognized as a noun by dictionaries, but often used so]
Apokalyptik {f}relig.
bangtail [Am.] [a horse's tail cut straight across but not through the bone]
(glatt) abgeschnittener Pferdeschweif {m} [Haar, nicht Knochen]equest.
bimbo [sl.] [attractive but stupid young woman with loose morals, dumb blonde]
(blondes) Sexpüppchen {n}
biscuit [pottery that has been fired but not glazed]
Scherben {m} [noch nicht glasierter Keramikwerkstoff]materialspec.
drivability [e.g. of a nail, but not a vehicle]
Rammbarkeit {f}constr.
embellishment [pretty but irrelevant]
schmückendes Beiwerk {n}
etui [rare but some usage esp. in sewing]
Etui {n}
iatromathematics [{pl} but usually singular in construction]
Iatromathematik {f}
Lamaism [traditional but incorrect term for Tibetan Buddhism]
Lamaismus {m} [falsche Bezeichnung für den tibetischen Buddhismus]relig.spec.
Negroes [poltically correct in the 1960s but now eschewed]
Neger {pl} [heute pej.]
sacramental [action like a sacrament but instituted by the church, e.g. the sign of the cross]
Sakramentale {n}relig.
to be contradictory [arguments, ideas, etc., but not persons]
sich widersprechen [Argumente, Ideen etc., jedich nicht Personen]
to be desirable [but no prerequisite]
gewünscht sein [aber keine Voraussetzung]
to be Rubenesque [euph.] [fat (but attractive)]
eine Rubensfigur habenidiom
to proceed to [e.g. name of continent, country, region, town, cardinal direction - but only with article]
sich begeben in [geh.]
to proceed to [e.g. name of continent, country, town, island, cardinal direction - but only without article]
sich begeben nach [geh.]
to proceed to [e.g. name of island(s) - but only with article]
sich begeben auf [geh.]
to take to sb. [person, but also animal]
jdn. liebgewinnen [Mensch, aber auch Tier]
jdn. lieb gewinnen [Mensch, aber auch Tier]
ancient lake [but still existing]
Langzeitsee {m}hydro.
gas analysis [e.g. propane analysis but not for gasoline]
Gasanalyse {f}
gas characteristics [e.g. for propane but not for gasoline]
Gaseigenschaften {pl}chem.mineral.
gas demand [e.g. propane, but not gasoline]
Gasbedarf {m}
gas demand [propane, etc., but not gasoline]
Gasnachfrage {f}comm.
gas network [propane, etc., but not gasoline]
Gasnetz {n}tech.
gas nozzle [e.g. propane, but not gasoline]
Gasdüse {f}tech.
gas properties [e.g. propane properties, but not gasoline properties]
Gaseigenschaften {pl}chem.mineral.
gas quality [e.g. propane, but not gasoline]
Gasbeschaffenheit {f}mineral.QMtech.
initial application [e.g. application of a process but not application for a job]
Erstanwendung {f}
job cuts [referring especially, but not exclusively, to the public service]
Postenstreichungen {pl}
licence plate [Br.] [British spelling, but not British usage]
Nummernschild {n}automot.
pore layer [normally biological pores but sometimes man-made ones]
Porenschicht {f}
prick punch [similar to a centre punch but used for marking out]
Körner {m} [Anreißkörner]tools
professional event [technical, business, etc., but not sports-related]
Fachveranstaltung {f}acad.
publication date [examined but not yet granted patent]
Auslegetag {m} [Patent]
queen closer [half brick of normal thickness, but half-normal width]
Riemchen {n} [längsgespaltene Ziegelsteine]constr.
raw-gabbit [archaic] [Scot.] [person speaking confidently but ignorantly]
Dummschwätzer {m} [ugs.]
Saxon Mirror [but more commonly left untranslated: Sachsenspiegel]
Sachsenspiegel {m}hist.lawling.
snake oil [a liquid with dubious medicinal value but sold as a cure for at least one illness]
Quacksalberprodukt {n}
trade-off [compromise achieved between two desirable but incompatible features]
Güterabwägung {f} [compromise between conflicting values or interests]
understanding psychology [psychology that does not explain but understands]
verstehende Psychologie {f}psych.spec.
women trafficking [common but non-native English] [preferred: trafficking in women]
Frauenhandel {m}
other than that {adv} [at beginning of a sentence or after "but"]
im Übrigen [ansonsten] [am Satzanfang oder vor "aber"] [alt: im übrigen]
to do one's business [primarily "to defecate" but could include "to urinate"] [euphemism]
sein Geschäft erledigen [ugs.] [seine Notdurft verrichten]
demand for gas [e.g. propane, but not gasoline]
Gasnachfrage {f}comm.
first-time application [e.g. application of a process but not application for a job]
Erstanwendung {f}
Imperial Army / army [generally] [but not HRE]
kaiserliches Heer {n}
news of death [in headlines] [plural, but singular in construction]
Todesnachricht {f} [in Schlagzeilen]
the good German [pej.] [since WW II; anyone who, under a dictatorship, isn't a doer but still a follower]
[jd., der in einer Diktatur zwar kein Täter, aber immerhin Mitläufer ist]
volt-ampere reactive <var> [not correct, but widely used: Var, VAr or VAR]
Var {n} <var>electr.unit
will to fight [ostensibly to defend one's homeland, but historically used for extra-territorial wars as well]
Wehrwillen {m}pol.
youth dedication (ceremony) [in the GDR, but also earlier and later]
Jugendweihe {f} [in der DDR, aber auch früher und später]hist.
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