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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [other]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [other]

across {prep} [from one side to the other]
durch [+Akk.] [quer hindurch]
über [+Akk.] [quer über, von einer Seite zur anderen]
yet {adv} [up to now or until some other specific time]
across {prep} [on the other side]
jenseits [+Gen.]
otherwise {adj} [other than supposed] [postpos.]
anders [nachgestellt]
again {adv} [on the other hand]
See? [said to one other person]
Siehste? [ugs.]
Siehst du?
secured {adj} [guaranteed, typically by some other asset]
caring {adj} [for other people. esp. those ill or in need]
zugewandt [für andere Menschen offen]
[of a tree; so big that a man cannot put his arms around it with the fingertips just touching each other] {adj}
übergriffig [veraltet] [Baumstamm, den ein Mann nicht umklaftern kann]for.
[the other way round / around] {adv}
anders herum [FALSCH für: andersherum]
across {prep} [on the other side of]
auf der anderen Seite [+Gen.]
beyond {adv} [besides; other than]
either {adv} [any more than the other]
auch (nicht)
otherwise {adv} [by other means]
auf anderem Wege
otherwise {adv} [in other respects]
im Übrigen
over {adv} [postpos.] [on the other side of intervening space] [e.g. two streets over]
weiter [z. B. zwei Straßen weiter]
save {prep} [formal or literary] [except, other than]
mit Ausnahme [+Gen.] [oder: mit Ausnahme von (+Dat.)]
See? [said to two or more other people]
Seht ihr?
youns {pron} [Am.] [sl.] [chiefly Appalachia, but also sometimes used in other rural areas]
to construct sth. [form by putting other things together]
etw.Akk. zusammenstellen
to circulate sth. [a story, etc. by telling other people]
etw.Akk. weitererzählen [verbreiten, ausplaudern]
to embrace sth./sb. [to put one's arms around with the fingertips just touching each other; e.g. a tree, a person]
etw./jdn. umklaftern [veraltet] [mit ausgebreiteten Armen umfassen (sodass sich die Fingerspitzen eben berühren); z. B. einen Baum od. Menschen]
to banter [tease each other]
sich necken
einander necken
to denib sth. [to remove nibs trapped in a layer of paint or other finish]
etw. egalisieren [Lacknasen, Schmutzpartikel usw. einebnen]
to spoon [of two persons; to lie close to each other, like spoons in a drawer; also: to have sex in that position]
Löffelchen machen
to worry sth. [of a dog or other carnivorous animal]
an etw.Dat. mit den Zähnen zerren
order [the way in which people or things are placed or arranged in relation to each other]
Reihenfolge {f}
duplex [Am.] [two separate homes in one building, either one on top of the other or side by side]
Zweifamilienhaus {n}archi.constr.RealEst.
thoughtfulness [regarding other people etc.]
Rücksichtnahme {f}
[spiced biscuit in the shape of a human or other figure, eaten at Christmas]
Spekulatius {m}gastr.
attention [to other people's needs]
Rücksichtnahme {f}
dedication [of a book or other work of art]
Zueignung {f}
spread [two facing pages in a book or other publication]
Doppelseite {f}journ.publ.
cartoon [a full-size drawing for a painting or other work of art]
Karton {m} [letzter Entwurf für Wand-, Glasmalereien, Bildteppiche in Originalgröße auf starkem Papier]art
fixer [coll.] [person who makes arrangements for other people, esp. of an illicit or devious kind]
[Mittelsmann, der durch Schmiergeldzahlungen unlautere geschäftliche Transaktionen ermöglicht]
puncheon [large cask for liquids or other commodities, holding from 72 to 120 gallons]
Fass {n} [großes Fass für Flüssigkeiten oder andere Handelsware]comm.hist.
claw [pincer of a crab, scorpion, or other arthropod]
Schere {f} [Greifwerkzeug bestimmter Krebse und Spinnentiere]zool.
stuffer [an advertising circular that is enclosed with other material and (usually) sent by mail]
Stuffer {m} [kleiner Prospekt, der Postsendungen beigefügt wird]
ex [coll.] [former wife, girlfriend, or other partner in a relationship]
Verflossene {f} [ugs.] [frühere Ehefrau, Freundin, Lebensgefährtin]
dread [coll.] [also: Dread] [Rastafarian or any other person wearing dreadlocks]
Rasta {m} [ugs.] [hier: als Träger von Dreadlocks, oft nur der Mode wegen]
clamp [Br.] [heap of potatoes or other root vegetables stored under straw or earth]
Miete {f} [Kartoffel- oder Rübenmiete]agr.
expellee [ethnic and native Germans expelled from other countries after WW II]
Heimatvertriebener {m}
isolation [from other systems]
Abschluss {m}
ileus [obstruction of the ileum or other part of the intestine]
Ileus {m}med.
wash [kitchen slops and other food waste]
Schweinefutter {n}agr.
[a person who "looks the other way" in the face of a crime or misfortune]
Weggucker {m}
[an ethnic slur or hate word referring to a German, usually by a non-German or German not identifying with other Germans; cf. Kraut]
Krautfresser {m} [pej.] [oft Hasswort]
[foster home or other place that serves as a temporary home for abused and neglected children]
Jugendhilfeeinrichtung {f} [Deutschland]
[member of the cantonal parliament in Bern and other cantons]
Grossrat {m} [schweiz., regional]pol.
[noise of railcar buffers colliding with each other]
Pufferlärm {m}transp.
[one who looks the other way rather than intervening when others are in trouble]
Wegseher {m}
[recruitment agreements between Germany and Turkey and other South European countries during the Wirtschaftswunder (in force from 1955 to 1973)]
Anwerbeabkommen {n}pol.
[Title of honour in the Roman Catholic Church and other churches]
Geistlicher Rat {m}relig.
[total extirpation or other radical surgery]
Totaloperation {f} [ugs.] [Begriff ohne klare Bedeutung; wird für Operationen in verschiedenen Fachrichtungen verwendet]med.
[twins: one black, the other white]
Schachbrettzwillinge {pl} [ugs.]med.
[voices and harpsichord score without other instruments]
Cembalopartitur {f} [Partiturauszug]mus.
[voices and piano score without other instruments]
Klavierpartitur {f}mus.
[young girl, who in the company of other young girls, greets an important guest at a celebration]
Ehrenjungfrau {f} [veraltet]
abreuvoir [watering trough, fountain, or other installed basin for humans and/or animals]
Tränke {f} [für Mensch und Vieh]
aspersorium [a stoup, basin, or other vessel for holy water]
Aspersorium {n}relig.
Weihwasserbehälter {m}relig.
buck [Am.] [sl.] [used in place of "100" in combination with other numbers]
[stellvertretend für "100" verwendet in Verbindung mit anderen Zahlen]
call [instrument for imitating a particular bird or other animal]
Lockpfeife {f}huntingmus.
camouflage [here: flecktarn or any other fleck or spot pattern camouflage]
Tarnfleck {m} {n} [ugs.] [Flecktarn oder jede andere gefleckte Tarnkleidung]
clamps [Br.] [heaps of potatoes or other root vegetables stored under straw or earth]
Mieten {pl} [Kartoffel- oder Rübenmieten]agr.
eradication [of mentally ill and other unwanted people]
Ausmerze {f} [Nazi-Begriff] [Ausmerzung]hist.pol.
ex [coll.] [former husband, boyfriend, or other partner in a relationship]
Verflossener {m} [ugs.] [früherer Ehemann, Freund, Lebensgefährte]
feldsher [health care professional in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union]
Feldscher {m} [medizinische Hilfskraft in der Sowjetunion und im heutigen Russland]med.
mast [the fruit of the oak and beech or other forest trees, used as food for hogs and other animals]
Eichelmast {f}agr.hist.
Schweinemast {f} mit Eicheln [auch: Eichelmast od. Eckerich]agr.hist.
Mem [Hebrew letter, also in other alphabets]
Mem {n} [hebräischer Buchstabe, auch in anderen Alphabeten]ling.
mounting [of glass objects with silver or other metals]
Montierung {f} [von Glasobjekten mit Silber oder anderen Metallen]art
OH [Br.] [coll.] [other half]
bessere Hälfte {f} [ugs.]Internet
produce [agricultural and other natural products]
Ausbeute {f} [Ertrag in der Landwirtschaft]agr.
tanorexia [coll.] [excessive outdoor sun tanning or excessive use of other skin tanning methods]
Tanorexie {f}psych.
transferee [female] [transferred to an other department, subsidiary etc.]
Versetzte {f} [versetzte Mitarbeiterin]jobs
(in) tandem {adv} [one behind the other]
ceteris paribus [with other things the same]
ceteris paribus <c. p.; cet. par.> [alles andere bleibt gleich]spec.
common law {adj} [attr.] [other than Anglo-American]
drowned out {past-p} [by other noise]
heavily attended [of poetry and other classes, court sessions, etc.]
stark besucht [Übungen, Vorlesungen, Sitzungen]
in turn {adv} [one after the other]
Let's go. [by car or other vehicle]
Fahren wir.
nobody else {pron} [no other person]
sonst niemand
nobody else [no other person]
niemand anders [südd.] [österr.]
over there {adv} [on the other side of the Berlin wall]
to be off [to be free from work, school, or some other regular occupation]
frei haben
to duck underneath sth. [and pass to the other side]
sich unter etw.Dat. hindurchducken
to lark about [Br.] [coll.] [tease each other]
sich necken
einander necken
to lark around [Br.] [coll.] [tease each other]
sich necken
einander necken
to lay sth. up [take a ship or other vehicle out of service]
etw. stilllegen [aus dem Verkehr ziehen]
to link arms [with other people]
sich unterhaken
to slap hands [slap each other on the back of the hand; as a contest]
einander auf die Hände schlagen [als Wettstreit]
sich (gegenseitig) auf die Hände schlagen [als Wettstreit]
to spread sth. around [telling other people]
etw.Akk. herumerzählen
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