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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [that]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [that]

there {adv} [to that place]
provided {conj} [that]
then {adv} [at that time]
there {adv} [in that respect; on that matter / issue]
da [in dieser Hinsicht; in dieser Sache / Angelegenheit]
whereas {conj} [considering that]
da [in Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass]
hopefully {adv} [sentence adverb: it is to be hoped that ...]
thenceforth {adv} [archaic or literary] [from that time onward]
von Stund an [geh.] [veraltend]
thither {adv} [archaic or literary] [to that place]
understandably {adv} [for reasons that are easy to understand or sympathise with]
so {conj} [in order that]
auf dass [veraltend]
videlicet {adv} <viz> [namely, i.e, that is to say]
granted {conj} [that] ...
angenommen, ...
thereupon {adv} [formal] [immediately after (and as a result of) that]
daraufhin [direkt danach und infolgedessen]
twee {adj} [Br.] [pej.] [cute in a way that is silly or sentimental]
niedlich [hier pej.] [auf kitschige, gezierte oder lächerliche Weise 'goldig']
that {adv} [so] [e.g. that much, that furious]
so [dermaßen] [z. B. so viel, so wütend]
seeming {adj} [sth. which / that seems]
nervous {adj} [wine that has goodly amounts of alcohol and acidity in balance]
caring {prefix} [descriptor for a person or place that gives care]
then {adv} [after that]
alsdann [geh.] [dann, sodann]
palpable {adj} [tumor etc. that can be felt]
ertastbar [Tumor u. ä.]med.
caring {adj} [government or society that is concerned about human welfare]
sozial [mitmenschlich]
dative {adj} [that may be given]
twee {adj} [Br.] [pej.] [sweet or cute in a way that is silly or sentimental]
putzig [ugs.] [hier pej.] [possierlich auf kitschige, gezierte oder lächerliche Weise]
understandably {adv} [for reasons that are easy to understand]
that {conj} [in order that]
[of a tree; so big that a man cannot put his arms around it with the fingertips just touching each other] {adj}
übergriffig [veraltet] [Baumstamm, den ein Mann nicht umklaftern kann]for.
yond {pron} [obs., Middle English] [that one]
[German quote from 1806 to the effect that peace and order are the citizen's first duty]
Ruhe ist die erste Bürgerpflicht. [Redewendung]quote
[late (deceased)] {adj} [attr.] [may in German be used colloquially hum. for things that do not exist any longer, besides the standard meaning for persons which is becoming old-fashioned]
seligen Angedenkens [nachgestellt] [ugs. hum.] [einstig, früher] [nicht Personen betreffend]
[quote from a popular German TV sketch, used to express that everything was better in the past; literally: "There was more lametta (on the Christmas tree) in the old days."]
Früher war mehr Lametta. [Loriot, aus „Weihnachten bei Hoppenstedts“; verallgemeinert verwendet im Sinne von „Früher war alles besser.“]quote
[so much colder, that you need an extra jacket] {adj}
einen Kittel kälter [südd.] [regional] [Redewendung]
[sth. is so built that it obstructs the view of and/or access to sth.]
etw. ist von etw.Dat. verbaut [Aussicht, Zugang]
[that / which / who] {pron}
der wo [südd.] [ugs.] [der]
die wo [südd.] [ugs.] [die]
das wo [südd.] [ugs.] [das]
[used e.g. by actors to answer a good wish out of the superstition that giving thanks would bring bad luck]
Wird schon schiefgehen! [ugs.]proverb
[we/they/you] ain't [nonstandard] [haven't] [e.g. we ain't heard that]
[wir/sie/Sie] haben nicht [Partizip]
ahermatypic {adj} [of a coral: that does not build coral reefs]
nicht riffbildend [Koralle]biol.zool.
already {adv} [used to emphasize that a situation or problem exists]
sowieso schon
ohnehin schon
eh schon [ugs.]
crustic {adj} [a phrase that begins on a downbeat]
fakeable {adj} [that which can be faked or falsified]
falsy {adj} [value that is coerced to false]
[nicht boolscher Wert, der bei impliziter Typenumwandlung zu false wird]comp.
heretofore {adv} [up until that time]
bis dahin
lest {conj} [formal or literary] [for fear that; in order to prevent]
aus Furcht, dass [um zu verhindern, dass; damit nicht]
Lookit! [child's language] [look at that]
Schau da!
thenceforward {adv} [archaic or literary] [from that time onward]
seit jener Zeit [geh.]
truthy {adj} [value that is coerced to true]
[nicht boolscher Wert, der bei impliziter Typenumwandlung zu true wird]comp.
to figure [that ... ] [Am.] [coll.] [reckon, think]
schätzen [, dass ... ] [ugs.] [annehmen, vermuten]
to foster sb. [bring up a child that is not one's own by birth]
jdn. aufziehen [ein Findelkind, ein Pflegekind]
to ignore sth. [sth. that is heard]
etw. überhören [auf eine Äußerung o. Ä. absichtlich nicht reagieren]
to hold [be of the opinion (that)]
dafürhalten [geh.] [der Meinung sein (dass)]
to give sb. sth. [allow sb. a feature that has been referred to before, e.g. fairness]
jdm. etw.Akk. lassen [eine Eigenschaft zugestehen]
[to scream so loudly that it can be heard all down the street]
häuserweit schreien
[to treat a wine barrel, e.g. with steam vapour, so that the wine does not become spoiled]
etw.Akk. weingrün machen [Behandlungsvorgang bei Weinfässern, um unwillkommenen Geschmacksbeeinflussungen vorzubeugen]oenol.spec.
to boast sth. [to possess a feature that is a source of pride]
etw. (stolz) vorzuweisen haben
to disinter sth. [something that is well hidden, e.g. a collection of writings]
etw. wieder ausgraben [fig.] [z. B. ein Buch, Sachen von früher]
to modularise [Br.] [to devise a process that uses modules]
to modularize [to devise a process that uses modules]
to spoon [of two persons; to lie close to each other, like spoons in a drawer; also: to have sex in that position]
Löffelchen machen
to waterlog sth. [that will take up some liquid, e.g. soil]
etw. sich mit Wasser vollsaugen lassen
foil [sth. that serves as a contrast to another]
Gegenstück {n} [Gegenteil]
statistics {pl} [science that collects and interprets numerical data] [treated as sg.] <stats>
Statistik {f}stat.
Hakenkreuz [a swastika, esp. that used as the emblem of the Nazi party and the Third Reich]
Hakenkreuz {n}
exciter [thing that excites]
Aufreger {m}journ.
nag [coll.] [often pej.] [a horse, esp. one that is old or in poor health]
Gaul {m} [bes. ostd. u. südd., sonst veraltend oder pej.] [Pferd]
foil [character that serves as a contrast to another]
Kontrastfigur {f}
backup [sb. or sth. that supports or is held in reserve]
Absicherung {f} [Reserve]
bullpen [esp. Am.] [coll.] [a business office that is not divided into individual compartments]
Großraumbüro {n}
cloakroom [Br.] [room that contains a toilet or toilets]
Toilette {f} [Raum]
guarantor [person, thing that gives or acts as a guarantee]
Garant {m}
ribbon [a panel that houses a fixed arrangement of command buttons and icons]
Multifunktionsleiste {f} [Ribbon]comp.
hangover [custom etc. that survives from the past]
Überbleibsel {n} [ugs.] [fig.]
handiwork [fig.] [sth. that one has made or done]
Werk {n} [Produkt eigener Arbeit]
paradox [a seemingly contradictory statement that might be true] [a self-contradictory statement that at first seems true]
Paradoxon {n} [geh.] [Widerspruch in sich selbst]
junk {sg} [coll.] [old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value]
Klamotten {pl} [Kram, Plunder]
jigger [Am.] [measure used in mixing drinks that usually holds 1 to 2 ounces (30 to 60 milliliters)]
Messbecher {m} [für Alkohol]gastr.toolsunit
terminator [person that terminates sth.]
Beender {m} [selten]
[list of dog breeds that are considered to be dangerous]
Rasseliste {f}law
arrivals [people or things that arrive]
Ankömmlinge {pl}
host [person, place, or organization that holds and organizes an event]
Ausrichter {m} [Person, Organisation, Stadt etc., die eine Veranstaltung ausrichtet]
[perspective (in pre-renaissance painting) that sizes persons and objects according to importance]
Bedeutungsperspektive {f}arthist.
situs [e.g. property that has a situs in Germany]
Belegenheit {f}law
[occupation that requires formal training]
Ausbildungsberuf {m}
ACME <Acme> [Backronym for 'A Company that Manufactures Everything']
[fiktive Körperschaft]
hatchling [young animal that has newly emerged from an egg]
Schlüpfling {m} [gerade aus einem Ei geschlüpftes Tier, ob Vogel, Fisch oder Reptil]zool.
clinic [Am.] [Can.] [group or center that offers advice]
Beratungsstelle {f}med.spec.sports
run [period of time that a machine is operated]
Arbeitsgang {m}
stuffer [an advertising circular that is enclosed with other material and (usually) sent by mail]
Stuffer {m} [kleiner Prospekt, der Postsendungen beigefügt wird]
swap [sth. that is exchanged]
Tauschobjekt {n}
[figurative place for all that is considered dirty and taboo]
Schmuddelecke {f}
[letter demanding that sth. be done within a certain time]
Binnenbrief {m} [ugs.]admin.
grounder [Am.] [a hit baseball that rolls or bounces on ground]
Bodenball {m} [Baseball]sports
rattle [instrument that produces a rattling sound]
Knarre {f} [Rassel, Klapper]
[German tax law that equalizes total income between spouses]
Ehegattensplitting {n} [Deutschland]admin.fin.
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