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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [end]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [end]

loose {adj} [e.g. tooth, brick, end; alliance; mushrooms; dress; tongue]
lose [z. B. Zahn, Ziegelstein, Ende; Zusammenschluss; Pilze; Kleid; Zunge od. Mundwerk]
ultimately {adv} [in the end]
regardless {adv} [placed at the end: He did it regardless.]
trotzdem [Er tat es trotzdem / doch / dennoch.]
finished {adj} {past-p} [brought to an end; also: personally ruined or failed in some major role]
erledigt [beendet, fertig; auch ugs.: ruiniert, am Ende (Person)]
upright {adv} [on end]
terminal {adj} [end of the range of movement / motion]
endgradig [z. B. Endgelenk, Biegung / Streckung]med.
considering [at the end of a sentence or clause]
wenn man es (recht) bedenkt
terminating {adj} {pres-p} [coming to an end]
to dump sb. [coll.] [to end relationship]
jdn. verlassen
to win sth. [achieve an end]
etw. erlangen
to shake sth. [coll.] [get rid of or put an end to sth.]
etw. abschütteln [fig.] [etw. loswerden]
to flare [gradually become wider at one end]
to finish [end, draw to an end]
to suppress sth. [end, forbid]
etw. abklemmen [schweiz.] [unterdrücken, beenden, verbieten]
to finish sth. [read a book to the end]
etw. auskriegen [ugs.]
to flare [pipe end]
aufdornen [Rohrende]tech.
to answer [the phone at the called end]
sich melden
to dwindle [draw to an end]
zur Neige gehen [geh.] [Redewendung]
to finish sth. [terminate, end]
mit etw. aufhören [z. B. Arbeit, Job]
to nix sth. [esp. Am.] [coll.] [to put an end to sth.]
etw. über den Haufen werfen [ugs.] [etw. ein Ende machen, ablehnen]
to pass [come to an end (pain, anxiety, etc.)]
sich geben [vorbeigehen, nachlassen und aufhören (Schmerzen, Angst etc.)]
to scotch sth. [put an end to]
einer Sache den Boden entziehen [Gerücht, Darstellung]
outcome [end result]
Ausgang {m} [Endergebnis, Resultat]
gratuity [Br.] [end-of-contract gratuity]
Abfindung {f}jobs
cusp [pointed end]
Zipfel {m} [spitzes Ende]
crust [crusty end of bread]
Brotkanten {m}gastr.
Ranft {m} [regional]gastr.
cadence [sequence of notes or chords; fall in pitch of the voice (at the end of a sentence phrase)]
Kadenz {f} [Harmonielehre: Akkordfolge, Schlussphrase; Linguistik: das Abfallen der Stimme (am Ende eines Satzes oder Satzglieds)]ling.mus.
subservience [serving as a means to an end]
Dienlichkeit {f}
tactic [an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end]
Vorgehensweise {f} [Taktik, Strategie]
[turning in of military equipment at the end of service]
Abgeben {n} [schweiz.] [Rückgabe der Militärausrüstung, normalerweise am Tag der Entlassung aus der Dienstpflicht]mil.
valediction [at the end of a letter or message]
Grußformel {f} [am Schluss eines Briefes oder einer Nachricht]
Schlussformel {f} [am Schluss eines Briefes oder einer Nachricht]
bit [end of pipe mouthpiece held between teeth]
Biss {m}
face [front side, gable end]
Stirnseite {f}
sales {pl} [at reduced prices, end of season]
Schlussverkauf {m} [Saisonschlussverkauf]comm.
[spending rush among company departments or administrative bodies at the end of the year to avoid budget cuts in the following year(s)]
Dezemberfieber {n} [ugs.] [hum.]admin.econ.
[years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany at the end of the 19th century]
Gründerzeit {f}hist.
abend [abnormal end]
Computerabsturz {m}comp.spec.
heel [crusty end of bread]
Ranft {m} [regional] [Brotkante]gastr.
[territorial army raised at the end of World War 2]
Volkssturm {m}hist.
peavey [Am.] [a lumberjack's cant hook with a spike at the end]
Stammwender {m} [Wendehaken]
[examination at the end of an apprenticeship]
Gesellenprüfung {f}
graduation [end of school year]
Entlassung {f} [mit Schulabschluss]educ.
Schulentlassung {f} [mit Schulabschluss]educ.
head [boiler end]
Kesselboden {m}
[fanatical soldier, fighting to the end for a lost cause]
Endkämpfer {m}
[generation of male Germans drafted as teenagers to man anti-aircraft batteries at the end of WW II]
Flakhelfergeneration {f} [ugs.] [auch: Flakhelfer-Generation]
[Poles who migrated to the Ruhr area at the end of the 1800s]
Ruhrpolen {pl}hist.
[senior police officer rank in German police organisations until the end of the 1970s]
Kriminaloberinspektor {m} <KOI; KrimOI>hist.
[small end of the frustum of a cone]
Kegelstumpfkopf {m}math.
[swinging end, flexible part of a whip]
Schwippe {f} [veraltet] [noch mitteldeutsch] [schwingendes Ende, federnder Teil einer Peitsche]
[the notes that end a trill]
Nachschlag {m}mus.
[tied end of a balloon, sausage]
Schnörpfel {m} [fränk.] [Zipfel an der Wurst, am Luftballon]
arborisation [Br.] [branching structure at the end of a nerve fibre]
Verzweigung {f} [von Axonendigungen]anat.biol.
arborization [branching structure at the end of a nerve fibre]
Verzweigung {f} [an Enden von Axonen oder Dendriten]anat.biol.
bow [key bow; end or ornamental part of a key]
Reite {f} [Rsv.] [Reide] [Schlüsselreide]
Räute {f} [veraltet bzw. seltener für: Reide]
Reide {f} [Endstück eines Schlüssels, Schlüsselgriff]
bra [Am.] [short for: front end bra, car bra, bonet bra, hood bra]
Automaske {f} [Steinschlagschutzmaske]automot.
brace [rope at the end of a yardarm]
Brasse {f} [Tau am Ende einer Rah]naut.
butt [end]
(dickes) Ende {n} [Gegenstand]
end [front end, also of hair]
Spitze {f} [Vorderteil, auch Haarspitze]
entremets [usually sweet courses or dishes usually served at the end of a meal (dessert)]
Entremets {pl} [Süßspeisen als Abschluss eines Essens]gastr.
fine [section end mark in a music score]
Fine {n} [Partitur Endmarkierung]mus.
heel [rear end of the needle tip grinding]
Auge {n} [hinteres Ende des Kanülenanschliffs]MedTech.
kisses <XX> [coll.] [end of a message]
Knutscher {pl} [ugs.] [südd.] [österr.] [im Dialekt auch: Knutscha, Knutschä, Knutsch]Internet
mucro [a short sharp point at the end of a part or organ]
Stachelspitze {f}bot.zool.
nock [notch on the rear end of an arrow]
Sehnenkerbe {f} [Kerbe am Pfeilende]weapons
tag [Am.: tail end]
Schluss {m} [letzter Teil]
thanks {pl} [expression of one's gratitude at the end of sth.]
Verdankung {f} [schweiz.] [sonst selten] [Dank zum Abschied]
tuchis [esp. Am.] [Yidd.] [cf. tuchus, tukhus, etc.] [rear end of a person]
Toches {m} [jidd.] [heute selten] [Gesäß]
higher-end {adj} [e.g. higher-end product]
if that [at the end of a sentence or clause, qualifying a statement]
falls überhaupt [ugs.] [falls nicht noch schlechter, weniger, kürzer usw.]
that is [at the end of a sentence]
to boot {adv} [idiom] [in end position, emphasizing the preceding phrase] [formal or hum.]
zudem [obendrein]
With regards, [end of a letter]
Mit verbindlichem Gruß [Ende eines Briefs]
Freundlicher Gruß <Frdl. Gruß> [Ende eines Schreibens]
Yours sincerely, [end of a letter]
Mit kollegialen Grüßen [Grußformel am Ende eines Briefes an Kollegen]
Yours sincerely, ... [Br.] [at the end of a formal letter]
Hochachtungsvoll ... [als förmlicher Briefschluss]
Yours truly, [at the end of a letter] [reserved for informal correspondence in British English]
Mit freundlichen Grüßen [am Ende eines Briefes / Schreibens]
to be drawn [to end in a draw]
unentschieden ausgehengamessports
to come unglued [coll.] [idiom] [plans or an enterprise, end in failure]
den Bach runtergehen [ugs.] [Redewendung]
to degenerate into sth. [end up in sth., e.g. demonstration in violence]
in etw.Akk. ausarten [z. B. Demonstration in Gewalt]
to degenerate into sth. [end up in sth., e.g. party into an orgy]
zu etw.Dat. ausarten [z. B. Feier zu einer Orgie]
to hang up [end a telephone call by placing the handset in the cradle]
abhängen [veraltend] [den Telefonhörer auflegen]
to run through sth. [to rehearse from beginning to end]
to sign off [to announce the end of the broadcast]
sich verabschieden [das Ende der Sendung ansagen]RadioTV
to work out [end nicely]
gut laufen
air cell [empty space located at the large end of the chicken egg]
Luftblase {f} [Hühnerei]biol.
anchor tower [dead-end tower]
Abspannmast {m} [Freileitungsmast]electr.
cod end [narrow end of a tapered trawl net]
Steert {m} [Ende eines Fischfangnetzes]fish
end plate [also: end-plate]
Kopfplatte {f}tech.
Abschlussleiste {f}tech.
French chop [a rib chop with the meat trimmed from the end of the rib]
Kotelett {n} [ohne das auslaufende Ende]gastr.
grip end [e.g. knife] [also: grip-end]
Griffende {n} [z. B. Messer]
incidental host [dead end host]
Zufallswirt {m}
key bow [end or ornamental part of a key]
Schlüsselreide {f}tech.
secondary market [closed-end funds or insurances]
Zweitmarkt {m}fin.insur.
settlement offer [to end a legal case]
Vergleichsangebot {n} [zur Beendigung eines juristischen Verfahrens]law
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