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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [social]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [social]

normalized {adj} [conforming to a social norm or standard]
asocial {adj} [anti-social]
[of or relating to the social partnership] {adj}
standardized {adj} [brought into conformity with a social standard]
damaged {adj} [by social factors] [people]
déclassée {adj} [rare.: of a woman who has lost social status]
sozial abgesunken
déclassée {adj} [rare.: of a woman, having lost social standing]
heruntergekommen [ugs.]
to overthrow sth. [e.g. the social order]
etw.Akk. umstürzen [gewaltsam ändern oder beseitigen, z. B. die Gesellschaftsordnung]pol.sociol.
to friend sb. [on a social networking site]
jdn. adden [Jargon] [dem Verzeichnis der Freunde hinzufügen]Internet
to obtain sth. [esp. knowledge, social standing etc.]
sichDat. etw.Akk. erwerben [Wissen, Reputation etc.]
welfare [esp. Am.] [social security]
Sozialhilfe {f}
benefits {pl} [social benefits]
Unterstützung {f} [Sozialleistung]fin.
rung [of a ladder] [also fig.: of the social ladder, of the career ladder]
Sprosse {f} [einer Leiter] [auch fig.: der sozialen Leiter, der Karriereleiter]
benefit [social etc.]
Leistung {f} [einer Versicherung, sozial]
benefit [Br.] [social security b.]
Sozialhilfe {f}
degree [archaic] [social rank]
Stand {m} [Gesellschaftsstand]sociol.
commerce [dated] [social dealings]
Umgang {m} [gesellschaftlich]
benefits {pl} [social benefits etc.]
Beihilfe {f}admin.fin.
party [social event]
Gesellschaft {f}
conditions [social, economic]
Gegebenheiten {pl}
isolation [social, political]
Ausgrenzung {f}
pretensions [social, cultural, etc.]
Ambitionen {pl}
drinks {pl} [social gathering]
Umtrunk {m}
restraints [economic, social, etc.]
Zwänge {pl} [ökonomische, gesellschaftliche etc.]
escort [at social event]
Begleitung {f}
entitlement [for social benefits etc.]
Bezugsrecht {n}fin.
mixer [Am.] [social event]
Kennenlernparty {f}
participation [of any social group]
Mitbestimmung {f} [dieser oder jener gesellschaftlichen Gruppe]pol.sociol.
[competition between countries in a globalised world to reduce wages, company taxes and social security payments]
Dumpingwettlauf {m} [ugs.]econ.
[geography, geology, biology, social science and history of a province]
Landeskunde {f}
bee [social gathering for a specific purpose] [chiefly Am.]
Arbeitskreis {m}
sphere [field of activity, social world]
Lebensbereich {m}
[German social welfare Law for asylum seekers]
Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz {n}law
class [social class]
Gesellschaftsschicht {f}sociol.
distemper [esp. political or social]
Unruhe {f} [politisch oder sozial]pol.
escort [at social event, on a journey etc.]
Begleitperson {f}
almoner [Br.] [today: medical social worker]
Fürsorger {m} [im Krankenhaus]
station [dated] [social rank or position]
Stand {m} [soziale Stellung]sociol.
(gesellschaftlicher) Rang {m}sociol.
welfare [esp. Am.] [social welfare]
Stütze {f} [ugs.] [Sozialhilfe]
beneficiary [social help]
Hilfsempfänger {m}admin.sociol.
provider [of a social service, institution]
Träger {m} [einer sozialen Einrichtung]
[ceremony in which teenagers are given adult social status, esp. in the former GDR]
Jugendweihe {f}hist.pol.
debutante [girl or young woman regarded as being upper-class and of a frivolous social set]
[leichtlebige junge Frau der Oberklasse, vermögendes Partygirl]
[administrative measures which discourage or prevent people from applying for social benefits]
vertreibende Hilfe {f}admin.sociol.spec.
[clerical welfare and social work]
Diakonie {f} [bes. ev. Kirche]relig.
[costs of social safety net]
Sozialversicherungen {pl}admin.
[derogatory term for the Social Democratic Party of Germany during and after WWI]
Kaisersozialisten {pl} [pej.]hist.
[diversity in perception between the conservative German-speaking and the liberal French-speaking parts of Switzerland, especially regarding political and social issues]
Röstigraben {m} [schweiz.] [fig.]pol.sociol.
[fear of losing social status]
Abstiegsangst {f} [sozialer Status]sociol.
[German Social Democratic Party youth organisation members]
Jusos {pl} [Jungsozialistinnen und Jungsozialisten der SPD]pol.
[German social networking platform exclusively for school students]
schülerVZ® {n}
[official organ of the Austrian Socialist / Social Democratic Party]
Arbeiterzeitung {f}hist.journ.
[one who has declined in social status]
Absteiger {m} [gesellschaftlich]
[paramilitary organization of the Social Democratic Party in Austria, 1923 - 1934]
Republikanischer Schutzbund {m}hist.
[political, social and economic agreements made between West Germany and some Eastern bloc countries in the early 1970s]
Ostverträge {pl}hist.
[social worker specialized in helping disabled persons live rich and fulfilling lives] [female]
Heilerziehungspflegerin {f}jobs
[social, cultural and educational centre, established by the Social Democratic Party]
Arbeiterheim {n} [auch Volksheim, Volkshaus]archi.educ.hist.
[traditional greeting of social democrats, socialists and communists]
[trained employee in the field of social insurance] [female]
Sozialversicherungsfachangestellte {f}jobs
[usu. derogatory term for social democrats or socialists, cf. lefties]
Sozen {pl} [ugs.] [meist pej.] [Sozialdemokraten, Sozialisten]pol.
bash [coll.] [party, social event]
(wilde) Feier {f} [Fete]
chatterboxing [using social media to comment on TV programmes while watching them]
[Kommentieren von laufenden Fernsehsendungen im Netz]Internetneol.RadioTV
CouchSurfing® [global homestay and social networking service accessible via a website and mobile app.]
Couchsurfing® {n} [kostenloses Übernachten in Wohnungen anderer Mitglieder eines gleichnamigen Netzwerks im Internet]TrVocab.
counselling [Br.] [social]
soziale Beratung {f}
escort [female] [at social event etc.]
Begleiterin {f}
estate [social rank]
Rang {m} [Gesellschaftsstand]hist.sociol.
Fuggerei [ancient social housing complex in Augsburg, Germany]
Fuggerei {f}hist.spec.urban
inferiority [in rank, social position, etc.]
Untergebenheit {f} [Untergeordnetsein]
injustice [esp. towards social groups]
Gerechtigkeitslücke {f} [Ungerechtigkeit]lawpol.sociol.
jargon [of a social group or profession]
Standessprache {f}ling.
maladjustment [social behavior]
Unangepasstheit {f}biol.sociol.
mésalliance [marriage with a person of lower social status]
Mesalliance {f} [geh.] [nicht standesgemäße Ehe]
microassault [social psychology / discrimination]
Mikroangriff {m} [Sozialpsychologie / Diskriminierung]
microinsult [social psychology / discrimination]
Mikrobeleidigung {f} [Sozialpsychologie / Diskriminierung]
microinvalidation [social psychology / discrimination]
Mikroentwertung {f} [Sozialpsychologie / Diskriminierung]
nobility [as a social class]
Adelsschicht {f}
position [social rank]
(gesellschaftlicher) Rang {m}sociol.
smoker [esp. Am.] [informal social gathering for men]
Männerrunde {f} [zwangloses Beisammensein]
threefolding [social theory originated by Rudolf Steiner]
Dreigliedrigkeit {f} [soziologische Theorie entwickelt von Rudolf Steiner]philos.sociol.spec.
unfriending [social network sites]
Entfreundung {f}neol.
socially awkward {adj} [lacking communicative and social competence]
sozial inkompetent
to affiliate to sth. [e.g. a social network]
sich.Akk. etw.Dat. affiliieren [angliedern]
to be woke [sl.] [mostly used humorously in social media]
helle sein [ugs.]
to engage in sth. [in politics, social work, etc.]
sich in etw.Dat. engagieren [in der Politik, der Sozialarbeit etc.]
to marry down [to wed sb. with a social status below one's own]
eine schlechte Partie machen [Heirat]
to marry up [to marry sb. with a social status above one's own]
sich hochheiraten
case work [in social work]
soziale Einzelbetreuung {f}
contact anxiety [physical or social]
Kontaktangst {f}
counseling service [Am.] [in the social field]
Beratungsdienstleistung {f} [im sozialen Bereich]
counselling service [in the social field] [Br.]
Beratungsdienstleistung {f} [im sozialen Bereich]
desire path [esp. Am.] [also: desire line, social trail, goat track or bootleg trail]
Trampelpfad {m}geogr.
family balancing [euphem. for sex selection] [also: social sexing]
Geschlechtsauswahl {f} [IVF] [präimplantativ]
fellow estates [other social orders of the same society]
Mitstände {pl}hist.sociol.
flight shame [social campaign]
Flugscham {f}aviat.ecol.
friends list [social networking]
Freundesliste {f} [soziales Netzwerken]Internet
genre picture [description of the customs or way of life of a society, social class etc.]
Sittenbild {n} [Beschreibung der Sitten einer bestimmten Epoche, eines bestimmten Volkes oder bestimmter Schichten]sociol.
grand theory [pej.] [overly abstract, universal social theory detached from real life]
Grand Theory {f} [pej.] [abstrakte, abgehobene universelle Theorie]sociol.
immanent critique [cultural analysis identifying contradictions in social conventions]
Immanente Kritik {f}philos.
industrial relations {pl} [social partnership]
Sozialpartnerschaft {f}
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