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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [name]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [name]
common {adj} [name, word, phrase, etc.]
catchy {adj} [name, tune]
venerable {adj} [building, town, name, etc.]
altehrwürdig [geh.] [Gebäude, Stadt, Name etc.]
named {adv} [by the name of]
namens [mit Namen]
called {adv} [by the name of]
namens [mit Namen]
illustrious {adj} [name]
klangvoll [Name]
river {adj} [attr.] [e.g. bank, bed, course, name]
Fluss- [z. B. Ufer, Bett, Lauf, Name]
evocative {adj} [name]
common {adj} [general, e.g. name, expression]
genuine {adv} [of a product, esp. a brand-name one]
ycleped {past-p} [archaic] [by the name of]
yclept {adj} [archaic] [by the name of]
.edu [educational; domain name, United States-affiliated institutions of higher education]
[Internet-Domain: bes. für Universitäten in den USA]Internet
non- [company name PLUS product name, e.g. "non-Microsoft software"]
[Firmenname] -fremde [PLUS Produktname, z. B. "Microsoft-fremde Software"]
Fremd- [Produktname OHNE Firmenname, z. B. "Fremdsoftware"]
O [as an address, preceding a name] [literary]
o [als Anrufung vor einem Namen] [geh.]
Uckermark {adj} [attr.] [of a region of the same name in northeast Germany]
to reveal [name, details]
to call [name]
to give sth. [e.g. name]
etw. angeben [nennen, z. B. Namen]
to call [to name]
to be [e.g. name, question]
lauten [z. B. Name, Frage]
to sully [honour, name, memory]
verunglimpfen [geh.]
to earn sb. sth. [enmity, name]
jdm. etw. eintragen
to spell sth. [write one's name, a place name etc.]
etw. schreiben [seinen Namen, einen Ortsnamen etc.]
to call sb. sth. [name]
jdn. etw. heißen [veraltet] [geh.] [den Namen geben]
to entitle sth. [to give a name or title to]
etw.Akk. titeln [seltener: betiteln] [mit einem Titel versehen]
to zippo sth. [Am.] [army sl.] [from the brand name Zippo™]
etw. abfackeln [ugs.]
designation [official name]
Benennung {f} [Bezeichnung, (offizieller) Name]
diminutive [of name]
Kurzform {f}
epithet [insulting name]
Schimpfname {m}
idiot [also foul name]
Idiot {m} [auch Schimpfwort]med.
Croatia <.hr> [local name: Hrvatska]
Kroatien {n}geogr.
moniker [coll.] [name]
Name {m}
username [user name]
Benutzername {m}comp.
plate [e.g. number plate, name plate]
Schild {n}
handle [Am.] [coll.] [code name]
Deckname {m}
moniker [coll.] [a person's name]
Eigenname {m}name
bazooka [coll.] [WWII, common name of man-portable recoilless antitank rocket launchers] [also referred to as: stovepipe]
[2. WK, Synonym für tragbare reaktive Panzerabwehrbüchse der US-Streitkräfte]weapons
pie [Pica pica] [Br.] [early name]
Elster {f}orn.
Pharaoh [as name]
Pharao {m}hist.
theatre [esp. Br.] [name of a theatre, also building for performing straight theatre]
Schauspielhaus {n}theatre
Wehrmacht [1934-1945 name of the armed forces of the Third Reich, founded in 1921 as Reichswehr]
Wehrmacht {f}hist.
eponym [name or noun formed after a person]
[von einer Person hergeleiteter Name bzw. hergeleitetes Nomen, z. B. "Zeppelin"]name
Does {pl} [also: DOES] [esp. Am.] [e.g. Does 1-100; fictitious defendants (placeholder name)]
[bes. US-amerik. Platzhaltername für fiktive oder nicht identifizierte Personen]law
[Name for German clubs in the 1920's, usually with criminal orientation, whose members were identified by a characteristic signet ring]
Ringverein {m} [kriminelle Organisation]
Anglia [medieval Latin name for England]
England {n}geogr.
theater [Am.] [name of a theater, also building for performing straight theater]
Schauspielhaus {n}
handle [sl.] [name]
Name {m}
["Haus vom Nikolaus" is the name of a German children's version of the crossed house puzzle]
Haus vom Niklaus {n} [Kinderspiel]games
[association of German quality and prädikat-wine estates: uses officially the German name and abbreviation in English]
Verband {m} Deutscher Prädikats- und Qualitätsweingüter (e. V.) <VDP>oenol.
[brand name of an Austrian sweetened carbonated beverage flavored with herbs]
Almdudler® {m}
[Colloquial name in Vienna for the Ottakringer canned beer]
Sechzehnerblech {n} [österr.] [Wiener Dialekt]brew
[colloquial name of Henry (VII) German King 1220-1235, literally: "bracket henry", also called "bracket seventh"]
Klammerheinrich {m} [ugs.] [auch: Klammersiebter, Heinrich (VII.) dt. König von 1220-1235]hist.
[genus Estrilda] [no common name]
Astrilde {pl}orn.
[German name for some owls of the Strigidae family]
Kauz {m}orn.
[German name of the Swiss communist party since 1944]
Partei {f} der Arbeit der Schweiz <PdA> [seit 1944, vorher <KPS>]pol.
[German name of two villages in Poland; fig.: small remote provincial place]
Posemuckel / Pusemuckel / Posemukel {n} [Deutscher Name zweier Dörfer in Polen; fig., ugs.: kleine, abgelegene, provinzielle Ortschaft]geogr.idiom
[humorous name for a male Bavarian] [slightly pej.]
Bazi {m} [ugs.] [hum.] [leicht pej.] [fig.] [ein Bayer]
[inofficial hyphenated double name used of old by married couples in Switzerland]
Allianzname {m}
[male associated with a team or a students' fraternity bearing "Borussia" in its name; e.g. common for members of the football teams "Borussia Mönchengladbach" and "Borussia Dortmund"]
Borusse {m}
[Name for a column in the online version of Der Spiegel. Literally: Data Harvest.]
Datenlese {f}journ.neol.
[name for a variety of aromatic alpine plants]
Speik {m}bot.
[Name given to base defense unit of JV44; literally means "butcher-bird squadron"]
Würger-Staffel {f} [Luftwaffe]mil.
[name] experiment
Versuch {m} nach [Name]
[Nazi name for Austria]
Ostmark {f}hist.
[official name of Jewish religious communities in Austria]
Israelitische Kultusgemeinde {f} <IKG> [österr.]relig.
[order Perciformes] [no common name]
Barschartige {pl}fish
[outlawry in the name of the Emperor]
Reichsacht {f}
[rare pejorative/humorous name for an extreme bodybuilder]
Rasierklingenschmuggler {m} [hum.] [pej.] [selten]
[Station Street] [street name in many German, Austrian and Swiss cities and towns]
Bahnhofstraße {f}urban
[street or road name in Germany, Austria, Switzerland]
Heckenweg {m} [Straßenname, Eigenname]
[suborder Apocrita] [no common name]
Taillenwespe {f}entom.
Schnürwespe {f}entom.
Schnürwespen {pl}entom.
Taillenwespen {pl}entom.
[superoder Acanthopterygii] [no common name]
Stachelflosser {pl}fish
[the coincidence of two objects or persons having the same name]
Namensgleichheit {f}
[Townhall Square] [street name in many German, Austrian and Swiss towns and cities]
Rathausplatz {m}urban
[violent protests against bilingual place name signs in Carinthia, 1972]
Ortstafelsturm {m}hist.pol.
[wine marketed under a brand name]
Markenwein {m}oenol.
[WWII, common name of the man-portable, re-usable, recoilless antitank rocket laucher M 54]
Panzerschreck {m} 54 [2. WK, deutsche reaktive wiederverwendbare Panzerabwehrwaffe]weapons
Aach [name of several rivers in Germany and Austria]
Aach {f} [Eigenname versch. Flüsse]geogr.
Aach [name of several towns/villages in Germany and Austria]
Aach {n} [Eigenname versch. Städte/Ortschaften]geogr.
Afsluitdijk [name of the dam between Ijsselmeer and North Sea, Netherlands]
Abschlussdeich {m} [Damm zw. Ijsselmeer und Nordsee, Niederlande]geogr.
Allah [Arabic name of God]
Allah {m} [arabischer Name Gottes]relig.
Anytown [placeholder name for an arbitrary city]
Musterstadt {n} [Platzhaltername für beliebige Stadt]
Beehive [coll.] [common name for the Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings]
Beehive {n} [Name des Regierungsgebäudes des neuseeländischen Parlaments]
Bello [dog's name]
Bello {m} [Hundename]
binomen [binominal name]
Binom {n}biol.ling.
Binomen {n}biol.ling.
Bombay [former name for Mumbai]
Bombay {n} [früherer Name für Mumbai]geogr.
Borussia [Latin name of Prussia]
Borussia {n} [lateinischer Name Preußens]geogr.hist.
Calicut [former name for Kozhikode]
Kalikut {n} [Calicut] [früher für: Kozhikode]geogr.
cerrobend [also commercial name]
Wood'sches Metall {n} [auch Wood'sche Legierung]chem.material
cognomen [third name under Roman naming conventions]
Kognomen {n} [dritter Namensbestandteil der regulären römischen Namensgebung]
Cognomen {n} [Rsv.] [dritter Namensbestandteil der regulären römischen Namensgebung]
earthworm [common name for the largest members of Oligochaeta]
Wenigborster {m} [z. B. Regenwurm]zool.
Erdwurm {m} [ugs.] [z. B. Regenwurm, Kompostwurm]zool.
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