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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [two]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [two]

[you] are [said to two or more people]
[ihr] seid
[you] have [said to two or more people]
[ihr] habt
[you] do [said to two or more people]
[ihr] tut
[you] might [said to two or more people]
[ihr] könntet
ambidextrous {adj} [archaic] [double-dealing, two-faced etc.]
[you] did [said to two or more people]
[ihr] tatet
[you] may [are permitted] [said to two or more people]
[ihr] dürft
lesser {adj} [comparing two things]
torn {adj} {past-p} [in two]
[you] were [informally addressing two or more people]
[ihr] wart
[you] should [said to two or more people]
[ihr] solltet
interchangeable {adj} [of two words]
even {adv} [just] [even two drops of poison can kill]
bereits [nur] [bereits zwei Tropfen können tödlich wirken]
Standard [acc. to the European Hotelstars Union] [two stars]
Zweistern [Sterneklasse, Hotelkategorie]gastr.TrVocab.
whether {conj} [obs.] [which of two]
wederer [veraltet] [welcher von zweien auch immer]
[you] will [said to two or more people]
[ihr] werdet
flat {adj} [two-dimensional, planar]
[you] can [said to two or more people]
[ihr] könnt
[you] could [were able] [said to two or more people]
[ihr] konntet
[you] had [said to two or more people]
[ihr] hattet
dichotomous {adj} [divided into two parts]
equivocal {adj} [open to two interpretations]
bimonthly {adj} {adv} [every two months]
alle zwei Monate
in Abständen von zwei Monaten
quadripole {adj} [two-port]
bogie {adj} [Br.] [four axles in two bogies]
[rarely used; two different meanings: a) venerating, deferential; b) venerable] {adj}
verehrensvoll [selten für: a) verehrungsvoll; b) verehrenswert]
zwey [Rechtschreibung vor 1840] [zwei]
[you] can't [said to two or more people]
[ihr] könnt nicht
[you] cannot [said to two or more people]
[ihr] könnt nicht
[you] mustn't [said to two or more people]
[ihr] dürft nicht
bilateral {adj} [between two governments]
zwischen zwei Staaten [nachgestellt]
bimarian {adj} [obs.] [pertaining to two seas]
bi-ozeanisch [zwei Ozeane betreffend]
bimestrial {adj} [rare] [lasting two months]
zweimonatig [zwei Monate dauernd]
bimestrial {adj} [rare] [occurring every two months]
biyearly {adv} [every two years]
alle zwei Jahre
complementary {adj} [of at least two]
einander ergänzend
diatomic {adj} [consisting of two atoms]
zweiatomig <2-atomig>chem.
Don't! [said to two or more people]
Tut es nicht!
intergovernmental {adj} [between two governments]
zwischen zwei Regierungen [nachgestellt]
neither {pron} [none of the two]
keines von beiden
over {adv} [postpos.] [on the other side of intervening space] [e.g. two streets over]
weiter [z. B. zwei Straßen weiter]
See? [said to two or more other people]
Seht ihr?
you're [said to two or more people]
ihr seid
to split sth. [completely, into two or more parts]
etw. zerspalten
to jam sth. [between two things]
etw. einklemmen [quetschen]
to clatter [vehicle, two-stroke engine]
knattern [Oldtimer, Zweitakter]
to marry [to unite two or more things to be more efficient, attractive, or profitable]
vereinigen [...mehrerer Dinge um effektiver, attraktiver oder profitabler zu sein]
to unsolder [device; two or more components]
to derestrict sth. [two or more restrictions]
Einschränkungen etw.Gen. aufheben
to double sth. [take two layers]
etw. doppelt nehmen [Stoff etc.]
to embrace [two or more people]
sich umarmen
to moor [with two anchors]
to spoon [of two persons; to lie close to each other, like spoons in a drawer; also: to have sex in that position]
Löffelchen machen
duplex [Am.] [two separate homes in one building, either one on top of the other or side by side]
Zweifamilienhaus {n}archi.constr.RealEst.
team [of animals in harness (to pull a vehicle); also fig.: two people working together]
Gespann {n} [vor eine Wagen gespannte Zugtiere; auch fig.: Paar]
duet [esp. by two singers]
Duett {n}mus.
consistency [of two or more statements, ideas etc.]
Übereinstimmung {f}
deuce [Am.] [sth. represented by the number two]
Zwei {f} [Würfel, Spielkarten]
friction {sg} [fig.] [between two people or groups]
Reibereien {pl}
spread [two facing pages in a book or other publication]
Doppelseite {f}journ.publ.
dyad [two units treated as one; a couple; a pair]
Gespann {n} [ein Paar]
s'more [traditional campfire treat; roasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker]
S'more {n} [trad. Lagerfeuer-Snack (Kekssandwich mit Marshmallows und Schokoladestückchen)]gastr.
seam [place where two things are joined]
Nahtstelle {f}
division [into two]
Zweiteilung {f}
barrow [two-wheeled]
Karren {m} [Schub-, Hand-, Obst- oder Gemüsekarren]
[two-door chest with a drawer]
Vertiko {n} {m}furn.
caduceus [winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it]
Hermesstab {m} [geflügelter Stab mit zwei gewundenen Schlangen; auch Symbol für Medizin in den USA] [Unicode: U+2624 (9764)]med.print
[match between two clubs of the Ruhr area]
Revierderby {n}sports
[the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus]
Schächer {pl}bibl.
[duel between two trucks while overtaking]
Elefantenrennen {n} [hum.] [ugs.]
[final project for a trainee machinist in a two-year German training program]
Technikerarbeit {f}educ.
[German name of two villages in Poland; fig.: small remote provincial place]
Posemuckel / Pusemuckel / Posemukel {n} [Deutscher Name zweier Dörfer in Polen; fig., ugs.: kleine, abgelegene, provinzielle Ortschaft]geogr.idiom
[improvised water boiler; leading electric current directly through water by means of two electrodes and thus heating it; cf. stinger]
Ufo {n} [NVA-Jargon: improvisierter Wasserkocher]hist.
[large room taking up a wing connecting two parts of an apartment house]
Berliner Zimmer {n}archi.
[pullable, two-wheeled shopping cart, similar in design to a caddie]
Hackenporsche {m} [hum.] [Einkaufsroller]
[set of one table and two benches (as used in beer tents)]
Bierzeltgarnitur {f}
[silver coin that was worth two-thirds of a Taler]
Zweidritteltaler {m}hist.
[space between two double beds; humorous suggestion that a 3rd person could sleep there]
Besucherritze {f} [ugs.] [hum.]
[stairs between two storeys, floors]
Geschosstreppe {f} [fachsprachlich] [auch: Geschoßtreppe]archi.
[the coincidence of two objects or persons having the same name]
Namensgleichheit {f}
[The distance between similar image points on two different photographs properly set up for stereoscopic viewing]
Blickpunktentfernung {f}photo.
[the narrow strip of land between two furrows in a field]
Bifang {m} [regional] [Raum zwischen zwei Ackerfurchen]agr.
[the third party who benefits from a division between two others] [female]
die lachende Dritte {f}
[the third party who benefits from a division between two others] [male]
der lachende Dritte {m}
[two carabinieri theorem, two militsioner theorem, two gendarmes theorem, double-sided theorem, two policemen and a drunk theorem; regional expressions for the squeeze / sandwich theorem]
Sandwich-Satz {m} [Satz von den zwei Polizisten]math.
bicephaly [two-headedness]
Bizephalie {f} [Dizephalie]med.VetMed.
biga [a two-horse chariot of ancient Mediterranean countries]
Biga {f} [römischer Streitwagen]hist.
bigyny [having two wives simultaneously]
Bigynie {f}
bomarea [one of the two major genera in the plant family Alstroemeriaceae]
Bomarien {pl}
break [e.g. between two words]
Sprechpause {f} [z. B. zwischen zwei Wörtern]
causeuse [archaic] [a small sofa for two persons]
Causeuse {f} [veraltet] [kleines Sofa für zwei Personen]furn.
chaise [hist.] [a horse-drawn two-wheeled carriage, typically with a half-open top]
Halbchaise {f} [veraltet] [Kutsche mit Halbverdeck]
cheer [hist. or obs.] [two-wheeled carriage, one-horse shay]
Einspänner {m} [zweirädrige Droschke]hist.
crossover [also: cross-over] [pair of switches that connects two parallel rail tracks]
Überleitstelle {f} <Üst> [Weichenpaar, das von einem Gleis aufs andere leitet]rail
crumb [two bits]
Crumb {n} [selten] [zwei Bits]comp.
crush [on a keyboard instrument, two notes, a semitone apart, played simultaneously]
Zusammenschlag {m} [Acciaccatura]mus.
deerberry [Maianthemum dilatatum, syn.: Maianthemum bifolium ssp. / var. kamtschaticum, Maianthemum kamtschaticum] [false lily of the valley, (Pacific) May lily, two-leaved Solomon's seal]
Kamtschatka-Schattenblümchen {n}bot.T
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