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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [its]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [its]

vintage {adj} [best of its kind]
pony {adj} [attr.] [something very small of its kind]
sb. careens sth. [turns a vessel over on its side]
jd. kielholt etw.naut.
[»Every little bean will make its own little sound.« - referring to flatulence related to consumption of legumes]
Jedes Böhnchen gibt ein Tönchen. [hum.]proverb
Hanoverian {adj} [relating to the city of Hanover or its citizens]
hannöverisch [selten] [Hannover, die Hannoveraner betreffend]
hannöversch [seltener neben: hannoversch] [Hannover, die Hannoveraner betreffend]
hatching {adj} {pres-p} [emerging from its egg]
Milesian {adj} [of or relating to Miletus or its inhabitants]
overblown {adj} [past its prime]
am Verblühen
to hatch [emerge from its egg; also: emerge from a chrysalis or pupa ]
schlüpfen [Vogel, Fisch, Schlange etc.; auch: Schmetterling etc.]entom.orn.zool.
to locate sth. [define its place in a certain framework]
etw. verorten [fachspr.] [sonst geh.]
to replace sth. [to put sth. back in its place]
etw. zurücklegen [an seinen Platz legen]
to shift sth. [move from its place]
etw. verrücken
to pacotize [process, which mixes and purees deep frozen food stuff directly in its frozen state]
pacossieren [Tiefgefrorenes ohne Auftauen mit dem Pacojet® pürieren]gastr.
to bream sth. [archaic] [clear a ship or its bottom]
etw.Akk. reinkratzen und reinbrennen [Schiff, Schiffsboden]
to carry sth. [bring in its wake]
etw. mit sich bringen
to conjugate sth. [through all its grammatical forms]
etw.Akk. durchkonjugierenling.
to crest [Am.] [flood or river: rise to its highest level]
den Höchststand erreichen [Flut, Fluss]hydro.
to crest [Am.] [flood: rise to its highest level]
den Scheitelpunkt erreichen [Flut]hydro.
to deconstruct sth. [reduce sth. to its constituent parts in order to reinterpret it]
etw. (zur Neuinterpretation) auf seine (wesentlichen) Bestandteile zurückführen
to exercise sth. [to tax its powers, i.e. under considerable physical or mental exertion]
etw. (stark) in Anspruch nehmen
to outlaw sb. [to put sb. outside the law and deprive him/her of its protection] [hist.]
jdn. in Acht und Bann tun [hist.]hist.lawrelig.
to restore [to its former condition]
in den alten Zustand versetzen
to twist [of its own accord] [to warp]
sich verdrehen
spectacle [event or scene regarded in terms of its visual impact]
Schauspiel {n} [eindrucksvoller Anblick, beeindruckende Szene]
pi <π> [the symbol π denoting the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter / the ratio itself]
Pi {n} <π> [Kreiszahl]math.
[a vine that has not been grafted, but grows on its own roots]
Direktträger {m} [auch: Selbstträger]oenol.
[cf. Almabtrieb; joint herds from multiple farmers are sorted in the Viehscheid, and each cow is returned to its owner]
Viehscheid {m} [Allgäu, Deutschland]agr.
[city with half-timbered houses in its historic downtown district]
Fachwerkstadt {f}
[detached residence set in its own grounds]
Villa {f}archi.urban
[Gebrauchsmusik, German term for music that exists not only for its own sake ("utility music")]
F-Musik {f} [Gebrauchsmusik]mus.
[male associated with a team or a students' fraternity bearing "Borussia" in its name; e.g. common for members of the football teams "Borussia Mönchengladbach" and "Borussia Dortmund"]
Borusse {m}
[method of cooking meat very slowly in its own fat, usually as preservation]
Konfieren {n} [Garmethode, bei der Fleisch im eigenen Fett gegart wird; bes. als Konservierungsmethode]gastr.spec.
[palace-sized revivalist town house, lived in by its owners but let in part]
Zinspalais {n} [Österreich]archi.hist.urban
[position of a crop in crop rotation (and its yield)]
Tracht {f} [Stellung einer Fruchtart in der Fruchtfolge (und ihr Ertrag)]agr.
[raptor that kills (mainly) with its beak; e.g. a falcon]
Bisstöter {m}hunting
[raptor that kills (mainly) with its feet; e.g. a hawk]
Grifftöter {m}hunting
clang [fundamental note with its harmonics, from German "Klang"]
Klang {m} [Helmholtz]mus.
country [region (with regard to its physical features)]
Land {n} [Landstrich, Gegend]
Francophobia [hatred of France, its people and culture]
Franzosenhass {m}pol.
Leucorea [name given the University of Wittenberg at its founding]
Leucorea {f} [Universität Wittenberg]educ.hist.
lollapaloosa [Am.] [sl.] [also spelled lollapalooza, lallapalooza or lalapalooza] [something outstanding of its kind]
[etwas Außergewöhnliches oder besonders Hervorragendes]
mamma [a mammary gland and its accessory parts]
Mamma {f} [fachspr.] [weibliche Brust, Brustdrüse, Euter]
perambulation [chiefly historical] [record of a forest's boundaries established through walking its perimeter]
Waldvermessung {f} [hauptsächlich historisch]for.hist.
Schwabing [borough in Munich, often considered its Bohemian quarter]
Schwabing {n}geogr.
slitting [cutting a metal sheet along a straight line parallel to its length]
Abschneiden {n} [Werkstück, Scherschneiden]tech.
surcharge [a mark printed on a postage stamp changing its value]
Aufdruck {m}
the ultimate [the best achievable or imaginable of its kind]
das Nonplusultra {n} [oft hum. oder iron.]
tipple [device that tilts or overturns a freight car to dump its contents]
Kippvorrichtung {f} [an Güterwagen]rail
tops {pl} [leaves, stems, and shoots of a plant, esp. those of a vegetable grown for its root]
Kraut {n} [das Grüne, bes. von Wurzelgemüse]
trumeau [column supporting a tympanum of a doorway at its center]
Trumeaupfeiler {m} [mittlerer Steinpfeiler eines Portals]archi.spec.
data deficient <DD> [not enough data to make an assessment of its risk of extinction]
keine ausreichenden Daten [Artenbestand]bot.ecol.zool.
in turn {adv} [in one's turn; in its turn]
im Gegenzugidiom
to be ticketed [retail product; marked with a label giving its price, size, etc.]
ausgepreist sein [etikettiert sein]comm.
to break up sth. [into its component parts]
etw.Akk. zerteilen
to fly to sb. [bird escaped from its cage]
jdm. zufliegen [entflogener Vogel]
to play out [fig.] [run its course, take place]
sich abspielen [seinen Verlauf oder Lauf nehmen]
to pull up [of a vehicle or its driver]
to rear (up) [of an animal on its hind legs]
sich aufbäumen
baum marten [Martes martes] [animal; its fur or pelt]
Baummarder {m} [Tier; sein Fell, gegerbt oder ungegerbt]zool.
beauty spot [Br.] [place known for its beautiful scenery]
schönes Fleckchen {n} (Erde)
herrliches Fleckchen {n} (Erde)
Burj Khalifa [known as Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration]
Chalifa-Turm {m} [Burj Khalifa {m}; bis zur Einweihung: Burj Dubai]archi.
butte Montmartre [hill in Paris, known for the Sacré-Cœur Basilica on its summit]
Butte Montmartre {f}geogr.TrVocab.
eternity clause [provision in the German constitution exempting its fundamentals from amendments]
Ewigkeitsklausel {f}law
extension tubing [for a natural horn to change its fundamental note]
Bogensatz {m} [Aufsatzbögen für Naturhorn]mus.
gold standard [fig.] [best thing of its type]
Nonplusultra {n}
jacket potato [boiled in its skin]
Pellkartoffel {f}gastr.
Mud (River) [its headwaters: Mudau or Mudbach]
Mud {f} [Oberlauf: Mudau oder Mudbach]geogr.
passe-partout [a piece or plate usually of cardboard or wood that has its central portion cut out to show the picture]
Passepartout {n} {m} [Bildumrahmung, z. B. für Zeichnungen, Fotos]art
Persian studies {pl} [Persian language and its literature]
Iranistik {f} [Studiengangsbezeichnung]acad.ling.lit.
secondary church [a church without its own minister]
Nebenkirche {f} [eine Kirche, die keinen eigenen Pfarrer hat]relig.
titular nation [nation that takes its name from the single dominant ethnic group inhabiting it]
Titularnation {f}pol.
vacatio legis [the period between the formal enactment of a law and its coming into force]
Legisvakanz {f}law
write-off [vehicle damaged beyond its value]
Totalschaden {m} [Fahrzeug]automot.insur.
youth club [in its own building]
Jugendhaus {n}
to be a dandy [coll.] [dated] [excellent thing of its kind]
ein Knüller sein [ugs.]
to fall into place [work out of its own accord]
sich von selbst ergeben
to put sth. in perspective [show in its true light]
etw. ins rechte Licht rücken [Idiom]
(the) goodness of sth. [its material qualities or workmanship]
(die) (hohe) Qualität {f} von etw.
in its present form {adv} [in its present version]
in der vorliegenden Fassung
notice of (its) revocation ["its" refers to the document concerned]
Rücknahmenotifikation {f}
sine and cosine function [i.e. the concept 'function' in its sine and cosine form]
Sinus- und Kosinusfunktion {f} [Sinusfunktion und Kosinusfunktion]math.
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. [ Albert Einstein ]
Jeder ist ein Genie! Aber wenn Du einen Fisch danach beurteilst, ob er auf einen Baum klettern kann, wird er sein ganzes Leben glauben, dass er dumm ist.quote
To every age its art. To art its freedom. [Secessionist art movement motto]
Der Zeit ihre Kunst. Der Kunst ihre Freiheit. [Motto der Wiener Secession]arthist.
with its tail between its legs {adv}
mit eingekniffenem Schwanz
financial position of the company and the results of its operations and its cash flows
Vermögens-, Finanz- und Ertragslage der Gesellschaftacc.
leaving a church / the Church [ceasing to attend a given church or to practice its faith]
Kirchenaustritt {m} [inoffiziell]relig.
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