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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [like]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [like]

[we/they/you] wish [would like]
[wir/sie/Sie] möchten
thus {adv} [in this way, like this]
childish {adj} [of, like, or appropriate to a child]
like {adv} [coll.] [or: something like]
horny {adj} [like horn]
then {adv} [intensifying term in questions like "Who / why then is ... ?"]
denn [verstärkendes Wort in Fragen wie "Wer / Warum denn ist ... ?"]
arboreal {adj} [tree-like]
tesselate {adj} [like a mosaic]
manlike {adj} [like a male]
batty {adj} [bat-like, resembling a bat]
soapy {adj} [coll.] [like a soap opera]
rührselig [bes. Film, Drehbuch etc.]
ratty {adj} [like a rat]
mewling {adj} {pres-p} [like a cat]
pouched {adj} [formed like a pouch]
taschenförmig [sackförmig]anat.biol.
verminous {adj} [vermin-like]
ekelhaft [wie Ungeziefer]
["Which one would you like?" based on the "What is my profession?" quiz show question: "Which piggy-bank would you like?"]
Welches Schweinderl hätten S' denn gern? [Robert Lembke, «Was bin ich?»]quoteRadioTV
[like a string of beads in appearance] {adj}
aerial {adj} [air-like] [literary]
almondy {adj} [shaped like an almond]
anguine {adj} [archaic] [snake-like]
anile {adj} [literary] [of or like an old woman]
senil [Frau]
arboraceous {adj} [tree-like]
arboral {adj} [tree-like]
arborary {adj} [tree-like]
batty {adj} [obs.] [like a bat]
wie eine Fledermaus [nachgestellt]
beaded {adj} [strung like beads]
beastlily {adv} [in an animal-like manner, cruelly, extremely, etc.] [preferred: in a beastly manner, way, etc.]
tierisch [tierähnlich, grausam, ungeheuer usw.]
beastly {adj} {adv} [beast-like]
roh [bestialisch, brutal]
best {adv} [like, enjoy]
am meisten
cirrous {adj} [having tentacles or thread-like protuberances, often in tuft- or fringe-like arrays]
cirrusartig [mit Tentakeln, Borsten, Wimpern oder dgl., oft in polster- oder fransenartigen Ansammlungen]zool.
doelike {adj} [also: doe-like] [e.g. animal, eyes]
rehartig [z. B. Tier, Augen]
eely {adj} [eel-like]
emmetlike {adj} [literary or regional] [also: emmet-like] [antlike]
especially {adv} [to like]
besonders gern [mögen]
ferny {adj} [like a fern, having the shape or feel of a fern]
fiery {adj} [hot like a fire]
glühend heiß
geniculate {adj} [bent like a knee]
knieförmig (umgebogen)bot.zool.
mealy {adj} [like meal]
wie Mehl [nachgestellt]
murine {adj} [mouse-like, resembling a mouse]
pincerlike {adj} [also: pincer-like]
pink {adj} [colour of a rosé-like wine]
schillerfarben [bes. Wein]
pipy {adj} [sounding like a pipe; shrill]
schrill [Stimme, Pfeifton etc.]
pogromlike {adj} [also: pogrom-like]
puggy {adj} [coll.] [like a pug dog]
mopsähnlich [Mopshund]
reptilian {adj} [reptile-like]
wie ein Reptil [nachgestellt]
sheepish {adj} [like a sheep]
wie ein Schaf [nachgestellt]
slablike {adj} [also: slab-like]
stealthily {adv} [like a thief in the night]
bei Nacht und Nebel [fig.]
tatted {adj} {past-p} [producing a looped, lace-like edging by tatting]
in Schiffchenspitze gearbeitettextil.
tealike {adj} [also: tea-like]
whisperlike {adj} [also: whisper-like] [rare]
flüsternd [leise, gedämpft]ling.
wooden {adj} [like or characteristic of wood]
to vein sth. [e.g. to make it look like marble]
etw. masern
to dig [coll.] [like, enjoy]
to sprinkle [with finely ground stuff like herbs etc.]
to yell [like a child]
bläken [ugs.] [pej.]
to brick sth. [coll.] [usually small objects like phones, computer components]
etw. schrotten [ugs.] [unbrauchbar machen]
to assimilate [make like]
to arrow [move like an arrow]
schießen [sich sehr rasch irgendwohin bewegen]
to heart sb./sth. [coll.] [like very much, love; e.g. I ♥ NY]
jdn./etw. mögen [auch: gernhaben, lieben]
to affect sth. [like] [archaic]
etw. mögen
to bark [utter a bark or make a sound like a dog]
gauzen [auch gäuzen] [regional] [bellen]
to ghost [go about like a ghost]
geistern [wie ein Geist umgehen]
[to walk stiffly or with long strides like a stork]
storchen [ugs.] [steif wie ein Storch gehen, mit langen Schritten gehen]
[to look like death, pale as a corpse]
aussehen wie der Tod von Forchheim [ugs.] [bes. fränk. und hess.] [Redewendung]
[to pronounce sp and st like the English would; esp. Northern German]
über den spitzen Stein stolpern [Redewendung]
to affect sth. [like]
etw. gerne haben
to assimilate [become like]
sich angleichen
to befriend sb. [act like a friend]
sich gegen jdn. freundschaftlich zeigen
to befriend sb. [support like a friend]
jdn. als Freund unterstützen
to bray [like a donkey]
schreien wie ein Esel
to dabble [act like an amateur]
sich dilettantisch verhalten
to reckon [sl.] [like]
gut finden [ugs.]
to spawn [breed like rabbits]
sich wie Karnickel vermehren [ugs.] [pej.]
to spoon [of two persons; to lie close to each other, like spoons in a drawer; also: to have sex in that position]
Löffelchen machen
gammon [Br.] [ham cured like bacon]
Räucherschinken {m}gastr.
porter [dark beer like stout]
Porter {m} {n}brewgastr.
electuary [a medicine mixed with honey or the like]
Latwerge {f} [breiförmige Arznei]pharm.
proa [canoe-like boats used in the South Pacific, esp. one with an outrigger and sails]
Prau {f} [malayisches Segelboot]naut.
[a wooden chair with four slanted legs and a slab-like backrest dovetailed into the massive plank seat]
Stabelle {f}furn.
[black licorice from the north of Germany, shaped like sheep droppings]
Schafskötel {pl} [nordd.] [Lakritzkugeln]gastr.
[chair-like sled to be pushed over the ice by a skater]
Stuhlschlitten {m} [Stoßschlitten; wird i. d. R. von einem Schlittschuhläufer geschoben]
[friends who like to play jass together]
Jassfreunde {pl} [schweiz.]games
[German ice cream made to look like a plate of spaghetti]
Spaghettieis {n}gastr.
[noodles, dumplings and the like added to a clear soup]
Suppeneinlage {f}gastr.
[popular rhyme in German; literally: noshing [Br.] / chowing [Am.] like (one does / did) at Mum's / Mom's]
Futtern {n} wie bei Mutterngastr.
[puff pastry, supposedly shaped like a pig's ear]
Schweinsohr {n} [Gebäck aus Blätterteig]gastr.
[repertory theatre doing several theatrical genres like drama, opera and ballet]
Mehrspartentheater {n}theatre
[scourge-like multi-tail type of whip, martinet]
Siebenschwanz {m} [Klopfpeitsche, Martinet]
(westfälischer) Siebenstriemer {m} [Klopfpeitsche, Martinet]
[small Navy motorboat filled with explosives, acting like a guided bomb]
Sprengboot {n}mil.
[text of group morning recitation like the pledge of allegiance in the USA]
Morgenspruch {m}educ.
[turd on the footpath etc., hopefully avoided like an anti-personnel mine]
Kotmine {f} [ugs.] [hum.] [bes. berlinerisch]
[worm-like cryptid]
Tatzelwurm {m}myth.
akadinda [xylophone-like instrument]
Akadinda {f}mus.
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