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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [single]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [single]
solitary {adj} [single]
solitary {adj} [unattached, single]
Tourist [acc. to the European Hotelstars Union] [single star]
Einstern [Sterneklasse, Hotelkategorie]gastr.TrVocab.
plain {adj} [single-coloured]
packaged {past-p} [separate items as a single unit]
konfektioniert [in gewissen Mengen abgepackt]comm.ind.
isolated {adj} [single]
single {adj} [e.g. single greatest achievement]
aller- [z. B. allergrößte Leistung]
to defeat sb. [usually only for a time or in a single event, e.g. a sporting match]
jdm. eine Schlappe beibringen / erteilen [ugs.] [Redewendung]
to file [for walking in single file]
sich zum Gänsemarsch aufstellen
to file [walk in single file]
im Gänsemarsch marschieren
to improvise [esp. as a single person]
frei phantasierenartmus.
condominium [Am.: single apartment]
Eigentumswohnung {f}RealEst.
breath [single act of breathing in or out]
Atemzug {m}
Schnaufer {m} [ugs.] [Atemzug]
house [designed for a single family]
Einfamilienhaus {n}
crime [single act]
Tat {f} [Verbrechen]law
copy [top copy, single copy]
Ausfertigung {f}
pass [a short single sweep by an aircraft]
Vorbeiflug {m}
breakaway [single cyclist]
Ausreißer {m}sports
turn [a conductor or group of conductors formed in a single conducting loop] [IEC 60050]
Windung {f} [IEC 60050]electr.
guard [single soldier]
Wachposten {m}mil.
Wache {f} [Wachposten]mil.
breath [(audible) single act of breathing in or out]
Schnauf {m} [schweiz.] [regional] [(hörbarer) Atemzug]
[intervention against a single state led by the central government to enforce imperial law in German empires]
Reichsexekution {f}hist.lawpol.
[attractive peculiarity, as a single trait, or of the whole character]
Apartheit {f} [selten] [Apartsein, apartes Wesen, reizvolle Eigenart]
bacillus [oblong single cell microorganism]
Bacillus {m} [Bakterie länglicher Form]
cultivator [single tine cultivator]
Sauzahn {m} [einzinkiger Grubber]
guillemets [double « and » or single ‹ and ›]
französische Anführungszeichen {pl} [Spitzen nach außen: « », ‹ ›]ling.print
hamstring [in quadrupeds: the single large tendon found behind the knee or comparable area]
langer Sitzbeinmuskel {m} [z. B. beim Pferd]VetMed.zool.
leg [a single game of darts]
Leg {n}sports
rank [single line of soldiers drawn up abreast]
Rotte {f} [veraltet] [Reihe von hintereinander stehenden Soldaten]mil.
roomette [Am.] [small private single room on a railroad sleeping car]
Einzelabteil {n} [im Schlafwagen]rail
satoshi [a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin]
Satoshi {m} [ein Hundertmillionstel eines Bitcoins]comp.curr.
scallop [short] [scallop shell; a single valve from the shell of a scallop]
Muschelschale {f} [eine Schalenhälfte der Kamm-Muschel]zool.
smithery [single piece of work]
Schmiedearbeit {f}
sporf [a single eating utensil combining the properties of a spoon, fork, and knife]
[Löffel-Messer-Gabel-Kombinationsbesteck; alle Funktionen in einem Utensil]tools
stentor [trumpet-shaped single-celled animal]
Trompetentierchen {n}zool.
support [single person]
Nebendarsteller {m}filmtheatre
toxotids [family Toxotidae, with the single genus Toxotes]
Schützenfische {pl}fish
widow [a single short line of text continued at the top of a new column]
Hängezeile {f} [Ausgangszeile am Seiten- oder Kolumnenanfang]print
wings [the single curtains]
Schals {pl}theatre
for one, ... {adv} [with a single given example, often the most obvious or important one]
vor allem ...
single most {adv} {adj} [e.g. single most important]
aller- [z. B. allerwichtigste]
Superior Tourist [acc. to the European Hotelstars Union] [single star + S]
Einstern-Superior [Sterneklasse, Hotelkategorie]gastr.TrVocab.
to call sb. 'Ihr' [address a single person as "thou"] [archaic]
jdn. ihrzen [eine einzelne Person mit "Ihr" anreden] [veraltet]hist.
abstract painting [single work]
abstraktes Gemälde {n}art
acoustic shock [noise-induced hearing loss resulting from a single brief exposure to an intense sound]
Knalltrauma {n} [z. B. durch Feuerwaffen od. Knallkörper]audio
axillary hair [single hair]
Achselhaar {n} [einzelnes Haar]
border guard [single person]
Grenzschutzbeamter {m}jobsmil.pol.
cat hair [single hair]
Katzenhaar {n}
city walls {sg} [of a single city]
Stadtmauer {f}
corporate policy [single guideline out of a set]
Konzernrichtlinie {f} [einzelne Richtlinie]
costume design [for a single type of costume]
Kostümentwurf {m}theatre
cup system [single-elimination tournament]
Pokalsystem {n}sports
K.-o.-System {n}sports
dog dirt [single pile]
Hundstrümmerl {n} [österr.] [ugs.]
dog hair [single hair]
Hundehaar {n}
dragon slaying [also: dragonslaying] [single event]
Drachenmord {m}myth.
Drachentötung {f}myth.
ear hair [single hair]
Ohrhaar {n}
employment statistic <ES> [a single statistic]
Beschäftigtenstatistik {f} [Einzelstatistik]jobsstat.
facial hair [single hair]
Gesichtshaar {n}
fancy words [single words]
ausgefallene Wörter {pl}
inadmissible evidence [single piece of evidence]
unzulässiger Beweis {m}law
individual problem [single problem]
Einzelproblem {n}
individual risk [a single risk]
Einzelrisiko {n}
lone nut [Am.] [sl.] [single perpetrator of a major crime in which conspiracy is suspected]
(verrückter) Einzeltäter {m}
nose hair [single hair]
Nasenhaar {n}
presidential elections [may refer to both a single vote and several votes]
Präsidentschaftswahlen {pl} [kann sowohl eine einzelne Wahl meinen als auch mehrere]
Raspberry Pi <RPI> [a credit card-sized single-board computer]
Raspberry Pi {m} <RPI> [ein kreditkartengroßer Einplatinencomputer]comp.
sailor's telescope [single-draw telescope]
Seemannsfernrohr {n}naut.optics
shocking words [single words]
abscheuliche Wörter {pl}
single mom [Am.] [coll.] [single mother]
alleinerziehende Mutter {f}
single quote [single quotation mark]
einfaches Anführungszeichen {n}ling.
single sourcing <SS> [single-source publishing]
Single-Source-Publishing {n} <SSP> [z. B. technische Dokumentationen]comp.
singlepoint tool [also single-point tool, single point tool]
Schneidmeißel {m}engin.mining
SLR (camera) [short for: single-lens reflex camera]
SR-Kamera {f} [kurz für: (einäugige) Spiegelreflexkamera]photo.
social housing [single unit]
Sozialwohnung {f}RealEst.
SPDT switch [Single Pole Double Throw]
einpoliger Wechselschalter {m} <SPDT-Schalter>electr.
SSB receiver [single sideband]
Einseitenbandempfänger {m}
tap roots [coll.] [sl.] [single-rooted teeth]
Pfahlwurzeln {pl}dent.
titular nation [nation that takes its name from the single dominant ethnic group inhabiting it]
Titularnation {f}pol.
twin bed [one of a pair of single beds]
Einzelbett {n} [eines von zwei gleichen, getrennt stehenden Betten]furn.
twin beds [two single beds in one room]
zwei Einzelbetten {pl}
unit list [single-level bill of material]
Baukastenstückliste {f} [DIN 199-1]tech.
violent crime [single act]
Gewaltverbrechen {n}law
to sway along to sth. [a song] [as a single person]
etw.Akk. mitschunkeln [regional] [ein Lied]
common window glass [single-strength glass]
Einfach-Fensterglas {n} [auch: Einfachfensterglas]constr.
one-book accounting [single-entry accounting]
Einheitsbuchführung {f}
pull (along) toy [single item]
Nachziehspielzeug {n}toys
single naved church [also: single-naved church]
Saalkirche {f}archi.relig.
single-lever control [also: single lever control]
Einhebelschaltung {f}tech.
single-pole switch [also: single pole switch]
einpoliger Schalter {m}electr.
single-shaft shredder [also: single shaft shredder]
Einwellenzerkleinerer {m}tech.
staff of Aesculapius [has only a single snake and no wings]
Äskulapstab {m} [Stab mit einer gewundenen Schlange (Symbol für Medizin und Pharmazie), Apotheke (Kartenzeichen)] [Unicode: U+2695 (9877)]med.pharm.print
(single) post-like root [rare] [single-rooted tooth]
Pfahlwurzel {f}dent.
C-1 / C1 (canoe) [canoe single]
Canadier-Einer {m} <C1> [Kanu]sports
Einer-Kanadier / Einer-Canadier {m} <C1> [Kanu]sports
single European Economic Area [also: single European economic area]
einheitlicher europäischer Wirtschaftsraum {m}EU
single transverse palmar crease [also: single palmar transverse crease]
Sperrlinie {f} [veraltet] [Vierfingerfurche]anat.
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