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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [is]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [is]

sb. may [is permitted]
jd. darf
obsolete {adj} <obs.> [No longer in use, and no longer likely to be understood. Obsolete is a stronger term than archaic, and a much stronger term than dated.]
hopefully {adv} [sentence adverb: it is to be hoped that ...]
sb. may [is permitted / can possibly]
jd. kann
sb./sth. lies [is in a horizontal position, is situated]
jd./etw. liegt
videlicet {adv} <viz> [namely, i.e, that is to say]
sb. reckons [is of the opinion]
jd. meint
then {adv} [intensifying term in questions like "Who / why then is ... ?"]
denn [verstärkendes Wort in Fragen wie "Wer / Warum denn ist ... ?"]
twee {adj} [Br.] [pej.] [cute in a way that is silly or sentimental]
niedlich [hier pej.] [auf kitschige, gezierte oder lächerliche Weise 'goldig']
sb. thinks [is of the opinion]
jd. meint
caring {adj} [government or society that is concerned about human welfare]
sozial [mitmenschlich]
twee {adj} [Br.] [pej.] [sweet or cute in a way that is silly or sentimental]
putzig [ugs.] [hier pej.] [possierlich auf kitschige, gezierte oder lächerliche Weise]
up {adv} [time is up etc.]
um [die Zeit ist um usw.]
exhaustive {adj} [e.g. this list is not exhaustive]
abschließend [erschöpfend]
-ics {suffix} [when a branch of science, usually with the singular (ethics is)]
["Which one would you like?" based on the "What is my profession?" quiz show question: "Which piggy-bank would you like?"]
Welches Schweinderl hätten S' denn gern? [Robert Lembke, «Was bin ich?»]quoteRadioTV
[Here, there is no why.]
Hier ist kein Warum. [Zitat aus KZ Auschwitz, überliefert von Primo Levi]quote
[if the default (failure to perform in due time) is due to intent or gross negligence] {adv}
wenn / sofern der Verzug auf Vorsatz oder grober Fahrlässigkeit beruht
[Is everything in order?]
Alles Roger in Kambodscha? [ugs.] [hum.] [Ist alles in Ordnung?]
[late (deceased)] {adj} [attr.] [may in German be used colloquially hum. for things that do not exist any longer, besides the standard meaning for persons which is becoming old-fashioned]
seligen Angedenkens [nachgestellt] [ugs. hum.] [einstig, früher] [nicht Personen betreffend]
[of something which is sat upon, worn out from use] {adj} {past-p}
[Speed is no sorcery!]
Geschwindigkeit ist keine Hexerei!proverb
[sth. is built up around sth. else in a way that obstructs the view of and access to the second object]
etw. ist von etw.Dat. verbaut
[The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose. Or, literally transl.: Whoever has (the) choice has (the) torment.]
Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual.proverb
[The days are getting longer again, spring is nearing.]
Es geht nauswärts. [fränk.] [pfälz.] [regional]
[There is ... ]
Es giebt ... [Rechtschreibung vor 1901] [Es gibt]
appended {adj} {past-p} [sth. is appended to sth.]
hinzugefügt [etw. ist etw.Dat. hinzugefügt / beigefügt]
beskirted {adj} {past-p} [often used when the skirt is part of a uniform]
im Rock [nachgestellt]cloth.
falsy {adj} [value that is coerced to false]
[nicht boolscher Wert, der bei impliziter Typenumwandlung zu false wird]comp.
he's [he is]
er ist
Insha'Allah [If it is God's will.]
Inschallah [Wenn Allah will.]relig.
Inshallah [If it is God's will.]
Inschallah [Wenn Allah will.]relig.
it's [it is]
es ist
kindly {adv} [esp. in a way someone else is grateful for]
dankenswerterweise [freundlicherweise]
merle {adj} [a pattern in a dog's coat, though is commonly incorrectly referred to as a colour]
merlefarben [Fellfarbe, bes. bei Collies]zool.
sb. bosses [is in charge]
jd. kommandiert
sb. rates sth. [is worthy of sth., merits sth.]
jdm. steht etw. zu [jd. hat Anspruch auf etw.]
sb. tends [is disposed]
jd. neigt sich
sb. tends [is inclined]
jd. zielt ab
she's [she is]
sie ist
sth. broke [sth. is broken, went to pieces]
etw. ist kaputt [ugs.]
sth. clinches [is the deciding factor]
etw. entscheidet
sth. matters [is important or significant]
es kommt auf etw. an [wichtiges sein]
sth. reads [is to be interpreted as]
etw. soll heißen
sth. signifies [is important]
etw. ist von Bedeutung
truthy {adj} [value that is coerced to true]
[nicht boolscher Wert, der bei impliziter Typenumwandlung zu true wird]comp.
what's [what is]
was ist
to foster sb. [bring up a child that is not one's own by birth]
jdn. aufziehen [ein Findelkind, ein Pflegekind]
to ignore sth. [sth. that is heard]
etw. überhören [auf eine Äußerung o. Ä. absichtlich nicht reagieren]
[literally, sb. swallowed a clown for breakfast, meaning sb. is too funny]
jd. hat einen Clown verschluckt / gefrühstückt [Idiom] [Jemand ist übermäßig zum Spaßen aufgelegt]
[to show the same play each night for a limited period or as long as it is successful]
en-suite spielentheatre
to boast sth. [to possess a feature that is a source of pride]
etw. (stolz) vorzuweisen haben
to break sb. [win a tennis game in which the opponent is serving]
jdm. das Aufschlagspiel abnehmen [Tennis]sports
to disinter sth. [something that is well hidden, e.g. a collection of writings]
etw. wieder ausgraben [fig.] [z. B. ein Buch, Sachen von früher]
to escort sb. [esp. sb. who is departing]
jdm. das Geleit geben [geh.]
to lack sth. [e.g. money is lacking, he lacks money]
an etw.Dat. hapern [unpersönlich gebildet (z. B. es hapert am Geld, bei ihm hapert es am Geld)]
to play [e.g. radio, TV is playing]
laufen [z. B. Radio, Fernseher läuft]RadioTV
to progress [e.g.: The work is progressing well. / ... isn't progressing.]
flecken [regional] [selten] [vorangehen, vorwärtsgehen, z. B.: Heute fleckt die Arbeit (nicht).]
to richen sb. [to enrich sb. is more common usage]
jdn. reich machen [auch: reichmachen]
to show [here: Your slip is showing.]
herausschauen [österr.] [schweiz.] [sonst regional] [wie bei «Dein Unterrock schaut heraus.»]
lamb [also fig.: meek and innocent person who is easilly led]
Lamm {n} [auch fig.: sanfter und geduldiger Mensch]gastr.zool.
sloven [dated] [man who is habitually messy, esp. in work]
Schlamper {m} [ugs.]
pattern [from which sth. is copied]
Vorlage {f} [Muster]
clinic [esp. Br.] [occasion or time when medical treatment or advice is given]
Sprechstunde {f}med.
nag [coll.] [often pej.] [a horse, esp. one that is old or in poor health]
Gaul {m} [bes. ostd. u. südd., sonst veraltend oder pej.] [Pferd]
backup [sb. or sth. that supports or is held in reserve]
Absicherung {f} [Reserve]
bullpen [esp. Am.] [coll.] [a business office that is not divided into individual compartments]
Großraumbüro {n}
downstairs [if one is on the ground floor]
Untergeschoss {n}archi.
agent [person or means by which something is done]
Handlungsträger {m}ling.lit.philos.
stake [to which sb. is tied to be burned]
Brandpfahl {m}
pantry [room where food is arranged for serving]
Anrichte {f} [Raum]gastr.
singleton [child who is not a twin or triplet, etc.]
Einzelkind {n}sociol.
micron <µ> [obs., but the term is still in use]
Mikron {n} <µ> [veraltet] [Mikrometer]unit
[the way sb. feels / is]
jds. Ergehen {n}
matron [older married woman, especially one who is staid or dignified]
Matrone {f} [ältere, Gesetztheit und Würde ausstrahlende Frau]
prepper [person who is actively preparing for emergencies or catastrophes]
Prepper {m} [Person, die sich auf jedwede Art von Katastrophe oder Notfall vorbereitet]neol.
title [enforceable legal claim and the instrument on which it is based]
Titel {m} [vollstreckbarer Rechtsanspruch sowie dessen Grundlage]law
run [period of time that a machine is operated]
Arbeitsgang {m}
[professor who is not primarily an academic and has no voice in faculty matters]
Honorarprofessor {m}educ.
guarantee [person/entity to whom the guarantee is given]
Garantieempfänger {m}law
stuffer [an advertising circular that is enclosed with other material and (usually) sent by mail]
Stuffer {m} [kleiner Prospekt, der Postsendungen beigefügt wird]
forename [by which a person is generally known]
Rufname {m}
clambake [Am.] [beach party where seafood is cooked in the sand]
[Muschelessen am Strand]
[figurative place for all that is considered dirty and taboo]
Schmuddelecke {f}
squirter [coll.] [mostly vulg.] [woman who is gushing fluid during orgasm]
Spritzerin {f} [ugs.] [selten, wenn nicht vulg.] [noch seltener auch Abspritzerin]
swap [sth. that is exchanged]
Tauschobjekt {n}
bakehouse [dated] [room in which bread is made]
Backstube {f}
Biota [a genus of evergreen shrubs or small trees having branchlets in vertical planes and that is often included in Thuja]
[Immergrüne Gehölze im Allgemeinen, einschl. Lebensbäume / Thujen]bot.
bully [person who is harassing sb.]
Mobber {m} [Person, die jdn. schikaniert]
[contract for work where copyright is retained by the contractor]
Urheberwerkvertrag {m}comm.
bat [slab on which pottery is fired]
Brennplatte {f} [Töpferei]
[one who is conned or duped] [female]
Gelackmeierte {f} [ugs.]
learner [sb. who is to be educated]
Educandus {m} [geh.]educ.spec.
tussock [small area of grass that is thicker or longer than the grass growing around it]
Bülte {f} [nordd.] [grasbewachsene Bodenerhebung in Moor oder Bruch]bot.ecol.
... cake [unless "tart", "pie", "quiche" or "flan" is more appropriate]
-kuchen {m}gastr.
[ type of German beer which is typically not clarified or pasteurised]
Kellerbier {n}brewFoodInd.gastr.
["Haus vom Nikolaus" is the name of a German children's version of the crossed house puzzle]
Haus vom Niklaus {n} [Kinderspiel]games
[a brawl in which a one-liter beer mug is used as a weapon]
Maßkrugschlägerei {f}
[a dependant farmer, who is not the lord's serf]
Hintersass {m} [auch Hintersaß] [Hintersasse, Kleinhäusler etc.]hist.
[a forester to whom the care of the wood is committed but not of the game]
Holzförster {m}
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