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grey-crowned mannikin [Br.] [Lonchura nevermanni]Weißscheitelnonne {f}
grey-crowned munia [Br.] [Lonchura nevermanni] Weißscheitelnonne {f}
grey-crowned negrofinch [Nigrita canicapillus] [Br.]Graunackenschwärzling {m}
grey-crowned oxylabes [Oxylabes cinereiceps] [Br.] Grauscheitelfoditany {m}
grey-crowned oxylabes [Phyllastrephus cinereiceps / Bernieria cinereiceps] [Br.] Grauscheitel-Bülbül {m}
grey-crowned palm tanager [Br.] [Phaenicophilus poliocephalus] Grauscheitel-Palmtangare {f}
grey-crowned palm-tanager [Br.] [Phaenicophilus poliocephalus]Grauscheitel-Palmtangare {f}
grey-crowned palm-tanager / palm tanager [Br.] [Phaenicophilus poliocephalus]Grauscheitelpalmist {m}
grey-crowned parrotbill [Paradoxornis przewalskii] [Br.]Przewalskipapageimeise {f}
grey-crowned pygmy woodpecker [Br.] [Yungipicus canicapillus, syn.: Dendrocopos canicapillus, Picoides canicapillus]Grauscheitelspecht {m}
grey-crowned rosy finch / rosy-finch [Br.] [Leucosticte tephrocotis, syn.: Leucosticte griseonucha]Graukopf-Schneegimpel {m}
grey-crowned rosy finch / rosy-finch [Br.] [Leucosticte tephrocotis, syn.: Leucosticte griseonucha] Schwarzstirnschneegimpel {m} [auch: Schwarzstirn-Schneegimpel]
grey-crowned tanager [Br.] [Phaenicophilus poliocephalus]Grauscheitel-Palmtangare {f}
grey-crowned tanager [Br.] [Phaenicophilus poliocephalus]Grauscheitelpalmist {m}
grey-crowned tetraka [Phyllastrephus cinereiceps / Bernieria cinereiceps] [Br.] Grauscheitelbülbül {m}
grey-crowned warbler tanager [Br.] [Phaenicophilus poliocephalus]Grauscheitel-Palmtangare {f}
grey-crowned warbler tanager [Br.] [Phaenicophilus poliocephalus] Grauscheitelpalmist {m}
grey-crowned woodpecker [Br.] [Piculus auricularis] Graukappenspecht {m}
grey-crowned yellowthroat [Geothlypis poliocephala] [Br.] Wiesengelbkehlchen {n}
grey-cushioned grimmia (moss) [Br.] [Grimmia pulvinata] Polster-Kissenmoos {n}
grey-eared brush finch [Br.] [Atlapetes melanolaemus]Schwarzgesicht-Buschammer {f} [fachspr. auch {m}]
grey-eared finch [Br.] [Leucosticte tephrocotis, syn.: Leucosticte griseonucha] Graukopf-Schneegimpel {m}
grey-eared finch [Br.] [Leucosticte tephrocotis, syn.: Leucosticte griseonucha]Schwarzstirnschneegimpel {m} [auch: Schwarzstirn-Schneegimpel]
greyed [Br.] angegraut
greyed [Br.] ergraut
greyed out [Br.] ausgegraut
greyed out [Br.] deaktiviert
greyed out [Br.] grau unterlegt [z. B. Schaltfläche]
greyed out [Br.]abgegraut [ausgegraut]
greyed out [Br.]grau geblendet [z. B. Schaltfläche]
greyer [Br.] grauer
greyest [Br.]graueste
grey-eyed [Br.]grauäugig
grey-eyed bulbul [Br.] [Iole propinqua] Grauaugenbülbül {m}
grey-eyed fulvetta [Br.] [Alcippe poioicephala]Graukopfalcippe {f} [auch: Graukopf-Alcippe]
grey-eyed nun babbler [Br.] [Alcippe poioicephala]Graukopfalcippe {f} [auch: Graukopf-Alcippe]
greyface moray [Br.] [Gymnothorax thrysoideus, syn.: Gymnothorax thyrsoideus] Weißaugenmuräne {f}
grey-faced buzzard eagle [Br.] [Butastur indicus]Kiefernteesa {m}
grey-faced liocichla [Br.] [Liocichla omeiensis]Omeihäherling {m}
grey-faced petrel [Br.] [Pterodroma macroptera] Langflügel-Sturmvogel {m}
grey-faced quail dove [Br.] [Geotrygon caniceps] Gundlachtaube {f}
grey-faced sengi [Rhynchocyon udzungwensis] [Br.] Graugesichtiges Rüsselhündchen {n}
grey-faced thick-billed green pigeon [Br.] [Treron griseicauda] Graumaskentaube {f}
grey-faced tit babbler [Br.] [Macronous kelleyi] Kelleytimalie {f}
grey-faced tit-babbler / tit babbler [Br.] [Macronous flavicollis, syn.: Mixornis flavicollis] Graunackentimalie {f}
grey-faced tit-babbler / tit babbler [Br.] [Macronous flavicollis, syn.: Mixornis flavicollis]Graunacken-Meisentimalie {f}
grey-faced tit-babbler / tit babbler [Br.] [Macronous kelleyi, syn.: Macronus kelleyi, Mixornis kelleyi] Kelleytimalie {f} [auch: Kelley-Timalie]
grey-faced tit-babbler / tit babbler [Br.] [Macronous kelleyi, syn.: Macronus kelleyi, Mixornis kelleyi]Graugesicht-Meisentimalie {f}
grey-faced willow warbler [Br.] [Phylloscopus maculipennis] Graukehl-Laubsänger {m}
grey-faced woodpecker [Picus canus] [Br.]Grauspecht {m}
greyfish [Br.] [Gadus macrocephalus] Pazifischer Kabeljau {m}
grey-flanked cinclodes [Cinclodes oustaleti] [Br.] Grauflanken-Uferwipper {m}
Greyfriars Bobby [Eleanor Atkinson] Bobby - Ein Hund, den man nicht vergisst
grey-fronted dove [Leptotila rufaxilla] [Br.] Rotachseltaube {f}
grey-fronted dove [Leptotila rufaxilla] [Br.] Graustirntaube {f} [ugs.] [Rotachseltaube]
grey-fronted honeyeater [Br.] [Lichenostomus plumulus]Grünscheitel-Honigfresser {m}
grey-fronted honeyeater [Br.] [Pycnopygius cinereus] Marmorhonigfresser {m}
grey-fronted quail-dove [Br.] [Geotrygon caniceps] [esp. Cuba] [grey-headed quail-dove] Graukopf-Erdtaube {f}
grey-gold tanager [Br.] [Tangara palmeri]Palmertangare {f} [auch: Palmer-Tangare]
grey-green bush shrike [Chlorophoneus bocagei] [Br.]Bocagewürger {m}
grey-green fruit dove [Ptilinopus purpuratus] [Br.]Tahitifruchttaube {f}
grey-green sericornis / grey-green Sericornis [Br.] [Sericornis arfakianus]Arfaksericornis / Arfak Sericornis / Arfak-Sericornis {f}
grey-haired [Br.] grauhaarig
grey-handed night monkey [Br.] [Aotus griseimembra] Grauhand-Nachtaffe {m}
greyhead wrasse [Br.] [Halichoeres leucurus] Blaukopf-Junker {m}
grey-headed albatross [Br.] [Thalassarche chrysostoma]Graukopfalbatros {m}
grey-headed antbird [Myrmeciza griseiceps] [Br.]Graukopf-Ameisenvogel {m}
grey-headed apalis [Br.] [Alcippe brunneicauda]Braunschwanzalcippe {f} [auch: Braunschwanz-Alcippe]
grey-headed batis [Br.] [Batis orientalis]Heuglinschnäpper {m}
grey-headed batis [Br.] [Batis orientalis] Heuglin-Batis {m}
grey-headed bearded bulbul [Br.] [Alophoixus phaeocephalus] Schwefelbülbül {m}
grey-headed bristle-bill / grey headed bristlebill / grey-headed bristle bill / grey-headed bristlebill [Br.] [Bleda canicapilla]Graukopfbleda {f}
grey-headed broadbill [Br.] [Smithornis sharpei]Graukopf-Breitrachen {m}
grey-headed bulbul [Br.] [Pycnonotus priocephalus]Graukopfbülbül {m}
grey-headed bullfinch [Br.] [Pyrrhula erythaca] Maskengimpel {m}
grey-headed bunting [Br.] [Emberiza cineracea] Türkenammer {f} [fachspr. auch {m}]
grey-headed bunting [Br.] [Emberiza cineracea] Kleinasiatische Ammer {f} [fachspr. auch {m}: Kleinasiatischer Ammer]
grey-headed bush-shrike [Br.] [Malaconotus blanchoti] Graukopfwürger {m}
grey-headed canary flycatcher [Br.] [Culicicapa ceylonensis] Graukopf-Kanarienschnäpper {m}
grey-headed canary-flycatcher / canary flycatcher [Br.] [Culicicapa ceylonensis] Graukopfschnäpper {m}
grey-headed chachalaca [Br.] [Ortalis cinereiceps] Graukopftschatschalaka {m}
grey-headed chachalaca [Ortalis cinereiceps] [Br.]Graukopfguan {m}
grey-headed chickadee [Br.] [Poecile cinctus, syn.: Poecile cincta, Parus cinctus] Lapplandmeise {f}
grey-headed dove [Br.] [Leptotila plumbeiceps] Bonapartetaube {f}
grey-headed dove [Br.] [Leptotila plumbeiceps] Graukopftaube {f}
grey-headed dove [Br.] [Leptotila plumbeiceps] Braunrückentaube {f}
grey-headed fish eagle [Br.] [Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus] Graukopf-Seeadler {m}
grey-headed flycatcher [Br.] [Culicicapa ceylonensis] Graukopf-Kanarienschnäpper {m}
grey-headed flycatcher [Br.] [Culicicapa ceylonensis]Graukopfschnäpper {m}
grey-headed flycatcher warbler [Seicercus xanthoschistos] [Br.]Graukopf-Laubsänger {m}
grey-headed flycatcher-robin [Microeca griseoceps] Gelbfußschnäpper {m}
grey-headed flying fox [Pteropus poliocephalus] [Br.]Graukopf-Flughund {m}
grey-headed fruit dove [Ptilinopus hyogaster / Ptilinopus hyogastra / Ptilinopus hyogastrus] [Br.]Blaukopf-Fruchttaube {f}
grey-headed green woodpecker / green-woodpecker [Br.] [Picus canus] Grauspecht {m}
grey-headed greenbul [Phyllastrephus poliocephalus] [Br.]Goldbauchbülbül {m}
grey-headed greenlet [Hylophilus decurtatus] [Br.]Graukappenvireo {m}
grey-headed gull [Br.] [Larus cirrocephalus] Graukopfmöwe {f}
grey-headed honeyeater [Lichenostomus keartlandi] [Br.]Grauscheitel-Honigfresser {m}
grey-headed imperial pigeon [Br.] [Ducula radiata] Celebes-Bindenschwanz-Fruchttaube {f}
grey-headed kingfisher [Br.] [Halcyon leucocephala] Graukopfliest {m}
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