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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [when]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [when]

spare {adj} [for use when needed]
its {pron} [English neuter determiner used when German uses female gender of possessor]
husky {adj} [voice, esp. when due to a cold]
belegt [Stimme]
Aye! [Scot., N. Engl., archaic, and said when voting]
uh [sound made when not sure about something]
[a slacker when it comes to education] {adj}
formal {adj} [register, esp. when spoken]
gepflegt [Sprachebene]ling.
[when they] scattered
[als sie] auseinanderstoben
-ics {suffix} [when a branch of science, usually with the singular (ethics is)]
[German pun, may be literally translated as: When flies fly behind flies, flies are flying after flies (to follow them).]
Wenn hinter Fliegen Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen nach.proverb
beskirted {adj} {past-p} [often used when the skirt is part of a uniform]
im Rock [nachgestellt]cloth.
sb. fluffed [made a mistake, e.g. when reading lines in a play]
jd. patzte
Totally! [coll.] [Yeah!] [when answering a question]
Auf jeden! [ugs.] [Verkürzung von „Auf jeden Fall!“]
to indicate [when driving] [esp. Br.]
to elide sth. [omit when speaking] [a vowel, a syllable etc.]
etw.Akk. auslassen [einen Vokal, eine Silbe etc.]ling.phonet.
to finish [to finish school at a time of the day, e.g. "When do they finish?"]
aushaben [ugs.] [Schulschluss haben, z. B. „Wann haben sie aus?“]
[to pull a face with a protruding lower lip, when sulky or starting to cry]
ein Schippchen machen [ugs., hum.]
ein Schippchen ziehen [ugs., hum.]
to fall [esp. when riding a bike or skiing]
einen Stern reißen [österr.] [ugs.]
to indicate [when driving]
den Blinker setzentraffic
einen Richtungswechsel anzeigentraffic
to purloin sth. [steal] [can be humorous when used in a colloquial setting]
etw. mitgehen lassen [hum.] [ugs.]
to retrohale [expel the smoke through the nose when smoking a cigar]
[beim Zigarrerauchen den Rauch durch die Nase ausatmen]
to thread [form a fine thread when poured from a spoon]
Fäden ziehengastr.
scum [coll. pej. when fig.]
Abschaum {m} [wenn fig., dann pej.]
removal [esp. Br.] [transfer of furniture etc., when changing residence]
Umzug {m}
clinic [esp. Br.] [occasion or time when medical treatment or advice is given]
Sprechstunde {f}med.
splinter [tiny piece of wood, esp. when stuck in the skin]
Spreißel {m} [südd.] [Holzsplitter, bes. unter der Haut]
Spieß {m} [regional, bes. schweiz. u. österr.] [Holzsplitter, bes. unter der Haut]
dirt [soil or earth, especially when loose]
Erde {f} [bes. lockere Erde]
brickbat [piece of brick, typically when used as a weapon]
Ziegelbrocken {m} [vor allem wenn als Waffe benutzt]
hide [skin of an animal, especially when tanned or dressed]
Decke {f}huntingzool.
quarter [mercy] [esp. when displayed or given to an enemy]
Mitleid {n}
velvet [Am.] [coll.] [profit, esp. when beyond expectation]
Reibach {m} [ugs., hier im Sinn von: unerwartet hoher Gewinn]
take [a scene or sequence, particularly when recording]
Version {f} [Fassung, Interpretation, bes. bei Aufnahmen]filmmus.
jacket [of a potato, esp. when cooked]
Schale {f} [Kartoffelschale, bes. gekochte]gastr.
[period (1871-1873) when many industrial firms were founded in Germany]
Gründerzeit {f}hist.
Gründerjahre {pl}hist.
seeming [literary] [external appearance, especially when distinguished from true character]
Erscheinungsbild {n}
[»white grey / gray (horse)« - common example of pleonasm (though these horses usually aren't »white« when young)]
weißer Schimmel {m} [häufiges Beispiel für den Pleonasmus (obwohl diese Pferde zu Beginn ihres Lebens meist nicht weiß sind)]ling.
[excess serviceman in Prussian military, used as a substitute when needed]
Überkompletter {m}
[Germany during the time when Bonn was seat of government]
Bonner Republik {f}hist.pol.
[layer of brown gunk when the kräusen has fallen back completely]
Schlaucherdecke {f}brew
[notes, that when played together, produce a concord]
Concordanten {pl} [veraltet]mus.
[one who looks the other way rather than intervening when others are in trouble]
Wegseher {m}
[reconstruction of a destroyed building when the original drawings are available]
Leitbau {m}
[short person with a long body who looks tall when sitting down]
Sitzriese {m} [ugs.]
[space left from the rim of a planted pot to the soil level, in order to avoid spilling of water when watering]
Gießrand {m} [bei einer Topfpflanze]hort.
[spring processions to the sound of cow bells and cracking whips when the cattle are driven up to the alpine pastures]
Grasausläuten {n} [österr. Brauchtum zur Zeit des Viehauftriebs / Weidebeginns]
[state of ripeness of fruit when it is fit to eat]
Genussreife {f}
[the replacement lesson in school; when you get a substitute teacher]
Supplierung {f} [österr.]educ.
[traffic lights that operate temporarily when necessary]
Bedarfsampel {f}
barrow [male pig castrated when young]
Borg {m} [bereits als Ferkel kastriertes männliches Schwein]agr.VetMed.
bedtime [time when a person should go to bed]
Zeit {f} zum Ins-Bett-Gehen [auch: Zeit zum ins Bett Gehen]
creeper [small frame or platform mounted on casters, used e.g. when working under a car]
Werkstattrollbrett {n}
Werkstatt-Liegewagen {m}
Montageliege {f} [Rollbrett]
Arbeitsliege {f} [Montagerollbrett]
Rollbrett {n} [für Montagen, Werkstatt]
excyclophoria ["walleyed"; the tendency of the eyes to diverge outward when focusing on an object]
Exzyklophorie {f} [Strabologie: Verrollung nach außen]med.
heterotopagnosia [inability to point at someone else's body parts when prompted]
Heterotopagnosie {f}med.
nigga [Am.] [sl.] [strongly racially offensive, especially when used by a nonblack person]
Nigger {m} [pej.] [rassistisch]
paper [sl.] [money, esp. when earned by illegal means]
Kohle {f} [ugs.] [Geld, hier bes., falls unrechtmässig erworben]
tenderness [pain or discomfort when an affected area is touched]
Dolenz {f} [Druckempfindlichkeit]med.
workbench [when working on jewellery]
Werkbrett {n} [beim Bearbeiten von Schmuck]furn.
caramel-colored {adj} [Am.] [when pred.: caramel colored]
caramel-coloured {adj} [Br.] [when pred.: caramel coloured]
cold-short {adj} [brittle when cold]
even as [just when]
gerade als
for here {adv} [as opposed to go when ordering food]
zum Hieressengastr.TrVocab.
Say when. [said when pouring a drink for sb.]
Sag halt!
smartphone addicted {adj} [smartphone-addicted when used attributively]
to follow through [coll.] [soil oneself when intending to flatulate]
sichDat. in die Hose machen [ugs.] [in der Absicht zu flatulieren]
to keep sth. upright [when transported]
etw. aufrecht lagern [während des Transports]transp.
to kill time [when leading in a sporting event]
Zeit schinden
to provide support [when trodden on]
Halt bieten
to rough it [when travelling] [coll.] [idiom]
ohne (jeden) Komfort reisen
to sing small [archaic] [modify one's speech, esp. when it had previously been arrogant]
kleinlaut werdenidiom
to tread water [when swimming in deep water]
Wasser treten [beim Schwimmen]
(fish) priest [mallet used to kill fish caught when angling]
[kleiner Hammer zum Töten gefangener Fische]fishtools
(troop) unit ['troop' is added when the context is ambiguous]
Truppeneinheit {f}mil.
alpine region [when referring to areas apart from the Alps]
Alpengebiet {n}geogr.
Alpine region [when referring to the Alps]
Alpengebiet {n}geogr.
annuity distribution [when calculating pensions etc.]
Annuitätenverteilung {f} [bei der Rentenberechnung etc.]insur.
baseball bat [when used as a weapon]
Basie {m} [ugs.] [salopp]weapons
body politic [when referring to a smaller political entity of a state]
Gebietskörperschaft {f}lawpol.
butter hand [wooden spatula used when making butter]
Butterspachtel {m} {f}gastr.
butter pat [wooden spatula used when making butter]
Butterspachtel {m} {f}gastr.
caramel candy [esp. when sticky]
Plombenzieher {m} [ugs.] [hum.] [klebriges Karamellbonbon]gastr.
character mask [pej. when fig.]
Charaktermaske {f} [wenn fig., dann pej.]
Chief Burgomaster [when referring to continental European cities] [Br.]
Oberbürgermeister {m} <OB>
delivery quality [of goods when handed out to recipient]
Lieferbeschaffenheit {f} [bei übergabe an Kunden]comm.
destination selection [when using a navigation system]
Zielauswahl {f} [bes. bei Programmierung des Navigators]automot.TrVocab.
dry fruit [note: 'dried fruit' is the correct term when referring to edible, processed fruit]
Trockenfrucht {f}bot.
emancipation act [capitalized when referring to a specific act]
Emanzipationsgesetz {n}lawpol.
employment statistics {pl} [employment data: plural form required when talking of the data]
Beschäftigtenstatistik {f} [Gesamtheit der Statistiken]jobsstat.
false statement [e.g., when testifying to sth.]
bewusste Falschaussage {f}law
house blessing [esp. when moving into a new home]
Haussegnung {f}relig.
kick-off [time when a match starts]
Anpfiff {m} [Anstoßzeit]sports
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