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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [some]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [some]
any {adj} {pron} [some, no matter which]
irgendeiner [m. sing.]
yet {adv} [up to now or until some other specific time]
once {adv} [at some time in the past]
einst [geh.] [früher (einmal), vor langer Zeit]
any {pron} [some, no matter which]
irgendwelche [pl]
irgendeine [f. sing.]
literally {adv} [coll.] [with some exaggeration]
archaic {adj} [no longer in general use, but still found in some contemporary texts (e.g. the Bible) and generally understood; a stronger term than »dated«, but not as strong as »obsolete«]
some {adv} [some such]
irgend [irgend ein] [+ indef. Artikel]
finished {adj} {past-p} [brought to an end; also: personally ruined or failed in some major role]
erledigt [beendet, fertig; auch ugs.: ruiniert, am Ende (Person)]
quite {adv} [to some degree]
recht [ziemlich, ganz]
somewhen {adv} [some time] [rare, perceived as archaic or non-standard unless used as a stylistic device, esp. in combination with "somewhere" etc.]
any {adj} [some, no matter which]
irgendeiner [f. sing. Gen. und Dat.]
once {adv} [at some time in the past, formerly]
einstmals [geh.] [früher (einmal)]
vormals <vorm.>
einstens [geh.] [früher (einmal), vor langer Zeit]
over {adv} [at some distance, as in a direction indicated]
some {pron} [some people]
manche [manche Menschen, einige Leute]
some {adv} [coll.] [in some degree]
secured {adj} [guaranteed, typically by some other asset]
sometimes {adv} [in some cases]
teilweise [manchmal, in einigen Fällen]
Alki [also: Al-ki] [USA] [Washington state motto (Chinook Jargon): By and by / Some day]
[Motto des US-Staates Washington; Chinook-Jargon: Irgendwann]pol.
safely {adv} [with some certainty]
mit ziemlicher Sicherheit
some {adv} [coll.] [a little, to some degree]
ein wenig
ein bisschen
somewhat {adv} [to some extent]
ein Stück weit [zum Teil, in gewisser Hinsicht]
tarblish {adv} [Br.] [regional] [to some extent, reasonably, fairly]
to crack [get a crack in some material]
platzen [einen Riss etc. bekommen, zerspringen]
to stay [spend some time]
verweilen [geh.]
to supervise sth. [an activity of some person or organization]
etw. begleiten [fig.] [kritisch überwachen]
to trouser sth. [some form of money] [coll.]
etw. einstecken [Geld]
to dump [extract data from some source]
einen Auszug machencomp.
to fuss [put oneself to some bother]
sichDat. (viele) Umstände machen
to lack [Ex.: Some people lack humour.]
jdm. abgehen [fehlen, mangeln] [Bsp.: Einigen Leuten geht der Humor ab.]
to spout [coll.] [pej.] [talk or speak at some length or in an oratorical manner]
große Reden halten [pej.]
to waterlog sth. [that will take up some liquid, e.g. soil]
etw. sich mit Wasser vollsaugen lassen
doe [female of some herbivorous mammals]
Weibchen {n} [von einigen pflanzenfressenden Säugetieren]zool.
[a customer in a shop who just wants to inform himself, to compare prices, or to bridge some time]
Sehkunde {m}comm.
burgomaster [title given to chief magistrates in some Dutch, Flemish, German or Austrian towns]
Bürgermeister {m} [einer deutschsprachigen, flämischen oder niederländischen Stadt]jobspol.
marquis [(in some European countries) a nobleman ranking above a count and below a duke]
Marquis {m}hist.
disruption [interference in some activity]
Behinderung {f} [Störung, Unterbrechung]
[assassination by some secret political organization]
Fememord {m}
[German name for some owls of the Strigidae family]
Kauz {m}orn.
[political, social and economic agreements made between West Germany and some Eastern bloc countries in the early 1970s]
Ostverträge {pl}hist.
Caesalpiniaceae [plant family] [only recognised as such by some taxonomists]
Johannisbrotgewächse {pl}bot.
Bockshörndlbaumgewächse {pl} [österr.]bot.
cipher [on the organ, a note that persists in sounding through some failure in the action]
Hänger {m} [hängenbleibender Ton, bes. Orgel]mus.
clergyperson [female] [gender-neutral term, considered by some faddish or offensive]
Pfarrerin {f}relig.
clergyperson [male] [gender-neutral term, considered by some faddish or offensive]
Pfarrer {m}relig.
coenurus [larval stage of some tapeworm species]
Drehwurm {m} [Coenurus cerebralis] [Finne einer Bandwurmart]med.VetMed.zool.
drive [united effort to accomplish some specific purpose]
(gemeinsame) Aktion {f} [z. B. Spendenaktion]
ectomy [surgical removal of a part, usually of some magnitude, e.g. jaw, stomach, colon etc.]
Ektomie {f}med.
etui [rare but some usage esp. in sewing]
Etui {n}
geiko [geisha in some Japanese districts / dialects]
Geiko {f} [Geisha in einigen japanischen Distrikten / Dialekten]jobsspec.
Hottentotten [name used from Europeans during the colonial time for some tribes in Namibia and South Africa]
Hottentotten {pl} [Bezeichnung der Europäer für einige Stämme in Namibia und Südafrika während der Kolonialzeit]ethn.hist.
lump [amorphous mass of some substance, e.g. soil]
Patzen {m} [österr.] [bayer.] [Klumpen]
philosemitism [in some contexts pej.] [also: philo-Semitism]
Philosemitismus {m} [oft pej.]relig.spec.
poll [esp. the region between the ears of some quadrupeds (as a horse)]
Genick {n}VetMed.zool.
speculum [patch, often distinctly coloured, on the inner remiges of some birds]
Spiegel {m} [auffällig gefärbte Stelle am Vogelflügel]orn.
Flügelspiegel {m} [auffällig gefärbte Stelle am Vogelflügel]orn.
wampum [strings or belts of shell beads, used as money etc. by some Native Americans]
Wampum {n} [Gürtel aus Muscheln und Schnecken als Zahlungsmittel und Urkunde bei einigen Indianerstämmen Nordamerikas]ethn.
Forget you! [dubbed version in some movies for "Fuck you!"]
Fick dich! [vulg.]
off-kilter {adj} [coll.] [strange, not right in some way]
seltsam [nicht normal]
run over {adj} {past-p} [typically by some vehicle]
umgefahren [angefahren, überfahren]
sort of {adv} [coll.] [to some extent]
to be off [to be free from work, school, or some other regular occupation]
frei haben
to drink away sth. [to waste some resource like money, health on drink]
etw. versaufen [ugs.] [Lohn, Verstand]
to get to ... [arrive at some place]
kommen nach ...Dat. [an einem Ort ankommen]
to make sb./sth. out [manage with some difficulty to see sb./sth.]
jdn./etw. erkennen [in der Ferne]
arm shield [award for service in some special campaigns, WW II German Armed Forces]
Ärmelschild {m} [Auszeichnung für die Teilnahme an besonderen Einsätzen, 2. WK, dt. Wehrmacht]
embroidered belt [part of some traditional costumes]
Ranzen {m} [Gürtel]cloth.
excise stamp [type of revenue stamp affixed to some exciseable goods]
Banderole {f} [Steuerzeichen]
execution period ['execution' in sense of 'performing some act]
Ausführungsfrist {f}
high court [in some countries]
Obergericht {n} [in einigen Ländern]law
morality police [religious police in some Islamic countries]
Moralpolizei {f} [in einigen islamischen Ländern]
operating terminal [a terminal which operates some device, not necessarily a terminal currently in operation]
Arbeitsterminal {n}
short delay [typically before some significant event]
Galgenfrist {f}
after some minutes {adv} [some minutes later]
nach einigen Minuten [einige Minuten danach]
God be damned! [offensive to some]
Gottverdammt! [ugs.]
Here you are. [said when being given, for example, some food or drink]
(Hier) bitte schön.
taking account of [some situation]
rücksichtlich [irgendeines Sachverhalt(e)s]
to break a bill [Am.] [fig.] [give change for some paper money]
einen Geldschein wechseln
to step on it [coll.] [increase the effort or tempo of some activity]
einen Schritt zulegenidiom
Give it to me! [forceful request for some object, said to one person]
Gib her! [ugs.]
somewhere along the line {adv} [coll.] [at some time]
to sport the / one's oak [Br.] [in some universities]
die Tür verschlossen halten
(für Besucher) nicht zu sprechen / zu Hause sein
eleven-plus / 11-plus [test in the last year of primary education in some parts of England and Northern Ireland]
[Prüfung im letzten Jahr der Grundschule in Teilen von England und Nordirland]educ.
site of the fissure [crack in some material including bones]
Rissstelle {f}
I can't help all of you. [I can help some, but not all]
Ich kann euch / Ihnen nicht allen helfen.
It's as clear as mud now, isn't it? [hum.] [mostly after some explanation]
Alle Klarheiten beseitigt? [hum.] [Verstehst du die Sache jetzt?]
We wouldn't be caught dead with men. Rough, hairy beasts with eight hands. And all they want is just one thing from a girl. [Some Like It Hot]
Wir würden uns mit Männern niemals abgeben. Diese schrecklichen haarigen Biester, die alles antatschen müssen. Und dabei wollen sie alle nur dasselbe von einem Mädchen.filmquote
You win some, you lose some.
Man kann nicht immer gewinnen.proverb
Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen.idiom
Mal gewinnste, mal verlierste. [ugs.]idiom
A French Vampire in America [John Landis] [alternative title in some regions of "Innocent Blood"]
Bloody Marie – Eine Frau mit BissFfilm
Some Lie and Some Die [Ruth Rendell]
Phantom in RotFlit.
Zootropolis [renamed title, used in the UK, some other European countries and the Middle East, original title: Zootopia] [Byron Howard, Rich Moore]
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