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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [only]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [only]

likely {adj} [Br. adv.] [only with intensifier]
just {adv} [only]
man [nordd.] [nur, mal]
alone {adj} {adv} [as adjective, pred. only]
but {adv} [only]
onetime {adj} [attr.] [occurring or done only once]
einmalig [nur ein einziges Mal vorkommend oder getätigt]
[one and only] {adj}
einzigste [FALSCH für: einzige]
just {adv} [simply, only]
allein [geh.] [nur, ausschließlich]
nominal {adj} [in names only]
[for the (German used only with neuter nouns)]
für's [FALSCH für: fürs (für das)]
[Only fools go around defacing things.]
Narrenhände beschmieren Tisch und Wände.proverb
fooked {adj} {past-p} [vulg.] [fucked] [only used in Northern England]
aufgeschmissen [ugs.]
paper {adj} [attr.] [fig.] [on paper only]
auf dem Papier [nachgestellt] [fig.]
semelparous {adj} [reproducing or breeding only once in a lifetime]
sich im Laufe des Lebens nur einmal fortpflanzendbiol.
superficially {adv} [as to the outward appearance only]
oberflächlich betrachtet
to defeat sb. [usually only for a time or in a single event, e.g. a sporting match]
jdm. eine Schlappe beibringen / erteilen [ugs.] [Redewendung]
to laugh [only in a positive way]
sich beömmeln [nordd.] [ugs.]
mention [only sg] [of names, etc.]
Nennung {f} [von Namen usw.]
dormice [genus Muscardinus (only Muscardinus avellanarius)]
Haselmäuse {pl}zool.T
dormouse [coll.] [genus Glis (only Glis glis)] [fat dormouse]
Siebenschläfer {m}zool.T
[goal which leaves the scoring side only one down] [football]
Anschlusstreffer {m}sports
bummer [Am.] [coll.] [Careful: can also mean "a bad situation". Only the context can guarantee the correct interpretation]
Schnorrer {m} [ugs.]
dormice [genus Glis (only Glis glis)] [fat dormouse, edible dormouse]
Siebenschläfer {pl}zool.T
autobahn [only in reference to German-speaking countries]
Autobahn {f}traffic
[criminal offence prosecuted only upon application by the victim]
Antragsdelikt {n}law
afterpain [singular only]
Nachschmerz {m}
bloke [Br.] [coll.] [only in combination with an adj.] [pej.]
Knochen {m} [ugs.] [pej.] [Typ, Kerl]
depts [coll.] [short for: departments] [only written]
Abteilungen {pl}
club [only as the symbol on playing cards]
Treff {n} [Spielkarte mit Kreuz als Farbe; französisches Blatt] [Kreuz]games
denomination [only sg] [of names, etc.]
Nennung {f} [von Namen usw.]
designation [only sg] [of names, etc.]
Nennung {f} [von Namen usw.]
[a score of a work for voice(s) and instruments, but containing only the vocal line(s)]
Chorpartitur {f}mus.
[beer brewed for the workers only]
Haustrunk {m} [Bier]brew
[Gebrauchsmusik, German term for music that exists not only for its own sake ("utility music")]
F-Musik {f} [Gebrauchsmusik]mus.
[kitchen with window airing into the hallway only in tenement blocks]
Gangküche {f}archi.
[land which is only to be developed to a low level]
geringfügig bebautes Grundstück {n}
[one who has fathered only daughters]
Büchsenmacher {m} [ostd.] [fränk.] [ugs.] [hum.]
[part of a tenement house accessible only through a courtyard]
Hinterhaus {n}
[Schafkopf / sheepshead variant in which only the jacks are trumps]
Wenz {m} [Spielvariante beim Schafkopf]games
[the only maid-of-all-work in a household]
Alleinmädchen {n} [veraltet]
[wine pressed from grapes ripened on sideshoots only]
Irxenwein {m} [bes. österr.] [Härling, auch: Herbling, Herlinc, Herling oder Härtling]hist.oenol.
bit [Am.] [coll.] [amount equivalent to 12½ cents] [used only in even multiples]
[US-amerikan. Geldwert von 12½ cents]
Caesalpiniaceae [plant family] [only recognised as such by some taxonomists]
Johannisbrotgewächse {pl}bot.T
Bockshörndlbaumgewächse {pl} [österr.]bot.T
catch {sg only} [unevenness in a person's voice]
Stocken {n} [in der Stimme]
catwalk [usually only for operators, service personnel]
Laufgang {m} [in der Industriearchitektur eine Art schmale Brücke mit Geländer]archi.
Cycas [only genus recognised in the family Cycadaceae]
Sagopalmfarne {pl}bot.T
Cycas-Palmfarne {pl}bot.T
Drosophyllum [carnivorous, only plant genus of the family Drosophyllaceae]
Taublatt {n}bot.T
equidae [family Equidae (with the only extant genus Equus)]
Equiden {pl}zool.T
Pferdeartige {pl}zool.T
exploitation [only in a pej. sense]
Wurzerei {f} [bayer., österr.] [pej.] [Ausbeutung, Ausnutzung]
grampus [genus Grampus] [only species: Risso's dolphin]
Grampus {m} [einzige Art: Rundkopfdelfin]zool.T
haws [only the fruit of the hawthorn / whitethorn] [genus Crataegus]
Mehlbeeren {pl} [ugs.] [Beeren des Weißdorns / Crataegus]bot.T
hireling [pej.] [sb. who serves for pay only]
Söldling {m} [pej.] [jd., der nur des Geldes wegen zu Diensten steht]
kilter [only used in phrases, e.g.: in good kilter, out of kilter]
guter Zustand {m}
marginalia [plural only]
Marginalien {pl}
restraint [for wrist, foot, etc. to prevent motion, used only nights]
Nachtschiene {f}med.
the Moon <☾> [Earth's only natural satellite]
der Mond {m} <☾> [der einzige natürliche Satellit der Erde]astron.
tolling [price covers only processing, not raw materials]
Umarbeitungsgeschäft {n}material
Beistellungsgeschäft {n}material
zaprorids [family Zaproridae] [has only one extant member, Zaprora silenus]
Zaproriden {pl}fishT
for the [German side is for neuter nouns only]
fürs [für das]
Good day! [only to women]
Küss die Hand! [österr.] [veraltend] [Guten Tag, Auf Wiedersehen]
really clever {adj} [here iron. or pej.] [only putatively clever]
oberschlau [ugs.] [iron. od. pej.] [nur vermeintlich schlau]
recipient-oriented {adj} [with persons only]
women-only {adj} [attr.] [e.g. a women-only facility]
nur für Frauen [nachgestellt] [z. B. eine Einrichtung nur für Frauen]
to average (over sth.) [the only possible average]
den Mittelwert (aus etw.) bilden
to bestow sth. on sb. [material objects only]
jdm. etw.Akk. überreichen [Urkunde etc.]acad.
to correlate with sth. [only with impersonal subject]
mit etw. in Beziehung stehen
mit etw. korrelierenspec.
to do better [only in progressive form: he/she/etc./the firm is doing better]
bessergehen [nur unpersönlich: es geht mir/dir/usw./der Firma besser]
to pass undetected [of persons only, such as criminals]
unbehelligt bleiben [nicht entdeckt werden]
to proceed to [e.g. name of continent, country, region, town, cardinal direction - but only with article]
sich begeben in [geh.]
to proceed to [e.g. name of continent, country, town, island, cardinal direction - but only without article]
sich begeben nach [geh.]
to proceed to [e.g. name of island(s) - but only with article]
sich begeben auf [geh.]
to share jokes [also of only two people]
sichDat. Witze erzählen [auch von nur zwei Leuten]
bedding meadow [meadow producing grass for bedding only]
Streuwiese {f}agr.
bicep curl [exercising only one of the biceps brachii muscles]
Armbeuge {f}sports
chemist's shop [Br.] [OTC-drugs only]
Drogerie {f}comm.pharm.
composition teacher [female] [music composition only]
Kompositionslehrerin {f}educ.jobsmus.
edge case [occurs only at an extreme (maximum or minimum) parameter]
Grenzfall {m} [am äußersten Rand der Parameter]
editio princeps [Latin: first printed edition of the work, that previously had existed only in manuscripts]
Erstausgabe {f} <EA> [Editio princeps]publ.
fashion icon [male only]
Modezar {m}cloth.
Fighter Unit [term was only used by JV44]
Jagdverband {m} <JV> [Luftwaffe]mil.
GDT interface [for German administration software only]
Gerätedatentransfer-Schnittstelle {f} <GDT-Schnittstelle>comp.MedTech.
military navy [only in explicit contrast to merchant navy]
Kriegsmarine {f}
Seestreitmacht {f}
noise source [electronic noise only, e.g. background noise]
Rauschquelle {f}audioelectr.RadioTV
one-off [Br.] [coll.] [an event happening only once]
(bloß) einmaliges Ereignis {n}
one-off [Br.] [coll.] [something done or happening only once]
einmalige Angelegenheit {f}
only possibility [only way]
einzige Möglichkeit {f}
outer window [for winter only]
Winterfenster {n}archi.
outer windows [for winter only]
Vorfenster {pl}archi.hist.
parish council [Am.] [Louisiana only] [town or city council]
Stadtgemeinderat {m}lawpol.
pinochle deck [deck only, not the game]
Doppelkopfblatt {n} [nur Blatt, nicht das Spiel]games
potato dumplings [made from raw potatoes only]
rohe Klöße {pl}gastr.
potato dumplings [potato dough made from boiled potatoes only]
baumwollene Klöße {pl} [ugs. Baumwollne] [fränk.]gastr.
registration law [Bavarian 19th century law allowing only the firstborn male Jews to start a family]
Matrikelgesetz {n}
roller titles [plural only]
Rolltitel {pl}film
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