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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [where]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [where]

[Where are you from?] [usually pronounced "Where're you from?"]
Wo kommste wech? [regional nordd.] [phonet. Dialektschreibung]
whence {adv} [dated] [from where, which place]
von wo
to poach [hunt wild game on land where not permitted]
schwarzgehen [ugs.] [wildern]hunting
locus [place where something happens]
Ort {m}
[principle of allocation by which variable costs must be traced to cost centres and costing units where such costs originated]
Kostenverursachungsprinzip {n}acc.
dairy [shop where milk and milk products are sold]
Milchladen {m}comm.
loci [places where something happens]
Orte {pl}
pantry [room where food is arranged for serving]
Anrichte {f} [Raum]gastr.
[place where the tortious act was committed]
Handlungsort {m}law
seam [place where two things are joined]
Nahtstelle {f}
barroom [Am.] [room where alcoholic drinks are served over a counter; bar]
Schankstube {f} [Schankraum, Schenke]gastr.
slops {pl} [contents of bedroom or prison vessels, where applicable]
Schmutzwasser {n} [Fäkalien]
platform [raised structure beside a railway track where passengers embark and disembark at a station]
Steig {m} [kurz für: Bahnsteig]railTrVocab.
clambake [Am.] [beach party where seafood is cooked in the sand]
[Muschelessen am Strand]
provenance [place where sth. was found]
Fundort {m}archaeo.
circus [esp. Br.] [circular open space where several streets converge]
Rondell {n} [runder Platz]urban
[contract for work where copyright is retained by the contractor]
Urheberwerkvertrag {m}comm.
[a societal state where people with different worldviews allow their differences to dominate their consciousness]
Gegeneinander {n} [Kirchenjargon]relig.
[accommodation, job where one is treated as part of the family]
Familienanschluss {m}
[branch marking the place where game was initially wounded]
Anschussbruch {m}hunting
[cafe where coffee and pastries are consumed standing up]
Stehcafé {n}
[country where something (equipment, documentation, etc.) is to be used]
Einsatzland {n} [das Land, in dem ein Gerät o. Ä. in Betrieb gehen wird, eine Dokumentation gültig ist]tech.
[medieval legal practice where citizens under a particular jurisdiction were required to gather with a state official, the latter who heard appeals and aided in local legal matters]
Rügegericht {n} [auch: Ruggericht]
[pairs or sets, e.g. a pair of shoes, where the loss of one item reduces the value of the remaining item(s)]
(einheitliche) Sachmehrheit {f}insur.
[room where court exhibits are kept]
Asservatenraum {m}law
Asservatenkammer {f}law
[situation where the press is owned by a few companies]
Pressekonzentration {f}
[voting procedure similar to a division in the House of Commons where MPs re-enter the floor through one of three doors]
Hammelsprung {m} [Abstimmungsverfahren]pol.
cantonment [a building or area where soldiers live]
Unterkunftsraum {m}mil.
coin [corner on a stringed instrument where corner blocks are glued]
Ecke {f} [Position für Eckklötze eines Streichinstruments]mus.
cupset [sl.] [Br.] ["cup upset"; sports cup game where the underdog wins]
Pokalsensation {f} [Pokalspiel, bei dem der Nicht-Favorit gewinnt]neol.sports
pinery [hothouse where pineapples are grown]
Ananashaus {n}hort.
ropewalk [lane or pathway where long strands of material were laid before being twisted into rope]
Reeperbahn {f} [niederd. für: Reiferbahn]
to bail on sb. [sl.] [idiom] [not offer help where expected]
jdn. sitzen lassen [Idiom] [ugs.] [jdn. in einer Notlage allein lassen]
(gay) beat [Aus.] [sl.] [area where gay men meet or cruise for sexual encounters]
Schwulentreff {m} [ugs.]
burial church [church where a particular person or group is buried]
Grabeskirche {f}archi.relig.
corner blend [corner where three rounded edges meet]
Kofferecke {f} [Ecke, an der drei Abrundungen zusammentreffen]
death house [building where a famous person has died]
Sterbehaus {n}travelTrVocab.
pull-off [area beside the road where cars can stop]
Haltebucht {f}traffic
reverse charge [note on invoices where the customer is liable for the payment of the VAT]
Steuerschuldnerschaft {f} des Leistungsempfängers [Angabe auf Rechnungen, wenn der Kunde die USt. schuldet]
sausage fest [sl.] [event where the guy to girl ratio is too high]
[Veranstaltung, Party etc., bei der das Männer-Frauen-Verhältnis nicht stimmt.]
sepulchral church [church where a particular person or group is buried]
Grabeskirche {f}archi.relig.
serious reading [where the topic is weighty, requiring considerable effort to comprehend]
anspruchsvolle Lektüre {f}publ.
work area [place where one's work is done as well as subjects one works on]
Arbeitsfeld {n} [bezeichnet den Gegenstandsbereich der Arbeit, nicht den konkreten Arbeitsplatz]
Where ya been? [sl.] [Where have you been?]
Wo bistn gewesen? [ugs.] [Wo bist du denn gewesen?]
Where ya from? [sl.] [Where are you from?]
Wo kommstn her? [ugs.] [Wo kommst du denn her?]
to share a joke [usually only of a greater community where a joke is told repeatedly in different groups]
sich einen Witz erzählen [meist nur von einer größeren Gemeinschaft, in der ein Witz mehrfach in unterschiedlichen Gruppen erzählt wird]
service entrance room [room in a basement area, where all services enter the same exterior wall facing a road]
Hausanschlussraum {m} <HAR>archi.constr.RealEst.
Where's he got to? [Where can he be?]
Wo ist der nur abgeblieben? [ugs.]
text with ragged alignment [alignment of text where the lines of text are allowed to end naturally]
Text {m} mit frei auslaufenden Zeilenprint
Where did you get that from? [Where do you know that from?]
Woher wissen Sie das? [formelle Anrede]
Where has he got to? [Where can he be?]
Wo steckt er? [ugs.]idiom
Where do you go? [also: Where goest Thou?]
Wo gehest du hin? [J. S. Bach, BWV 166]Fmus.
Where Is Fred? [also: Where Is Fred!?]
Wo ist Fred? [Anno Saul]Ffilm
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