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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [usually]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [usually]

respectively <resp.> [usually postpos.]
beziehungsweise <bzw.> [respektive, im anderen Fall]
fucking {adj} [usually vulg.]
verdammt [ugs.] [pej.]
cum {prep} [usually used in combination]
reincarnate {adj} [usually postpos.]
wiedergeboren [in einem anderen Körper]
obtaining {adj} [usually postpos.] [prevailing]
plenipotentiary {adj} [usually postpos.]
uncontestable {adj} [usually incontestable]
prepense {adj} [usually postpos.] [dated]
-ics {suffix} [when a branch of science, usually with the singular (ethics is)]
[Where are you from?] [usually pronounced "Where're you from?"]
Wo kommste wech? [regional nordd.] [phonet. Dialektschreibung]
bathykolpian {adj} [rare] [usually hum.] [deep-bosomed]
courant {adj} [usually postpos.] [running]
laufend <lfd.>herald.
interchain {adj} [usually attr.]
zwischen den Ketten [nachgestellt]biochem.
named {adj} [usually postpos.]
mit dem Namen [nachgestellt]
un- {prefix} [before an adj./adv.; usually as one unhyphenated word]
nicht- [vor einem Adj./Adv.; oft als ein Wort ohne Bindestrich]
to advance sth. [with sliding motion, usually slowly]
etw. vorschieben
to stomach sth. [usually: cannot stomach sth.]
etw. vertragen [meist verneint: etw. nicht vertragen (können)]
to chagrin sb. [usually used in the passive voice]
jdn. verdrießen [geh.]
to rumble sb./sth. [Br.] [coll.] [usually passive; e.g. sb. has been rumbled]
jdn./etw. durchschauen
to brick sth. [coll.] [usually small objects like phones, computer components]
etw. schrotten [ugs.] [unbrauchbar machen]
to plod [make one's way with heavy usually slow steps]
zockeln [ugs.]
to ectomize [usually suffix : -ectomize]
to budge [usually with negative]
sich bewegen [sich (vom Fleck) rühren]
to defeat sb. [usually only for a time or in a single event, e.g. a sporting match]
jdm. eine Schlappe beibringen / erteilen [ugs.] [Redewendung]
to depants sb. [sl.] [rare] [usually in public]
jdm. die Hosen herunterziehen [oft in der Öffentlichkeit]
to ectomise [Br.] [usually suffix : -ectomise]
to fault sb./sth. [usually with negative: e.g. I can't fault him]
etwas an jdm./etw. auszusetzen haben
to freebuff [coll.] [usually applied to women]
keine Unterwäsche tragen [meist bei Frauen]
to pap sb. [coll.] [usually passive]
von jdm. Paparazzi-Fotos schieß
to swat sb. [to call a SWAT team to sb.'s house, usually unsolicitedly]
jdn. swatten [ugs.]Internet
downs {pl} [Br.] [rolling, usually treeless upland]
Hügelland {n}geogr.
laity {sg} [usually treated as pl.]
Laien {pl}relig.
clergy [usually treated as pl.]
Klerus {m}relig.
Geistlichkeit {f}relig.
Pfarrerschaft {f}relig.
deliberation [discussion within a group, usually pl.]
Beratung {f} [Besprechung in einer Gruppe, oft pl.]
slammer [usually: the slammer] [sl.] [prison]
Knast {m} [ugs.]
Kiste {f} [ugs.] [Gefängnis]
electronics [usually treated as sg.] [branch of physics]
Elektronik {f} [Fachgebiet]educ.electr.
dickhead [usually vulg.] [sl.] [a stupid or contemptible person]
Arschloch {n} [vulg.] [Schimpfwort]
revel [usually pl.]
Feiern {n}
revenue [usually: the revenue] [department]
Finanzbehörde {f}admin.fin.
barrack [usually barracks]
Kaserne {f}mil.
humanities [usually with the definite article] {pl}
Geisteswissenschaft {f}acad.
dearie [usually not translated]
Liebling {m}
Schätzchen {n}
pax [coll.] [usually pl.]
Passagier {m} [Fluggast]aviat.
clergy {sg} [usually treated as pl.]
Geistliche {pl}relig.
Kleriker {pl}relig.
Pfarrer {pl}relig.
hydraulics [usually treated as sg.]
Hydraulik {f}
vivisection [the cutting of or operation on a living animal usually for physiological or pathological investigation]
Tierversuch {m} [Eingriff am lebenden Tier zu wissenschaftl. Versuchszwecken]VetMed.
pec [coll.] [pectoral muscle] [usually used in pl.]
Brustmuskel {m}anat.
down [Br.] [usually downs]
Hügelland {n}geogr.
spoil [usually spoils] [goods stolen or forcibly taken]
Beute {f} [Sieges- oder Kriegsbeute]
avionics {pl} [usually treated as sg.] [portmanteau derived from aviation and electronics]
Avionik {f} [Kofferwort aus Aviatik und Elektronik]acad.aviat.
jigger [Am.] [measure used in mixing drinks that usually holds 1 to 2 ounces (30 to 60 milliliters)]
Messbecher {m} [für Alkohol]gastr.toolsunit
hurdles {pl} [usually treated as sg.] [track event]
Hürdenlauf {m} [als Wettkampfdisziplin]sports
revel [usually used in pl.]
Feierei {f} [ugs.]
reconsideration [usually from a science point of view]
Neubewertung {f} [zumeist aus wissenschaftl. Sicht]acad.
electrodynamics [usually treated as sg.]
Elektrodynamik {f}phys.
iatromechanics [{pl} but usually singular in construction]
Iatromechanik {f}
ceramics {pl} [usually treated as sg.] [the art of making ceramic articles]
Töpferkunst {f}art
iatrophysics [{pl} but usually singular in construction]
Iatrophysik {f}med.phys.
nurdle [usually nurdles]
Kunststoffgranulat {n}ind.
rate [Br.: municipal tax, usually: rates]
Kommunalsteuer {f}fin.
stuffer [an advertising circular that is enclosed with other material and (usually) sent by mail]
Stuffer {m} [kleiner Prospekt, der Postsendungen beigefügt wird]
lie [usually: the lie]
Lage {f} [Position, Stellung]
arak [anise-flavored distilled alcoholic drink; usually as an aperitif] [araq]
Arak {m} [klarer, ungesüßter Anisschnaps]gastr.
crosscurrent [fig.] [conflicting tendency] [usually used in plural]
Gegenbewegung {f} [fig.]
Gegenströmung {f} [fig.]
Tinseltown [usually pej.]
Hollywood {n}film
civics {pl} [usually treated as sg.]
Gemeinschaftskunde {f}educ.pol.
floater [usually used in plural]
Glaskörpertrübung {f} [Mouches volantes]med.
wright [archaic] [craftsman] [usually found in compound nouns, such as: wheelwright, shipwright]
Handwerker {m}jobs
araq [anise-flavored distilled alcoholic drink; usually as an aperitif]
Arak {m} [klarer, ungesüßter Anisschnaps]gastr.
diagram [usually hand drawn]
Skizze {f} [technische Abbildung meistens per Hand]tech.
elks [rare; pl. usually "elk"]
Elche {pl}zool.T
tail [usually used in plural]
Zahl {f} [Rückseite einer Münze]
[Name for German clubs in the 1920's, usually with criminal orientation, whose members were identified by a characteristic signet ring]
Ringverein {m} [kriminelle Organisation]
gore [Am.] [a small usually triangular piece of land]
Gehre {f} [veraltet] [noch regional in Thüringen, Sachsen, Oberpfalz] [Landzwickel]agr.RealEst.
paramentics [usually treated as sg.]
Paramentik {f}artcloth.relig.
treat [fig.] [usually candy, offered in Halloween]
Bonbon {m} {n} [österr. nur {n}] [fig.]gastr.
army [usually: the army] [the military ground forces of a nation]
Landstreitmacht {f} [veraltend] [Landstreitkräfte]
halt [Br.] [small station, usually unstaffed or with very few staff]
Haltestelle {f} <Hst> [österr.] [schweiz.]rail
tare [usually plural] [mostly fig.]
Unkraut {n} [meist fig.]bibl.
bilboes {pl} [usually pl.] [iron bar used as a foot restraint]
Fußeisen {n} {pl}hist.
communications [communication science; usually treated as sg.]
Kommunikationswissenschaft {f} <KW>acad.
electrics [usually treated as sg.]
Elektrik {f}electr.
Germans [usually North Germans]
Piefke {pl} [österr.] [pej.] [Deutsche, öfter Norddeutsche]ethn.
lezzy [esp. Br.] [coll.] [usually offensive]
Lesbe {f} [ugs.] [pej.]
staggers [usually treated as sg.]
Dummkoller {m} [Krankheit]equest.VetMed.
stud [Br.] [shoe, boot] [usually plural]
Schuhstollen {m}
troop [usually used in pl.]
Soldat {m}mil.
['after dance', second of a pair of dances, usually in fast triple metre]
Nachtanz {m} [fachspr.]dancemus.
[»white grey / gray (horse)« - common example of pleonasm (though these horses usually aren't »white« when young)]
weißer Schimmel {m} [häufiges Beispiel für den Pleonasmus (obwohl diese Pferde zu Beginn ihres Lebens meist nicht weiß sind)]ling.
[a person covered in hair, usually with hypertrichosis]
Haarmensch {m} [veraltet]
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