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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [has]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [has]

nervous {adj} [wine that has goodly amounts of alcohol and acidity in balance]
sb. disposes [has at one's disposal]
jd. verfügt
[German hum. proverb, meaning "One has to be brave." or "One mustn't be oversensitive to pain.", literally: "An Indian knows no pain."]
Ein Indianer kennt keinen Schmerz. [hum.]proverb
[The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose. Or, literally transl.: Whoever has (the) choice has (the) torment.]
Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual.proverb
[to feel ashamed on someone else's behalf; to feel ashamed for someone else who has done sth. embarrassing] {adj}
sich fremdschämen [ugs.]psych.
déclassée {adj} [rare.: of a woman who has lost social status]
sozial abgesunken
he's [he has]
er hat
it's [it has]
es hat
she's [she has]
sie hat
to rumble sb./sth. [Br.] [coll.] [usually passive; e.g. sb. has been rumbled]
jdn./etw. durchschauen
to give sb. sth. [allow sb. a feature that has been referred to before, e.g. fairness]
jdm. etw.Akk. lassen [eine Eigenschaft zugestehen]
to stick [coll.] [sth. one has to know by heart]
sitzen [ugs.] [Texte, Vokabeln etc. werden auswendig beherrscht]
[the feeling of shame on someone else's behalf; the feeling of shame for someone else who has done sth. embarrassing]
Fremdschämen {n} [ugs.]psych.
major [person who has reached majority]
Volljähriger {m}law
handiwork [fig.] [sth. that one has made or done]
Werk {n} [Produkt eigener Arbeit]
situs [e.g. property that has a situs in Germany]
Belegenheit {f}law
hatchling [young animal that has newly emerged from an egg]
Schlüpfling {m} [gerade aus einem Ei geschlüpftes Tier, ob Vogel, Fisch oder Reptil]zool.
[professor who is not primarily an academic and has no voice in faculty matters]
Honorarprofessor {m}educ.
[pupil who has to repeat a year]
Repetent {m} [österr.]educ.
Sitzenbleiber {m}
Hockenbleiber {m} [ugs.] [österr.] [bayer.]educ.
pasture [on which livestock has to be tended]
Hutweide {f} [veraltet]agr.
overdog [coll.] [person who has a significant advantage]
Privilegierter {m}
[a member of parliament who has no secrets]
ein gläserner Abgeordneter {m} [fig.]
[a vine that has not been grafted, but grows on its own roots]
Direktträger {m} [auch: Selbstträger]oenol.
[a West German who has been living in Eastern Germany for at least three years]
Wossi {m} [ugs.]
[farmer of full-sized farm who has to do socage-service for the landlord]
Anspänner {m} [veraltet] [relativ großer Bauer, der mit seinen Gespannen Frondienste leisten muss]hist.
[female pupil who has to repeat a year]
Sitzenbleiberin {f}educ.
[land which has been exempted from recoupment charges for public infrastructure]
erschließungsbeitragsfreies Land {n}
[layer of brown gunk when the kräusen has fallen back completely]
Schlaucherdecke {f}brew
[man who has retired early / taken early retirement]
Frühpensionist {m} [österr.]
[merchant who has been entered as such in the commercial register]
Vollkaufmann {m}
[one who has declined in social status]
Absteiger {m} [gesellschaftlich]
[one who has fathered only daughters]
Büchsenmacher {m} [ostd.] [fränk.] [ugs.] [hum.]
[painter who has a diploma from an art academy]
Akademischer Maler {m} [Titel]art
[person who has passed the Abitur with an A grade]
Einserabiturient {m} [ugs.]
Einser-Abiturient {m} [ugs.]
[person who is doing, has done the Matura]
Maturant {m} [österr.]educ.
[pupil / student who has to commute]
Fahrschüler {m} [Schüler, der mit Bus oder Bahn zur Schule fährt]educ.
[sth. one has to get used to]
Gewöhnungssache {f}
[theological graduate who has not yet been given a pastorate]
Collaborator {m} [kirchlicher Dienst]relig.
[woman who has been given a post just to fulfil the quota system requirements]
Quotenfrau {f}
[woman who has retired early / taken early retirement]
Frühpensionistin {f} [österr.]
biscuit [pottery that has been fired but not glazed]
Scherben {m} [noch nicht glasierter Keramikwerkstoff]materialspec.
crawler [Br.] [coll.] [baby who has not yet learned to walk]
Krabbelkind {n} [ugs.]
creature [what has been created]
Geschaffenes {n}relig.
leveret [hare that has not yet attained full growth]
Dreiläufer {m} [ein dreiviertel ausgewachsener Hase]hunting
nulligravida [woman who has never been pregnant]
Nulligravida {f} [Frau, die noch nie schwanger war]med.
nullipara [woman who has never borne a child]
Nullipara {f} [Frau, die noch kein Kind geboren hat]med.
perfin [stamp that has had initials or a name perforated across it to discourage theft]
Firmenlochung {f} [auch: Perfin]philat.
tenbagger [sl.] [investment that appreciates or has the potential to increase at least tenfold]
Verzehnfacher {m} [ugs.] [Investment mit (potenziell) mindestens zehnfacher Wertsteigerung]stocks
yilt [rare] [gilt] [a young sow that has not farrowed]
Jungsau {f}agr.zool.
zaprorids [family Zaproridae] [has only one extant member, Zaprora silenus]
Zaproriden {pl}fish
fortunately enough {adv} [nothing serious has happened]
wenigstens [ist nichts Schlimmes passiert]
No shit! [esp. Am.] [vulg.] [used as emphasis that what has just been said is true]
Ungelogen! [ugs.]
not evaluated {adj} <NE> [has not yet been evaluated against the criteria]
nicht bewertet [Artenbestand]bot.zool.
sb. goes off [sl.] [has an orgasm]
jdm. geht einer ab [ugs.] [jd. hat einen Orgasmus]
basket case [Am.] [coll.] [soldier who has all four limbs amputated]
[Kriegsversehrter, dem beide Arme und Beine amputiert wurden]mil.
bicycle taxi [misnomer, has three wheels]
Velotaxi {n} [schweiz. auch: {m}]transp.
death house [building where a famous person has died]
Sterbehaus {n}travelTrVocab.
Eskimo brother [coll.] [sb. who has the same female sexual partner as sb. else]
Lochschwager {m} [vulg.] [hum.] [jd., der denselben weiblichen Geschlechtspartner hat wie ein anderer]
floppy infant [a child less than 1 year of age who has a poor muscle tone]
schlaffes Kind {n} [Neugeborenes und Säugling mit abnorm schlaffem Muskeltonus]med.
grand multipara [woman who has given birth seven or more times]
[Mehrfachgebärende, sieben und mehr Geburten]med.
graven stone [stone that has been boasted, scabbled, carved, hewn, etc.]
behauener Stein {m}
passe-partout [a piece or plate usually of cardboard or wood that has its central portion cut out to show the picture]
Passepartout {n} {m} [Bildumrahmung, z. B. für Zeichnungen, Fotos]art
rugby score [coll.] [result of a football/soccer match in which one team has scored an exceptionally high number of goals]
Steinzeitergebnis {n} [Sportjargon] [schweiz.]sports
Steinzeitresultat {n} [Sportjargon] [schweiz.]sports
sound effects {pl} [added after the film has been shot]
Untermalung {f} [Film mit Musik, Geräuschen o. Ä. begleiten]filmRadioTV
spoken text [text that has been spoken or that is intended for being spoken]
Sprechtext {m} [gesprochener oder für das Sprechen vorgesehener Text]ling.
wiener cousin [coll.] [sb. who has the same female sexual partner as sb. else]
Lochschwager {m} [vulg.] [hum.] [jd., der denselben weiblichen Geschlechtspartner hat wie ein anderer]
He's done time. [coll.] [He has been in prison.]
Er war im Knast. [ugs.]
on the way {adv} [referring to the point of origin of an action] [only usable if an action has a point of origin]
von unterwegs [Ausgangspunkt der Handlung ist unterwegs] [nur verwendbar, wenn Handlung einen Ausgangspunkt hat]
sb. is out of sth. [has used up all of sth.]
jdm. ist etw. ausgegangen
The game's afoot. [The enterprise has begun.] [after Shakespeare's Henry the Fifth]
Das Spiel hat begonnen.idiom
to have been photoshopped [resulting in a photomontage] [e.g.: It has been ... / The picture has been ...]
sich um eine Fotomontage handeln [am Computer hergestellt] [z. B.: Es handelt sich ... / Bei dem Bild handelt es sich ...]
bogwood / bog-wood [wood that has been preserved in a peat bog]
Moorkienholz {n}
red wine punch [containing rum which has been set alight]
Feuerzangenbowle {f}gastr.
staff of Aesculapius [has only a single snake and no wings]
Äskulapstab {m} [Stab mit einer gewundenen Schlange (Symbol für Medizin und Pharmazie), Apotheke (Kartenzeichen)] [Unicode: U+2695 (9877)]med.pharm.print
sth. is to do with sth. [has to do with sth.]
etw. hat mit etw.Dat. zu tun
to relate a story to sb. [to relay what has happened]
jdm. eine Geschichte erzählen [eine Begebenheit mitteilen]
A dog has an owner. A cat has staff.
Ein Hund hat ein Herrchen, eine Katze hat Personal.proverb
Bread has risen by 20%. [The price of bread has risen by 20%.]
Der Brotpreis ist um 20 % gestiegen.
Everything has one end, only the sausage has two.
Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei.proverb
The boat has come off. [has got free after running aground]
Das Boot ist freigekommen.
The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. [The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away.] [winged word]
Der Herr hat's gegeben, der Herr hat's genommen. [geflügeltes Wort]
Things are starting to green up around here. [Spring has arrived.]
So langsam wird es hier grün. [Es wird Frühling.]idiom
What has to be done, has to be done.
Wat mut, dat mut. [plattd.]proverb
Wat mutt, dat mutt. [plattd.]proverb
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