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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [traditional]
  ä ö ü ß
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [traditional]
established {adj} [traditional]
square {adj} [coll.] [boringly traditional]
spießig [ugs.] [pej.]
vernacular {adj} [traditional]
traditionell [vernakulär]archi.
square {adj} [boringly traditional]
verstaubt [fig.] [überholt]
customary {adj} [local traditional]
square {adj} [coll.] [dated] [pej.] [boringly traditional]
piefig [ugs.] [pej.] [spießig]
traditory {adj} [obs.] [traditional]
[to introduce loaves of bread into a traditional baking oven with a baking peel]
etw.Akk. einschießen [Brotlaibe mit dem Brotschießer in den Backofen]gastr.
[to use a baker's peel to remove loaves of bread from the hot surface of a traditional baking oven]
etw.Akk. ausschießen [Brotlaibe mit dem Brotschießer aus dem Backofen herausholen]gastr.
garb [esp. traditional costumes, professional uniforms]
Tracht {f}cloth.
costume [traditional]
Tracht {f}cloth.
s'more [traditional campfire treat; roasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker]
S'more {n} [trad. Lagerfeuer-Snack (Kekssandwich mit Marshmallows und Schokoladestückchen)]gastr.
treading [traditional method of pressing grapes]
Keltern {n} [mit den Füßen]oenol.
mitre [worn by the traditional German and Austrian Santa Claus]
Nikolausmütze {f}cloth.
[traditional rural dish made from cereals or beans]
Sterz {m} [österr.] [südd.]gastr.
bouillabaisse [traditional Provençal fish stew]
Bouillabaisse {f} [Fischsuppe der provenzalischen Küche]gastr.
yoke [traditional unit of area]
Joch {n} [veraltetes Flächenmaß]unit
[traditional Bavarian hat]
Seppelhut {m}cloth.
Sepplhut {m}cloth.
commercium [traditional academic feast of student fraternities at universities in Central and Northern Europe]
Kommers {m}acad.educ.
strandkorb [rare] [traditional Baltic beach chair]
Strandkorb {m}
[traditional German sweet pastry similar to a gingerbread man, often with a clay pipe, baked for St. Nicholas' Day or St. Martin's Day; literally "bread roll man"]
Weckmann {m} [bes. südd.]gastr.
kifli [traditional European yeast roll made into a crescent shape]
Kipferl {n} [bes. österr.] [Hörnchen]gastr.
skep [traditional beehive made of straw]
Stülper {m} [traditioneller Bienenkorb aus Stroh]agr.
[a traditional fair in the district of Au in Munich]
Auer Dult {f}
[a traditional sledge with poles, usually made from metal; Northern Germany]
Peekschlitten {m} [Norddeutschland]
[a type of traditional love ballad in rural Switzerland and adjacent areas]
Kiltlied {n} [schweiz.] [alemannisch]
[Accessory of a traditional Bavarian costume, worn in combination with the watch chains]
Charivari {n} [bayer.]
[Jews wearing traditional dress, esp. in or from Galicia]
Kaftanjuden {pl} [veraltet] [meist pej.]hist.
[pseudo-traditional male clothing from Southern Austria]
Salonsteirer {m}cloth.
[traditional afternoon snack of cold meats, cheese, bread, etc.]
Marende {f} [bes. Südtirol]gastr.
[traditional Christmas display from the Ore Mountains of Germany]
Weihnachtsberg {m}relig.
[traditional course of studies with no separate undergraduate and graduate levels]
grundständiges Studium {n} [mit Abschluss Diplom, Magister oder Staatsexamen]educ.
[traditional Easter bread in Eastern and Southern Austria and Slovenia]
Osterpinze {f} [österr.]gastr.
[traditional figures of the Cologne carnival wearing municipal guard costumes]
Funken {pl} [Figuren des Kölner Karnevals]ethn.
[traditional greeting of social democrats, socialists and communists]
[traditional nightly tryst of love in rural Switzerland and adjacent areas]
Kiltgang {m} [schweiz.] [alemannisch]hist.
[traditional peasant dish, similar to a pancake cut into small pieces, today mainly sweet dessert]
Schmarrn {m} [österr.] [südd.]gastr.
[traditional pilgrimage with horses, esp. in Upper Bavaria, Germany]
Georgiritt {m} [Pferdewallfahrt zu Ehren des heiligen Georg]relig.
[traditional Schnapps drinking and cabbage eating tour of north-west Germany]
Kohlfahrt {f} [nordd.]
[traditional thorough house cleaning before Christmas]
Weihnachtsputz {m} [Hausputz]
[traditional women's hat decorated with ribbons]
Bänderhut {m} [Teil österreichischer Frauentrachten]cloth.hist.
[typical representatives of an ethnic group in traditional costumes; popular motif on old postcards]
Volkstypen {pl}
buffoon [traditional carnival figure]
Bajass {m} [regional]
changshan [chángshān, also: changpao / chángpáo, dagua / dàguà] [traditional Chinese dress worn by men]
Changshan {n} [traditionelle chinesische Männerkleidung]cloth.
costumes {pl} [traditional]
Gewand {n} [Trachtenkleidung]cloth.
duodji [traditional Sami handicraft]
Duodji {n} [traditionelles samisches Kunsthandwerk]artethn.
Haferlschuh [traditional Bavarian shoe]
Haferlschuh {m}
haka [traditional dance form of the Māori]
Haka {m} [Ritualtanz der Māori]dance
hongi [traditional nose kiss (Maori greeting custom)]
Hongi {m} [»Nasenkuss«, Begrüßungsform der Maori]
inbetweener [phase drawer] [traditional animation]
Phasenzeichner {m} [Inbetweener]artfilmjobs
jacket [esp. of a traditional costume]
Goller {n} [bei Trachten; ugs. regional, sonst veraltet] [Jacke]cloth.
keffiyeh [traditional headdress typically worn by Arab men, "scarf"]
Kufiya {f} [von Männern getragenes Kopftuch in der arabischen Welt]cloth.
kokoshnik [traditional Russian headdress worn by women]
Kokoschnik {m} [nationaler Kopfputz russischer Frauen]cloth.
Lamaism [traditional but incorrect term for Tibetan Buddhism]
Lamaismus {m} [falsche Bezeichnung für den tibetischen Buddhismus]relig.spec.
pachisi [traditional Indian board game]
[Variante von Mensch ärgere dich nicht]games
pap [traditional porridge made from mielie-meal] [S.Afr.]
Pap {n} {m} [Art Maisbrei; auch Ugali oder Mealie-Pap]gastr.
pocketknife [very simple, traditional type]
Taschenfeitel {m} [österr.] [bayerisch]
quena [traditional flute of the Andes]
Quena {f} [traditionelle Flöte aus dem Andenraum]mus.
saluang [traditional bamboo flute of West Sumatra]
Saluang {f} [traditionelle Bambusflöte in Westsumatra]mus.
shemagh [traditional headdress typically worn by Arab men made of a square of cloth]
Shemagh {n} [von Männern getragenes Kopftuch in der arabischen Welt]cloth.
Za'atar [traditional blend of the Middle East] [also romanized: zaatar, za'tar, zatar, zatr, zattr, zahatar, zaktar or satar]
Zatar {n} [auch {m}] [Gewürzkräutermischung] [auch: Za'tar, Zahtar oder Satar]FoodInd.gastr.
zoris [also: zori] [traditional Japanese style of flip-flop shoes, originally made with a straw sole]
Zori {pl} [Zōri, traditionelle japanische Zehenstegsandalen (Strohsandalen)]cloth.
folk-like {adj} [traditional]
white-bread {adj} [coll.: boringly traditional]
(Bavarian) janker [traditional Bavarian Jacket]
(bayrischer) Janker {m} [südd.] [Trachtenjacke]cloth.
(Maori) piupiu [NZ] [traditional skirt made of New Zealand flax]
Piupiu {m} [traditioneller Flachs-Rock der Maori, NZ]cloth.
beer boot [traditional 2-litres-beer boot]
Stiefel {m} [2-Liter-Bierglas in Stiefelform]brewgastr.
Biscoff® cookie [Am.] [traditional speculoos biscuit]
Spekulatius-Keks {m}gastr.
Café Griensteidl [a traditional Viennese café]
Café {n} Größenwahn [ugs.] [Café Griensteidl] [Kaffeehaus, Künstlerlokal in Wien]gastr.
Chinese lantern [traditional lampion]
chinesische Laterne {f} [Lampion]
classic metal [traditional heavy metal]
[trad. Heavy Metal]mus.
embroidered belt [part of some traditional costumes]
Ranzen {m} [Gürtel]cloth.
Erlangen Bergkirchweih [traditional annual beer festival in Erlangen, Germany; third biggest fair in Bavaria]
(Erlanger) Bergkirchweih {f} [auch „der Berg“ oder fränkisch „Berch“]
feathered cap [traditional hat with feather]
Trachtenhut {m} mit Federcloth.
festive costume [traditional]
Festtagstracht {f}cloth.
folk musicians [traditional music]
Volksmusikanten {pl}mus.
folk singer [female] [traditional folk music]
Volkssängerin {f}mus.
folk singer [traditional folk music]
Volkssänger {m}mus.
folk song [traditional]
Volksgesang {m}
golden cap [embroidered with gold threads] [part of historic and traditional female costumes]
Goldhaube {f}cloth.hist.
Home Fleet [traditional name of the fleet of the RN which protected the UK's territorial waters 1902 - 1967]
Heimatflotte {f} [traditioneller Name der Flotte der RN, die die Hoheitsgewässer GB's schützte 1902 - 1967]mil.naut.
leather shorts {pl} [traditional Bavarian]
Sepplhose {f}cloth.
Seppelhose {f}cloth.
Krachlederne {f} [bayer.]cloth.
low breathing [one of the four traditional breathing techniques in yoga] [also: abdominal breathing, deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing]
Tiefenatmung {f} [hier: bes. Yoga] [auch: Bauchatmung, Flankenatmung, Zwerchfellatmung]med.psych.
medicine society [in traditional religions, e.g. among the Iroquois]
Medizinbund {m}med.relig.spec.
otter fishing [traditional fishing technique]
Otterfischerei {f} [traditionelle Fischfangmethode]fish
Papaholua (sled) [traditional Hawaiian sled]
Papaholua {m} [hawaiischer Schlitten für grasbewachsene oder mit Lavagranulat belegte Berghänge]
Primus® (stove) [traditional type]
Petroleumkocher {m}gastr.TrVocab.
Telemea (cheese) [traditional Romanian cheese]
Telemea-Käse {m} [rumänische Käsesorte]gastr.
tooth worm [a traditional belief about the pathogen of dental caries (tooth decay)]
Zahnwurm {m}myth.
toque (blanche) [traditional chef's hat]
Kochhut {m} [Kochmütze]cloth.gastr.
Tyrolean jacket [traditional Alpine jacket]
Janker {m} [südd.] [österr.] [Trachtenjacke]cloth.
woman's costume [traditional, ethnic]
Frauentracht {f}cloth.
bûche de Noël [traditional Christmas cake]
Weihnachtsscheit {m} [auch: {n}] [Weihnachtsgebäck]gastr.
delibike / deli bike [Br.] [coll.] [Delibike, traditional butcher's bike by Pashley®]
Transportfahrrad {n} [für kleine Warentransporte]bike
first-generation antipsychotics [traditional antipsychotics]
typische Antipsychotika {pl}pharm.
small-scale preparation [small-scale / traditional compounding] [Formula magistralis]
magistrale Rezeptur {f}pharm.
St. Nicholas costume [traditional bishop's chimere]
Nikolauskostüm {n}cloth.
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