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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [who]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [who]

then {adv} [intensifying term in questions like "Who / why then is ... ?"]
denn [verstärkendes Wort in Fragen wie "Wer / Warum denn ist ... ?"]
[Bavarian for "We are who we are."]
Mia san mia! / Mir san mir! [bayer.]
[He who writes, remains.]
Wer schreibt, der bleibt.proverb
[that / which / who] {pron}
der wo [südd.] [ugs.] [der]
die wo [südd.] [ugs.] [die]
das wo [südd.] [ugs.] [das]
[They who want to build high towers have to give good consideration to the foundation.]
Wer hohe Türme bauen will, muss lange beim Fundament verweilen. [Anton Bruckner]quote
[to feel ashamed on someone else's behalf; to feel ashamed for someone else who has done sth. embarrassing] {adj}
sich fremdschämen [ugs.]psych.
déclassée {adj} [rare.: of a woman who has lost social status]
sozial abgesunken
Who'd've ...? [coll.] [Who would have ...?]
Wer hätte / wäre ...
to betray sb. [hurt somebody who trusts you]
jdn. hintergehen [verraten, in den Rücken fallen]
to escort sb. [esp. sb. who is departing]
jdm. das Geleit geben [geh.]
slacker [coll.] [person who shirks work]
Drückeberger {m} [Faulpelz, Arbeitsscheuer]
lamb [also fig.: meek and innocent person who is easilly led]
Lamm {n} [auch fig.: sanfter und geduldiger Mensch]gastr.zool.
jester [person who habitually plays the fool]
Spaßvogel {m}
bugger [esp. Br.] [sl.] [offensive] [person who supposedly commits buggery]
Arschficker {m} [ugs.] [vulg.] [beleidigend]
sloven [dated] [man who is habitually messy, esp. in work]
Schlamper {m} [ugs.]
hustler [Am.] [coll.] [person who employs fraudulent methods to obtain money]
Abzocker {m} [ugs.]
doctor [person who holds the highest university degree]
Doktor {m} [Träger eines Doktortitels]acad.educ.
holdout [Am.] [person who declines to participate, cooperate, agree, etc.]
Verweigerer {m}
childminder [Br.] [who minds children in her own home]
Tagesmutter {f}
minder [someone who looks after someone]
Betreuer {m}
zany [often pej.] [one who makes a buffoon or laughingstock of himself to amuse others]
Hanswurst {m} [oft pej.]
dreadnought [person who fears nothing]
Fürchtenichts {m} [selten]
[the feeling of shame on someone else's behalf; the feeling of shame for someone else who has done sth. embarrassing]
Fremdschämen {n} [ugs.]psych.
scorcher [Br.] [coll.] [dated] [person who drives very fast]
Raser {m} [ugs.] [pej.]traffic
tart [coll.] [pej.] [Br.] [woman who dresses or behaves in a manner considered sexually provocative]
Schlampe {f} [ugs.] [pej.] [als unmoralisch angesehen]
major [person who has reached majority]
Volljähriger {m}law
hirer [person who hires out]
Vermieter {m}
magpie [person who chatters idly]
Plappermaul {n} [ugs.] [leicht pej. od. hum.]
sympathizer [one who agrees with a sentiment or opinion]
Sympathisant {m}
lifeline [Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?]
Joker {m} [Wer wird Millionär?]RadioTV
filer [one who files sth.]
Antragsteller {m}
singleton [child who is not a twin or triplet, etc.]
Einzelkind {n}sociol.
wrecker [person who destroys]
Zerstörer {m}
Vernichter {m}
gossip [person who gossips]
Klatschmaul {n} [ugs.] [pej.]
refusenik [coll.] [a person who refuses or declines something]
Verweigerer {m}
sweater [dated] [pej.] [employer who underpays and overworks employees]
Leuteschinder {m} [pej.]
sucker [esp. Am.] [coll.] [pej.] [person who deliberately lives off of someone else's aid and support]
Schmarotzer {m} [fig.] [pej.] [Person] [Sozialschmarotzer usw.]
[a customer in a shop who just wants to inform himself, to compare prices, or to bridge some time]
Sehkunde {m}comm.
matron [older married woman, especially one who is staid or dignified]
Matrone {f} [ältere, Gesetztheit und Würde ausstrahlende Frau]
brooder [person who broods about something]
Grübler {m} [grüblerischer Mensch]
prepper [person who is actively preparing for emergencies or catastrophes]
Prepper {m} [Person, die sich auf jedwede Art von Katastrophe oder Notfall vorbereitet]neol.
putz [sl.] [esp. Am.] [Yidd.] [one who makes stupid remarks]
Komiker {m} [ugs.] [pej.] [Person, die dumme Bemerkungen macht]
buttinski [sb. who always and anywhere butts in]
[jd., der sich ständig und überall einmischt ]idiom
raspberry [Am.] [sl.] [woman who trades sex for drugs / drug money]
[Frau, die sich für Drogen / Drogengeld prostituiert]
teller [person who counts votes]
Stimmenzähler {m}
squaller [Br.] [coll.] [one who squalls, cries aloud]
Schreihals {m} [ugs.]
[professor who is not primarily an academic and has no voice in faculty matters]
Honorarprofessor {m}educ.
drawer [female] [one who draws]
Zeichnerin {f}
gastarbeiter [an immigrant worker, especially one who came to the former West Germany in the 1960s and 1970s]
Gastarbeiter {m}
holdout [person who delays signing a contract in hopes of gaining more favorable terms]
[Person, die in der Hoffnung auf bessere Konditionen eine Vertragsunterzeichnung hinausschiebt]comm.
attestor [sb. who gives sb. an attestation]
Testator {m} [der etw. attestiert]law
[pupil who has to repeat a year]
Repetent {m} [österr.]educ.
barker [person who stands at a show entrance and solicits customers with a loud sales spiel]
Ausrufer {m}jobs
cheater [male person who cheats on his spouse or partner]
Fremdgänger {m} [ugs.]
docent [person who acts as a guide, typically on a voluntary basis, e.g. museum guide]
Führer {m} [Person, z. B. (ehrenamtlicher) Museumsführer]arttravel
fixer [coll.] [person who makes arrangements for other people, esp. of an illicit or devious kind]
[Mittelsmann, der durch Schmiergeldzahlungen unlautere geschäftliche Transaktionen ermöglicht]
patricide [person who murders his father]
Vatermörder {m} [jemand, der seinen Vater ermordet]
squirter [coll.] [mostly vulg.] [woman who is gushing fluid during orgasm]
Spritzerin {f} [ugs.] [selten, wenn nicht vulg.] [noch seltener auch Abspritzerin]
writer [person who sells options]
Stillhalter {m} [Verkäufer von Optionen]fin.stocks
[In German folklore, a departed person who returns to earth in spiritual form at certain times.]
Wiedergänger {m}
[sb. who tends to gloss things over]
Schönfärber {m}
bully [person who is harassing sb.]
Mobber {m} [Person, die jdn. schikaniert]
napper [person who naps]
Schläfer {m}
perambulator [obs.] [sb. who walks with no particular goal]
Flaneur {m}
rafter [person who travels on a raft]
Rafter {m}naut.sports
shooter [person who fires a deadly shot]
Todesschütze {m}
stiff [coll.] [a person who tips poorly]
Trinkgeldknauser {m} [ugs.] [pej.]
fuller [person who fulls cloth]
Walker {m}
adulterator [person who adulterates sth.]
Panscher {m} [ugs.] [jemand, der etw. panscht]
cheater [female person who cheats on her spouse or partner]
Fremdgängerin {f} [ugs.]
drawer [one who draws]
Zeichner {m}
glasser [person who cuts glass]
Glaser {m}jobs
overdog [coll.] [person who has a significant advantage]
Privilegierter {m}
paperhanger [Am.] [sl.] [person who passes worthless checks]
Scheckbetrüger {m}
[chairman of a farmers cooperative or of a village who was in charge of the Flurzwang]
Schulze {m} [Schultheiß]agr.hist.
[one who is conned or duped] [female]
Gelackmeierte {f} [ugs.]
[the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus]
Schächer {pl}bibl.
carpetbagger [pej.] [USA: term Southerners gave to Northerners who moved to the South during the Reconstruction era]
Carpetbagger {m} [pej.] [USA: Nordstaatler, der nach dem Sezessionskrieg in den unterlegenen Süden kam, Art "Glücksritter"]hist.
hustler [Am.] [coll.] [female who employs fraudulent methods to obtain money]
Abzockerin {f} [ugs.]
learner [sb. who is to be educated]
Educandus {m} [geh.]educ.spec.
schlockmeister [esp. Am.] [sl.] [author, film director, etc. who produces inferior works.]
Schundproduzent {m} [ugs.] [Autor, Regisseur usw.]filmlit.
slavey [female domestic servant who does all kinds of menial work] [dated] [coll.] [Br.]
Dienstmädchen {n} [veraltend] [Mädchen für alles]
thrasher [spv.] [short for: threshing machine or a person who threshes]
Drescher {m} [kurz für: Dreschmaschine bzw. eine Person, die drischt]
tout [sb. who solicits customers brazenly]
Koberer {m} [jd. der in aufdringlicher Weise Leute (als Kunden) anlockt]
[a dependant farmer, who is not the lord's serf]
Hintersass {m} [auch Hintersaß] [Hintersasse, Kleinhäusler etc.]hist.
[a member of parliament who has no secrets]
ein gläserner Abgeordneter {m} [fig.]
[a person who "looks the other way" in the face of a crime or misfortune]
Weggucker {m}
[a person who feels cold easily]
eine Frostbeule {f} [fig.] [hum.] [Person]
[a person who is obliged to leave the country]
Ausreisepflichtiger {m}
[a person who understands instantaneously]
Blitzgneißer {m} [ugs.] [österr.] [bayer.] [Schnellmerker]
[a West German who has been living in Eastern Germany for at least three years]
Wossi {m} [ugs.]
[actor who easily starts to laugh on stage]
Lachwurzen {f} [österr.] [ugs.]theatre
[actor who plays elegant, pleasure-loving gentlemen]
Bonvivant {m} [veraltend] [Rollenfach]theatre
[actor who slows rehearsals down]
Probenbremse {f} [ugs.]theatre
[agent who hired crews for ships]
Heuerbaas {m} [nordd.] [veraltet]naut.
[buyer who collects the goods himself]
Selbstabholer {m} [Kaufmannspr.]
[cooper who makes large oaken barrels]
Schwarzbinder {m} [veraltet]
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