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Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: [young]
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Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch: [young]
baby {adj} [attr.] [of an animal: young]
klein [Tier: jung]
callow {adj} [young person: immature]
unreif [noch jung und unerfahren]
sharp {adj} [smart, esp. of children, young people]
callow {adj} [youth, young man, etc.]
grün [oft pej.] [noch jung und unreif]
[German contest for young scientists]
Jugend forscht <Jufo>
[inexperienced or immature] {adj} [of a young person]
jungsch [berlin.] [jung, klein, unreif; Person]
to hatch sth. [eggs; young birds, etc.]
etw. ausbrüten [Eier; Vögel etc.]zool.
to drop sth. [of an animal, to give birth to (young)]
etw. werfen [Junge, bei Tieren]zool.
to masticate [for young]
to dibble [seeds/young plants]
stecken [Samen/Setzlinge]
kitten [young cat]
Kätzchen {n}zool.
bimbo [sl.] [pej.] [young women]
Tussi {f} [ugs.] [pej.] [junge Frau]
bimbo [sl.] [pej.] [attractive but stupid young woman with loose morals]
Flittchen {n} [ugs.] [pej.] [jung und attraktiv, aber dumm]
cheek [insolent self assurance of children or very young people]
Naseweisheit {f}
fry [young fish]
Brut {f}
heifer [young cow]
Kalbin {f}agr.zool.
spark [young man]
Jüngling {m}
puppy [dated] [pej.] [cheeky or arrogant boy or young man]
Schnösel {m} [ugs.] [pej.]
stripling [dated or hum.] [a boy or young man]
Bürschchen {n}
chippy [sl.] [also chippie] [promiscuous young woman]
Flittchen {n} [ugs.] [pej.]
kitten [the young of several animals, such as the cat, rabbit, rat, hedgehog, squirrel, fox or badger]
Junges {n} [z. B. bei Katzen, Kaninchen, Ratten, Igeln, Eichhörnchen, Füchsen oder Dachsen]zool.
whelp [pej.] [young man]
Schnösel {m} [ugs.] [pej.]
colt [fig.] [young person]
Grünschnabel {m}
sapling [literary] [young and inexperienced person]
Grünschnabel {m} [oft pej.]
the young {pl} [young people]
Junge {pl} [junge Menschen]
pup [dated] [pej.] [cheeky or arrogant boy or young man]
Schnösel {m} [ugs.] [pej.]
blade [dated] [young man]
Kerl {m}
matie [young herring]
Matjes {m}
wench [archaic] [girl or young woman]
Maid {f} [veraltet]
hatchling [young animal that has newly emerged from an egg]
Schlüpfling {m} [gerade aus einem Ei geschlüpftes Tier, ob Vogel, Fisch oder Reptil]zool.
spark [foppish young man]
Geck {m}
Stutzer {m} [veralt.]
bimbo [sl.] [attractive but empty-headed young woman]
Betthäschen {n}
sapling [literary] [young and slender or inexperienced man]
Jüngling {m} [geh. od. iron. pej.] [junger Mann]
[work with young talents]
Nachwuchsarbeit {f}sports
gosling [naive or inexperienced young person] [obs.]
Grünschnabel {m} [oft pej.]
wolly [Br.] [sl.] [esp. young inexperienced constable]
Grüner {m} [ugs.] [bes. junger, unerfahrener Polizist]
puppy [young dog]
Hundebaby {n} [ugs.] [Welpe]zool.
[»white grey / gray (horse)« - common example of pleonasm (though these horses usually aren't »white« when young)]
weißer Schimmel {m} [häufiges Beispiel für den Pleonasmus (obwohl diese Pferde zu Beginn ihres Lebens meist nicht weiß sind)]ling.
[community of young Christians in the age of approx. 8 to 14 years]
Jungschar {f}relig.
[fashion-conscious, apolitical young person]
Popper {m} [ugs.]
[fashion-conscious, apolitical young person] [female]
Popperin {f} [ugs.]
[football / soccer team of a club's own home-grown players, or esp. young players]
Fohlenelf {f} [ugs.]sports
[often pejorative nickname for exceedingly eager and convinced National Socialist young men] [Germany, after 1933]
Quex {m} [ugs.] [oft pej.]
[sexually approachable lower class young woman]
Süßes Mädel {n} [Wien um 1900]hist.lit.
[small notebook designed to facilitate communication between teachers and the parents of young students]
Muttiheft {n} [ugs.]
[stereotype of a somewhat naive and fast young woman in Germany] [coll.] [pej.]
Typ {m} Friseuse [pej.] [Klischee einer etwas naiven und leichtlebigen jungen Frau]
[the custom of auctioning off young women at a May festival]
Mailehen {n}hist.spec.
[young girl, who in the company of other young girls, greets an important guest at a celebration]
Ehrenjungfrau {f} [veraltet]
[Young Greens in Austria and Switzerland]
die Jungen Grünen {pl} [ohne Artikel: Junge Grüne]pol.
[Young Greens in Germany]
(die) Grüne Jugend {f}pol.
[young man, subcultural, nonconformist esp. in dress and hair style]
Schlurf {m} [österr.] [veraltend] [Halbstarker, Langhaariger etc.] [pej.]
adonis [fig. handsome young man]
Adonis {m} [fig.] [schöner junger Mann]
apollo [fig.] [young man of great physical beauty]
Adonis {m} [fig.] [schöner junger Mann]
Apoll {m} [fig.] [geh.] [schöner junger Mann]
babe [young child]
Kindl {n} [südd.]
Kinderl {n} [österr.]
barrow [male pig castrated when young]
Borg {m} [bereits als Ferkel kastriertes männliches Schwein]agr.VetMed.
bimbo [sl.] [attractive but stupid young woman with loose morals, dumb blonde]
(blondes) Sexpüppchen {n}
borstal [Br.] [hist.: young offenders' institution]
Jugendstrafanstalt {f}
bullock [Am.] [young bull]
junger Stier {m}zool.
chick [young chicken]
Biberl {n} [bayer.] [ugs.]agr.orn.
cygnet [young swan]
Schwänlein {n} [geh. od. dichter.] [junger Schwan]orn.
debutante [girl or young woman regarded as being upper-class and of a frivolous social set]
[leichtlebige junge Frau der Oberklasse, vermögendes Partygirl]
dibble [for seeds / young plants]
Pflanzstock {m}
falconet [young falcon]
Jungfalke {m}orn.
fry [young fish] [fish farming]
Setzling {m} [Setzfisch] [Teichwirtschaft]fish
Fräulein [German title for an unmarried young woman, equivalent to Miss] [dated]
Fräulein {n} [veraltet]
grig [dial.] [young eel]
junger Aal {m}fish
Junker [a young German nobleman]
Junker {m}hist.
kid [young goat]
Geißböcklein {n}zool.
Kitz {n} [bei Ziegen]zool.
kit [young of a rabbit]
Kaninchenjunges {n}zool.
krimmer [fur made from the wool of young Crimean lambs]
Krimmer {m} [Pelzart]
lamia [demonic being who sucked blood from young children]
Lamie {f} [dämonische, vampirähnliche Bestie]myth.
lamiai [demonic beings who sucked blood from young children]
Lamien {pl} [dämonische, vampirähnliche Bestien]myth.
nymph [literary] [a beautiful young woman]
[dichterisch für eine anmutige junge Frau, Schönheit]
nymphette [spv.] [an attractive and sexually mature young girl]
Nymphchen {n} [Lolita]
pig [Am.] [young pig, piglet]
Ferkel {n}agr.zool.
pup [young dog]
junger Hund {m}zool.
pups [young dogs]
junge Hunde {pl}zool.
smolt [young salmon]
Sälmling {m}fish
Junglachs {m}fish
softie [coll.] [gentle, kind, sensitive young man]
Softie {m} [ugs.] [auch pej.]
spring [obs.] [young female person]
junge Frau {f}
spring [obs.] [young person]
junger Mann {m}
swanling [young swan]
Schwänlein {n} [geh. od. dichter.] [junger Schwan]orn.
trainables [dated for: children and young people with severe or moderate mental retardation]
[Kinder und Jugendliche mit einer geistigen Behinderung]educ.
wench [archaic or hum.] [young woman]
(junges) Frauenzimmer {n} [veraltet]
yilt [rare] [gilt] [a young sow that has not farrowed]
Jungsau {f}agr.zool.
young [young animals]
Jungtiere {pl}zool.
youth [treated as sg. or pl.] [young people]
Jugend {f} [junge Leute]
junges Volk {n} [die jungen Leute]
(die) Jungschen {pl} [regional] [ugs.]
youth [young man]
junger Mann {m}
totally awesome {adj} [coll.] [used esp. by young people]
voll krass [ugs.] [bes. Jugendspr.] [großartig]
to beg persistently [to plead, said esp. of pets and young children]
benzen [bayrisch] [österr. ugs.]
apportionment paradox [Balinski and Young's contribution]
Unmöglichkeitssatz {m} von Balinski und Youngmath.
baby bats [coll.] [young goths who merely want to provoke]
Knuddelgrufts {pl} [ugs.]
basement dweller [here: young person who spends most of their time in their room, in front of a computer]
Kellerkind {n} [ugs.] [hier: Jugendlicher, der seine Freizeit vorwiegend vor dem Computer verbringt]comp.neol.
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