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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [used]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [used]
exhausted {adj} {past-p} [used up]
consumed {adj} {past-p} [used up, eaten etc.]
verzehrt [geh.]
incorporated {adj} [fig. for persons, ideas; not used for units, systems etc.]
dead {adj} [fig.] [used up]
its [English neuter determiner used when German uses female gender of possessor]
damned {adj} [coll.] [used for emphasis, esp. to express anger or frustration]
verdammt [ugs.]
even {adv} [used as intensive to indicate something unexpected]
already {adv} [coll.] [used as an intensifier to express exasperation or impatience]
somewhen {adv} [some time] [rare, perceived as archaic or non-standard unless used as a stylistic device, esp. in combination with "somewhere" etc.]
Poof! [used to suggest instantaneous occurrence]
smiled {adj} {past-p} [rarely used as an adjective]
gelächelt [als Adjektiv selten]
drawing {adj} [attr.] [used to draw]
Zeichen- [z. B. Stift, Papier]art
reserved [used as placeholder for deleted section of contract]
cum {prep} [usually used in combination]
veritable {adj} [used for emphasis]
mine {pron} [determiner] [archaic] [my] [used before a word beginning with a vowel or a mute h]
...-looking {adj} [used with a preceding adj.]
... aussehend
Criminy! [coll.] [used to express surprise or disbelief]
Verdammt! [salopp] [bei Verwunderung od. Missfallen]
Whoa! [coll.] [used to slow or stop]
gone {adj} {past-p} [used up]
that {adv} [coll.] [used to emphasize how much]
recoverable {adj} [used in conjunction with current assets such as inventories or receivables]
excessive {adj} [over-extensively used]
inflationär [fig.]
terrific {adj} [coll.] [extremely good or intense, often used in a sarcastic sense]
doll [ugs.] [großartig oder sehr ausgeprägt, oft im ironischen Sinn gebraucht] [vgl. toll]
thankfully {adv} [used as a sentence adverb to express pleasure or relief at a fortunate outcome]
where {adv} [used after reference to a place]
woselbst [geh.] [wo (Relativadverb)]
Urgh! [used to express disgust]
Würg! [ugs.]
Frack! [Am.] [vulg.] [sl.] [used as euphemism for "fuck"]
Verdammt! [ugs.]
Pshaw! [used to express contempt]
[Acronym used to represent the dominant states of the German speaking area: Germany (D) Austria (A) Switzerland (CH)]
DACH [Kunstwort für Deutschland Österreich und die Schweiz]
D-A-CH [Kunstwort für Deutschland Österreich und die Schweiz]
[late (deceased)] {adj} [attr.] [may in German be used colloquially hum. for things that do not exist any longer, besides the standard meaning for persons which is becoming old-fashioned]
seligen Angedenkens [nachgestellt] [ugs. hum.] [einstig, früher] [nicht Personen betreffend]
[not used; if necessary, sign with p.p.] {adv}
für die Richtigkeit gezeichnet [Name X] <f. d. R. gez.> [heute kaum noch gebräuchlich, da ohne Vollmacht]
[rarely used; two different meanings: a) venerating, deferential; b) venerable] {adj}
verehrensvoll [selten für: a) verehrungsvoll; b) verehrenswert]
[Southern German filler, used to intensify the sense of an expression, and to express surprise. Unusual in written language]
fei [südd.] [regional]
[used e.g. by actors to answer a good wish out of the superstition that giving thanks would bring bad luck]
Wird schon schiefgehen! [ugs.]proverb
12M [bathroom products / toiletries; time in months by which a product should be used after opening]
12 M [Haltbarkeitsdatum; Wirksamkeit geöffneter kosmetischer Produkte; in diesem Beispiel: 12 Monate]cosmet.
ADD [SPARS code: analog tape recorder used during initial recording, digital tape recorder used during mixing / editing and for mastering]
analoge Aufnahme, digitale Abmischung, digitales Mastering <ADD> [SPARS-Code]
already {adv} [used to emphasize that a situation or problem exists]
sowieso schon
ohnehin schon
eh schon [ugs.]
anarthrous {adj.} [used without the article (esp. in Greek grammar)]
ohne Artikel gebraucht [bes. im Griechischen]ling.
bantam {adj} [used for diminutive persons and animals with a spirited temperament]
klein und aufbrausend
klein und temperamentvoll
Boo! [used to express contempt]
cave [Latin: caution] [commonly used to denote important information in patient's charts]
cave / Cave [Beispiel: Kontraindikation - Cave Nierensteine]med.pharm.
cherry {adj} [Am] [sl.] [looking new] [esp. used car]
wie neu [Aussehen, Zustand] [bes. Gebrauchtwagen]
DAD [SPARS code: digital tape recorder used during initial recording, analog tape recorder used during mixing / editing, digital mastering]
digitale Aufnahme, analoge Abmischung, digitales Mastering <DAD> [SPARS-Code]
fulvous {adj} [used for describing birds / animals]
rötlich gelb
German {adj} [1871-1945, used by German speakers outside the territory]
Great! [ironically used]
Na, Prosit! [ironisch]
greater {adj} [used with reference to cities]
if {conj} [used before an adjective to introduce a contrast]
wenn auch
orderly {adj} {adv} [correct, properly] [rarely used as an adverb]
prae- {prefix} [Br.] [used especially in words regarded as Latin]
pre- {prefix} [used especially in words regarded as Latin]
thankfully {adv} [used as a sentence adverb to express relief]
Gott sei Dank
this {adv} [coll.] [used to emphasize how much]
Ugh! [used to express disgust]
Würg! [ugs.]
youns {pron} [Am.] [sl.] [chiefly Appalachia, but also sometimes used in other rural areas]
to chagrin sb. [usually used in the passive voice]
jdn. verdrießen [geh.]
to favorite sth. [Am.] [esp. used on websites]
etw. favorisierenInternet
to favourite sth. [Br.] [esp. used on websites]
etw. favorisierenInternet
[to be used to sth.]
an etw. gewohnt sein [FALSCH für: an etw. gewöhnt sein; etw. gewohnt sein]
to purloin sth. [steal] [can be humorous when used in a colloquial setting]
etw. mitgehen lassen [hum.] [ugs.]
to ratten sb. [archaic] [to deprive sb. of the tools used in his employment, e.g. by breaking or stealing them]
jdn. sabotieren [indem man ihm die nötigen Werkzeuge nimmt oder bricht]
biro [Br.] [often used as a generic term for any ballpoint pen] [Biro™]
Kugelschreiber {m}
Kuli {m} [ugs.] [Kugelschreiber]
gavel [hammer used by judges, auctioneers, etc.]
Hammer {m} [Richterhammer, z. B. in den USA; Auktionshammer]tools
paraphernalia {pl} [sometimes treated as sg.] [equipment used in or necessary for a particular activity]
Zubehör {n} [seltener auch {m}]
parlor [Am.] [a room used primarily for conversation or the reception of guests]
Salon {m} [größerer, repräsentativer Raum als Empfangs- od. Gesellschaftszimmer]archi.
deuce [coll.] [euphemism for 'the devil', used in expressions of annoyance, surprise etc.]
Teufel {m}
rug [esp. Br.] [blanket (esp. one used as a wrap or lap robe for travellers)]
Wolldecke {f} [bes. Reisedecke]
spotter [plane used for artillery fire direction]
Artillerieflugzeug {n}
bitch [coll.] [sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse]
Schlampe {f} [ugs.] [pej.]
Hakenkreuz [a swastika, esp. that used as the emblem of the Nazi party and the Third Reich]
Hakenkreuz {n}
jacuzzi [used as a generic term for Jacuzzi®]
Whirlpool {m} [Unterwassermassagebecken]
scribe [dated, unless used ironically]
Schreiber {m} [Kopist, Amtsschreiber, Journalist]admin.jobsjourn.
rickets [used with a sing. or pl. verb]
Rachitis {f}med.
mace [often used as a generic term for any self-defense spray] [Mace®]
Pfefferspray {m} {n}weapons
skin [fur] [occasionally used fig. of humans]
Fell {n} [von toten Tieren, fig. beim Menschen]
chop [as formerly used in India and China]
Stempel {m}admin.
faggot [Am.] [coll.] [often pej., but also used within the gay community as a positive term of self-reference] [male homosexual]
Schwuler {m} [ugs.] [zuweilen noch pej., jedoch heute meist wertfrei und auch als Eigenbezeichnung]
accolade [ceremonial gesture used to confer knighthood]
Ritterschlag {m}hist.
works {sg} [esp. Br.] [factory (premises), plant] [often used with a noun modifier]
Werk {n} [Werksanlage, Fabrik]ind.
bargainor [legal term used primarily in real estate transactions]
Verkäufer {m} [Immobilien]law
autocue [Br.] [used as a generic term] [Autocue®]
Teleprompter® {m}RadioTV
pec [coll.] [pectoral muscle] [usually used in pl]
Brustmuskel {m}anat.
cunt [vulg.] [offensive, if used for a person]
Fut {f} [vulg.] [österr., sonst selten] [Vulva, Vagina] [als Anrede sexistisch]
shoppe [spv. of shop] [used chiefly for quaint old-fashioned effect]
Laden {m}
the UK [technically not Great Britain, but often so used]
Großbritannien {n} [oft fälschlicherweise so übersetzt]geogr.
midget [sometimes used pej.] [person with proportionate dwarfism]
Liliputaner {m} [Zwergwüchsiger]
pulp [used in papermaking]
Papierbrei {m}
doona [Aus.] [coll.] [often used as a generic term for any duvet; Doona®]
Bettdecke {f}
kleenex [coll.] [used as a generic term for Kleenex® tissues]
Taschentuch {n} [Papiertaschentuch]
pasturage [land used for pasture]
Weideland {n}agr.
vestry [building attached to a church, used for prayer meetings, for the Sunday school, etc.]
Gemeindesaal {m} [einer Kirche]archi.relig.
pit [sl. used by doctors] [Am.]
Notaufnahme {f} [Krankenhaus]FireRescmed.
brickbat [piece of brick, typically when used as a weapon]
Ziegelbrocken {m} [vor allem wenn als Waffe benutzt]
wounded {pl} [used indefinitely]
Verwundete {pl}
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