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[a light railway to transport rubble after WWII]Trümmerbahn {f}
[a liter of beer which is consumed while standing in an aisle as opposed to at a table, e.g. at Oktoberfest]Stehmaß {f}
[a live, freeze-dried preparation of attenuated 17D strain yellow fever virus cultured in, and harvested from, embryonated chicken eggs] auf Hühnerembryonen gezüchteter 17-D-Lebendvirusimpfstoff {m}
[a male Austrian living abroad] Auslandsösterreicher {m}
[a member of parliament who has no secrets] ein gläserner Abgeordneter {m} [fig.]
[a muster of troops before going on leave]Urlaubsappell {m}
[a neo-Nazi party in Germany since 2012] die Rechte {f} [auch: DIE RECHTE]
[a non-native resident of Munich, Germany] Wahlmünchener {m}
[a non-native resident of Munich, Germany] [female] Wahlmünchenerin {f}
[a one-day academic holiday]Dies (academicus) {m} [vorlesungsfreier Tag wegen akademischer Feier etc.]
[a person from the German region of Münster] Münsterländer {m} [Person aus dem Münsterland]
[a person in constant pursuit of fame, which plans to commit a crime as a means of achieving fame]Herostrat {m} [ein Verbrecher aus Geltungsbedürfnis]
[a person who feels cold easily] eine Frostbeule {f} [fig.] [hum.] [Person]
[a person who "looks the other way" in the face of a crime or misfortune]Weggucker {m}
[a person who understands instantaneously] Blitzgneißer {m} [ugs.] [österr.] [bayer.] [Schnellmerker]
[a plant which doesn't need much attention] eine dankbare Pflanze {f} [fig.] [Topfpflanze, anspruchslos in der Pflege]
[a politician or manager past his zenith] Sesselkleber {m} [österr.] [schweiz.]
[a pronounced form of anisometropia] Goetheblick {m} [ugs.] [auch: Goethe-Blick] [ausgeprägte Form von Anisometropie]
[a quarter of a litre of wine, usual order in Austria] Vierterl {n} [österr.] [auch: Viertel]
[a quilt or a woolen blanket] Kolder {m} {f} [Rsv.] [regional]
[A Rocket into Interplanetary Space] [book] Die Rakete zu den Planetenräumen [Hermann Oberth]
[a score of a work for voice(s) and instruments, but containing only the vocal line(s)]Chorpartitur {f}
[a slacker when it comes to education] lernfaul
[a societal state where people with different worldviews allow their differences to dominate their consciousness]Gegeneinander {n} [Kirchenjargon]
[a sow] farrowed [eine Sau] ferkelte
[a sow] farrows [eine Sau] ferkelt
[a special form of unemployment insurance in Germany for employees of bankrupted companies]Insolvenzgeld {n}
[a special type of sledge from Küttigen, Switzerland]Küttiger Frosch {m} [Schlittentyp]
[a special type of sledge in Hamburg-Blankenese, Germany] Kreek {f} [Rodelschlitten; traditioneller Kastenschlitten in Hamburg-Blankenese]
[a special wartime locomotive (Kriegslokomotive) for employment on military field railways]Heeresfeldbahnlokomotive {f}
[a specific] intellectual property rightLeistungsschutzrecht {n}
[a sports match between the national teams of neighbouring countries]Nachbarschaftsduell {n} [zwischen Nationalmannschaften]
[a standard reference to determine the chronology of J. S. Bach's vocal works composed in Leipzig produced by the musicologist Alfred Dürr (1976)] Chronologie {f} der Leipziger Vokalwerke
[a street or road lined with chestnut trees] Kastanienallee {f}
[a style of sled runner popular in Bavaria that resembles curved horns] Hörnerschlitten {m}
[a (super) state or empire formed by the amalgamation of smaller states]Staatengebilde {n}
[a Swiss female whose family lived in Switzerland for many generations]Urschweizerin {f}
[a Swiss male whose family lived in Switzerland for many generations]Urschweizer {m}
[a televised debate between leading politicians] Elefantenrunde {f} [ugs.]
[a theatre providing the middle class with education and refinement] Bildungstheater {n} [meist pej.]
[a toast to brotherhood in German fraternities] Schmollis {n}
[a traditional fair in the district of Au in Munich] Auer Dult {f}
[a traditional sledge with poles, usually made from metal; Northern Germany] Peekschlitten {m} [Norddeutschland]
[a type of bacon associated with south Tyrolean cuisine]Südtiroler Speck {m}
[a type of regional train in Germany (abbrev. RE), Luxembourg (also abbrev. RE) and Austria (abbrev. REX)] Regionalexpress ® {m}
[a type of sausage similar to American hot dogs in flavor but thicker] Stumpen {m} [schweiz., bes. St. Gallen] [schweizer Brühwurst (Cervelat), ähnlich der Bockwurst]
[a type of sled built for transport on the mudflats] Schlickschlitten {m} [Wattschlitten]
[a type of sled built for transport on the mudflats]Wattschlitten {m}
[a type of traditional love ballad in rural Switzerland and adjacent areas]Kiltlied {n} [schweiz.] [alemannisch]
[a vine that has not been grafted, but grows on its own roots] Direktträger {m} [auch: Selbstträger]
[a wealthy section of Dortmund, Germany]Kreuzviertel {n}
[a West German who has been living in Eastern Germany for at least three years] Wossi {m} [ugs.]
[a wife's power to represent her husband in matters concerning the household]Schlüsselgewalt {f}
[a wooden chair with four slanted legs and a slab-like backrest dovetailed into the massive plank seat] Stabelle {f}
(A) Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage [cantata] Meeresstille und glückliche Fahrt [Ludwig van Beethoven]
(A) Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage [concert overture] Meeresstille und glückliche Fahrt [Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy]
(a) female(eine) Sie {f} [ugs.] [Person oder Tier weiblichen Geschlechts]
(A) Fistful of Dollars [Sergio Leone] Für eine Handvoll Dollar
(a) Hamburger by birth(ein) geborener Hamburger {m}
(a) heart of stone (ein) versteinertes Herz {n}
(a) hot piece of ass [Am.] [vulg.](ein) steiler Zahn {m} [veraltend] [attraktive junge Frau]
(a) hundred per cent [Br.]hundertprozentig
(a) hundred percent [Am.]hundertprozentig
(a) load of washing (eine) Ladung {f} Wäsche [ugs.]
(a) male(ein) Er {m} [ugs.] [Person oder Tier männlichen Geschlechts]
(A) Man's Castle [Frank Borzage](Ein) Schloss in New York
(a) quarter after eight [Am.] [time] viertel neun [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter after eight [Am.] [time] (ein) Viertel {n} nach acht [Zeit]
(a) quarter after eleven [Am.] [time] viertel zwölf [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter after eleven [Am.] [time] (ein) Viertel {n} nach elf [Zeit]
(a) quarter after five [Am.] [time] viertel sechs [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter after five [Am.] [time] (ein) Viertel {n} nach fünf [Zeit]
(a) quarter after four [Am.] [time] viertel fünf [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter after four [Am.] [time](ein) Viertel {n} nach vier [Zeit]
(a) quarter after nine [Am.] [time] viertel zehn [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter after nine [Am.] [time](ein) Viertel {n} nach neun [Zeit]
(a) quarter after one [Am.] [time] viertel zwei [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter after one [Am.] [time](ein) Viertel {n} nach eins [Zeit]
(a) quarter after seven [Am.] [time]viertel acht [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter after seven [Am.] [time] (ein) Viertel {n} nach sieben [Zeit]
(a) quarter after six [Am.] [time] viertel sieben [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter after six [Am.] [time] (ein) Viertel {n} nach sechs [Zeit]
(a) quarter after ten [Am.] [time]viertel elf [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter after ten [Am.] [time] (ein) Viertel {n} nach zehn [Zeit]
(a) quarter after three [Am.] [time]viertel vier [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter after three [Am.] [time](ein) Viertel {n} nach drei [Zeit]
(a) quarter after two [Am.] [time]viertel drei [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter after two [Am.] [time] (ein) Viertel {n} nach zwei [Zeit]
(a) quarter of eight [Am.] [time] drei viertel acht [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter of eight [Am.] [time] (ein) Viertel {n} vor acht [Zeit]
(a) quarter of eleven [Am.] [time] drei viertel elf [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter of eleven [Am.] [time] (ein) Viertel {n} vor elf [Zeit]
(a) quarter of five [Am.] [time] drei viertel fünf [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter of five [Am.] [time] (ein) Viertel {n} vor fünf [Zeit]
(a) quarter of four [Am.] [time] drei viertel vier [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter of four [Am.] [time] (ein) Viertel {n} vor vier [Zeit]
(a) quarter of nine [Am.] [time] drei viertel neun [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter of nine [Am.] [time](ein) Viertel {n} vor neun [Zeit]
(a) quarter of one [Am.] [time]drei viertel eins [regional, z. B. südd.] [Zeit]
(a) quarter of one [Am.] [time](ein) Viertel {n} vor eins [Zeit]
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